Simply G Keratin Shampoo Review
Hair Care

Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning Review

Have you heard about Symply G Keratin Shampoo & Deep Conditioning?  Do you suffer from frizzy, dry, lifeless, falling hair?  If you answered mostly yes then you definitely need to use this new haircare product. My hair is never perfect as it is the most abused part of my body.  It went through a lot […]

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avon true match perfectly match lipsticks
Beauty Products | Make-up

Swatch Party: Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick Shades Review + Marian Rivera-Dantes and Angel Locsin Lipstick Shade in the Avon TVC #PerfectlyMatte #AllforMatte

So I got my hands on all the 20 Shades of the Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipsticks and I was so excited to play with them immediately .  This was because of the amazing response I got from my Facebook page followers who requested that I do the swatch of the #perfectlymatte #allthatMatter lipstick […]

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Fashion | Shopping

5 Nude Bra Styles from Avon You Need In Your Closet

Pet peeves for me include underwear that shows on the outerwear, unless that’s the style you want to achieve. However, when panty-line or bra-pads straps or laces show when they’re not suppose to be, it’s ugly. It’s a major turn-off. Avon Fashions Intimate Apparel just released a full collection of nude bras in different nude […]

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Swatch Party: SilkyGirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream

Matte lipsticks are really in these days. Why? Because they are long lasting and most of them are smudge proof , kiss proof and transfer proof. I got my hands on the new SilkyGirl Matte Junkie Lip Cream in 5 shades, from 01 to 05 and of course I swatched them all. Here’s the vid […]

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