ASUS Zenfone Live ASUS BeautyLive Kit


Just recently, ASUS released another of their flagship products. The ASUS zenfone Live which boast of as the World’s 1st Live-Streaming beautification technology with a supporting app that’s available exclusively on ZenFone Live! They said this new tech promises to smoothen and remove blemishes in real time 😱 so you can livestream whenever you want wherenever you want and look better than ever! I will be doing a livestream on my Facebook Page Earthlingorgeous so everyone can see how this Zenfone Live do its magic! Meanwhile, let me shsre to you my unboxing of the ASUS Zenfone Live and show you what’s inside the ASUSRead More →


My mom was born and raised in Cagayan Valley, but from birth ’til now I haven’t been there.  Thanks to Ropali Motors for organizing Partakan Festival , a motor tourism and music festival up North of the Philippines which has been going on for 4 years now.  It paved the way for me to finally step foot on my moms hometown / province because Earthlingorgeous is a media partner of the event. Why I haven’t been at Cagayan Valley at all? I was born and raised here in Manila. Since birth, my mom rarely visit her province.  The only time I remember mum went withRead More →


I had a great weekend getaway at Chateau Royale Hotel Resort Spa with a few blogger friends and fitness buffs. We were taken there to have a relaxing escapade in one place  that you won’t feel amiss going out to see or do other things outside the resort.  In fact I feel a weekend is not enough to fully experience Chateau Royale, the place is huge, serene, and there is so many activities to enjoy by group of friends, honeymooners or even office mates out for their team building. Two hours plus away from Manila close to Tagaytay is Chateau Royal Hotel & Resort  aRead More →


In a not so distant past I was invited by a Christian group to a workshop/seminar they have for single parents/ single moms.  The title or theme of the workdhop was “Feeling Desperate and Low”.  I got offended and hurt by their title that I immediately said I won’t go to their event.  In my defense I posted the incident on my personal Facebook wall and vent out how I am never gonna associate myself with a group who thinks so ill of single moms like me. How could they uplift us if at the start they think so low of us.  If that isRead More →

end sexual exploitation of children


When I heard the horrifying story behind the “Destruction of Daisy” I got weak in the knees, chills down my spine and tears ran down my face.  I asked myself how could a human do such harm to innocent children?  What could have drove the perpetrator and even his cohorts do such things and not feel remorse or fear? As a mom, I am glad the evil man behind it was caught but I am heartbroken because that guy never showed remorse.  His cohorts who buy his sh*t has not been caught either.  They will all just find new source of freaky inhumane entertainment for theirRead More →

Reverse Baking Red Light Collagen Treatment by Suaviss at Beauty Lab


  Without meaning to sound narcissist people around me started saying I look younger, I look blooming, I look prettier , “Are you in love?”, they ask. I wish I am in love with someone right now but I’m not. I am in love with my life (inspite of all the bumps along the way) because it throws my way a lot of opportunities of bits of piece of happiness and new discovery. Just like this Red Light Collagen Treatment Therapy by Suaviss at Beauty Lab /Beauty Lab White Manila which I think is one of the main reason for my glowing skin and appearance.Read More →

Celebrate Women #WoMenWill Google Earthlingorgeous


In celebration of International Women’s Day last March 8, Google Philippines teamed up with leading online female magazine to shine a light on female trailblazers in the field of science and technology, and highlight the role that technology, especially the Internet, plays in enabling women to succeed. A forum entitled “Celebrate Women” brought together women game changers from different walks of life and industries to talk about their accomplishments and how technology enables their success from their day-to-day lives to their challenging careers. While stories of success abound, a Connected Consumer survey carried out by Google revealed that even though there are slightly moreRead More →

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series #TourismMekong

My recent travel took me to Luang Prabang in Laos, a  place I have not included on my must-see places before. It’s not that it is not popular, it was just not one of the countries in my priority list.   It was a great opportunity to be invited by the Mekong Tourism for a multi-country familiarization tour. Mekong River crosses six (6) SouthEast Asian countries Laos included. For those who are not familiar with it, Luang Prabang, Laos is one of the declared UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. It kept the honor of the title for decades  they were able to preserve their originalRead More →

#AyalaMallPlay Play Time at Ayala Malls

When I was a child I would like to be an adult fast. I would wear my moms clothes, makeup and shoes and role play as an adult doing what I think adults do – take charge, enjoy life and do whatever they want with no adult telling them what they and cannot do. Fast forward to today, I take everything back.  I wish I was a child again with an adult looking out for me. An adult who takes care of me, making sure I have a comfy shelter, clothes to wear, food on my plate, pay for my education.  Being an adult isRead More →

Gionyx review

It has been awhile since I had a hair color touch up by a professional salon. When my blogger friend Rhea Bue recommended me to visit Gionyx in Makati for hair services, I did not hesitate. I saw her recently hi-lighted hair and it looker great. Greetin me from the reception area was Karen, the owner of Gionyx who immediately gave a compliment about my eyes. She’s Korean and don’t know Tagalog. She directed me to stylist Miguel who showed me their color pegs. Unlile Rhea I did not opt for hi lights t but just a clean hair color touch up to hide myRead More →

How would you like a chance to go on a summer holiday in Bohol by just purchasing two of any of ELRO Retail shoe brands like Ipanema, Grendha, Gola or Zaxy? ELRO is having a Shoe Holiday Summer Adventures starting April 28 to May 7,2017 where shoppers can get get 20%-30% discount when you purchase a pair or more at Ipanema, Grendha, Rider, Zaxy, Gola, Sofft and Anacapri. See full mechanics on the poster below: Meanwhile, if you don’t have an idea what styles and colora to get from the brands mentioned above here is a rundown of their latest collection Ipanema Get on trendRead More →

Zero Halliburton Philippines

Once upon a time, an oil field engineer named Erle Halliburton, decided to develop luggage that is durable enough to suit grueling travels across the rough Texas terrain. His team created the world’s first aluminum travel case. Seeing how incredible the prototype was, friends of Halliburton convinced him to make it commercially available.  Halliburton first buyers came from big names in California and Europe.  In 1969, Zero Halliburton became part of history when Apollo 11 astronauts Edwin Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong took it to the moon and back.  The rest is what they sais history. A little tip we got fromRead More →

pearl fashion jewelry

If you have someone special in your life who loves jewellery, you may consider buying them a gift of pearl jewelry. But before you make your purchase, it’s important to know a few basics so you know what you are getting. Look for the real deal There’s nothing wrong with artificial pearls; they can be quite beautiful. The problem arises when you think you are getting the genuine article and you are really getting artificial pearls. It’s not enough to look for a product listing that states that the pearls are “natural,” “authentic,” or “cultured.” Anyone can state that their product is the real deal,Read More →

HOOQ Turns Two

HOOQ has revolutionized the way Filipinos enjoy movies and TV series by providing legal and easy access to blockbuster movies and old films.  Gone were the days when the only means Filipinos can watch movies we did not catch on cinema was through buying pirated DVDs or illegal movie downloads. As HOOQ turns two this year they promise to provide their subscribers whom has reach over millions more leverage than ever. Aside from enjoying 30,000 hours of quality entertainment, there’s more things to look forward to as HOOQ turns two. Additional entertainment hours as HOOQ secured partnerships from Paramount Pictures, BBC Worldwide and Endamol Shine. AnotherRead More →