Tim Hortons Philippines


Like everyone else who attended the launch, I was very much excited about Tim Hortons opening in the Philippines especially here in Metro Manila.  I’ve been hearing about Tim Hortons for decades among my friends in Canada. They keep telling me you should try Tims. In my head I tell them “why don’t you go buy me a plane ticket to Canada and maybe I could!”  But what comes out of my mouth is: “Ship some samples so I can try!”  They would, but still nothing beats the real experience. And so when I got an invite to Tim Hortons first Philippines/ Southeas Asian Branch openingRead More →

Earthlinrgeous Oregon Trio #EarthintheUSAadventure


Having been born and raised in the city, I am so used to the concrete jungle.  Everyday of my life all I see are concrete walls, pavements, streets.  So whenever I go to the countryside I am so childlike.  Eyes wide open and I take in everything I see like different kinds of trees, birds and landscapes like mountains and hills. It was such a breather that the second state I visited in the USA during my visit was Oregon.   One of the most popular coastal U.S. state  known for its diverse landscape of forests, mountains, farms and beaches!   This is what IRead More →



I saw a video posted by Daily Mail UK on Facebook earlier and it broke me down.   It was a video of a guy and his mother who is suffering from Dementia.  His story was so like mine, but mine was worst because his mum can speak understandable words.  My mom have a language of her own, garbled made up words, she can only understand herself. His mum like my mom looks physically OK but inside they are all messed up.  Everyday, for the past two years,  my sister and I die whenever our mother can’t even tell who we are , what ourRead More →

Masungi Georeserve Adventure Trail Experience


Always take the scenic route, you’ll never know what adventures you will find! As soon as 2017 started I went ahead and planned an adventure trip with my friends.  On top of my list was to see was the Masungi Georeserve at Kilometer47 Marcos Highway, Baras, Tanay Rizal.  I’ve seen so many Pinterest photos that I was itching to see and experience the place.  One of the things I’m dying to see up close was that giant spider web and hammock. I did not expect that getting those Instagrammable photos would put me into death defying heights.  But it’s all worth it and hey I survived!  IfRead More →

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series #TourismMekong

My recent travel took me to Luang Prabang in Laos, a  place I have not included on my must-see places before. It’s not that it is not popular, it was just not one of the countries in my priority list.   It was a great opportunity to be invited by the Mekong Tourism for a multi-country familiarization tour. Mekong River crosses six (6) SouthEast Asian countries Laos included. For those who are not familiar with it, Luang Prabang, Laos is one of the declared UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. It kept the honor of the title for decades  they were able to preserve their originalRead More →

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series #TourismMekong

I’ve been to several cruises but mostly on a yacht .  Most of them last for at least two-three hours. In the said cruise what we did was to sail in the middle of the ocean and then eat, drink , party, then back to the port area. It was such a great experience to go on a cruise boat with real stops destinations in mind.  This is what I experienced when I cruised down the the world’s 12th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia, the Mekong River.Read More →

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series #TourismMekong

When thinking about places to visit in Thailand, the first places to come to mind , especially by most tourist would be Phuket and Bangkok. A very few, not even myself, would even think of going to Nan, Thailand have I not been invited by the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Council for a multi-country fam trip. Nan is a province of Thailand located at the northern side and near the border of Laos and very close to Luang Prabang.  The Thailand and Laos border via Nan is a 3 1/2 hour drive about 150 kms from the city.   If you plan to do multi-country/ cross country tripRead More →

daikin home central air conditioning system

  How many airconditioning unit do you have in your homes? I bet it depends on the number of rooms and household members. In our condo, we have two, one for each bedrooms and we have been considering getting one for the living area. It get really hot and humid living in a closed building. Just recently I got acquainted with the idea of a Home Central Air Conditioning System because of Daikin which they said they will launch in the country soon. With this new revolutionary technology they will introduce a unified system which incorporates temperature, moisture and air flow control. This wil giveRead More →

Enchanteur Paris Philippines launch

Paris is one of the cities in the world I always wanted to see someday, hopefully in the near future.  I love Paris because it is the capital of art and culture. They house the best artist in the world,  painter or poets all came from there. I also adore the quintessential architecture not just the Eiffel Tower,  but the Louvre,  the Roman Arc, Scare Coure Basilica,  and so much more!  I can talk about it all day!  Haha! Everything French is also sexy in a way.  If you meet any French people,  let them talk their language and you will just get mesmerized.  Read More →

#doitbetterwithkiehls midnight magic consultation

A few weeks ago, Kiehl’s introduced two new products that serves more than just one purpose making our skin care regimen better and more visible.  I was not able to attend the launch  but I was given a slot for a #DoItBetterWithKiehls Midnight Magic Consultation at Kiehl’s in Greenbelt 5. So I went and visited the branch and had the consultation.  Before going through any product suggestion, the consultant went ahead to see what my skin type was .  I forgot what they call it but it showed if my skin was oily, dry or normal.  She put the testers on my forehead and myRead More →

Sampleroom gave me a gift certificate to try out the Lash in Bloom service at Browhaus so I did.  It has been awhile since I had an eyelash extension and I didn’t know aside from eyebrows Browhaus does eyelashes too. The Lash in Bloom eyebrow service took about an hour to do as they install the eyelash pieces one by one.  It cost about Php3,200+++ and you can pick in four different kind of effects.  They have natural, simple , cat eyes, doll eyes.  I picked the natural one as I don’t want to look too made up on my eyes and I bet theRead More →

Jatujak via BigDish

I was missing Thai food so I decided to book us a dinnera at Jatujak via BigDish.  My sister is going to Japan for an entire week so this would be our pre-Valentines fambam dinner.  I picked the branch at SM Megamamall since it was just a few blocks from home.  I made sure everyone is hungry before taking them there, so I did not cook any dinner at all. We arrived 15 minutes earlier than my reservation time of 8:30pm as advised by my friends from BigDish.  Resto resto was not full when we arrived but they had a table reserved for us andRead More →

The Great British Festival Philippines

  The British Embassy is bringing British markets to the Philippines! British markets are one of the most sought after attractions in the UK. Enjoy one of a kind entertainment, sumptuous gastronomic delights, street artists, art workshops, car displays, and the very best of British fashion only at the #GreatBritishFestival from 24-26 February at Bonifacio High Street. And like any other British market, freebies won’t disappoint! We’re not only giving away a free taste, we’re giving you a chance to win 6 roundtrip tickets to the UK via Etihad Airways. Celebrate the vibrancy and vitality of UK culture only at the #GreatBritishFestival! Share and tag your friends!   AboutRead More →

World Traveller #ThatFirstFeeling

When you travel to a completely new place for the very first time, what are your worries? Me, I worry about my luggage.  We all know those horror stories when it comes to low quality luggages and airlines.  It’s either you lose an item or get your luggage all worn and torn with your items smashed together and ruined. When I left for my first time to travel to U.S. I made sure that I will have a reliable yet fashionable luggage to use.  Fortunately , World Traveller gave me one of their medium sized luggage trolley that can fit an entire week of wardrobe. IRead More →