Anti-Aging + Why It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Start #TimelessBeauty

Earth Rulan

The Filipino genes is something we Pinay should be grateful of because compared to other race in the world, we always look way younger than we truly are.  Anti-aging has always been the product that most of us don’t take seriously until it is too late.  Most think that we don’t need until we really need it.   However, this may not be true in years to come if we continue to ignore or put on hold a good anti-aging skin care ritual.

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Faux Pas Paris the Perfect Rainy Day Pair

Just recently, I went to an event wearing a canvass sneakers. Unexpectedly, a big outpour happened and my shoes and feet got drenched in rain (huhuhu!).

I was planning to buy a rainy day boots so my shoes and my feet will survive the rainy day season.  Fortunately , a more stylish waterproof footwear came to the rescue!  Say hello to a  Faux Pas Paris !

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Things to Do in Luang Prabang, Laos


My recent travel took me to Luang Prabang in Laos, a  place I have not included on my must-see places before. It’s not that it is not popular, it was just not one of the countries in my priority list.   It was a great opportunity to be invited by the Mekong Tourism for a multi-country familiarization tour. Mekong River crosses six (6) SouthEast Asian countries Laos included.

For those who are not familiar with it, Luang Prabang, Laos is one of the declared UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. It kept the honor of the title for decades  they were able to preserve their original landscape.  The ability of the city to blend traditional Laotian structure and the European architecture from the 19th and 20th century is commendable.  Luang Prabang was colonized by France in 1895 .  The European architechtural influence is very prominent in the area.  Admittedly , I am smitted with the place.  It is so beautiful, peaceful , clean, with no high rise buildings to block the magnificent hillside view.

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What to Expect on a Cruise Down the Mekong River


I’ve been to several cruises but mostly on a yacht .  Most of them last for at least two-three hours. In the said cruise what we did was to sail in the middle of the ocean and then eat, drink , party, then back to the port area. It was such a great experience to go on a cruise boat with real stops destinations in mind.  This is what I experienced when I cruised down the the world’s 12th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia, the Mekong River.

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My Toycon Philippines 2016 Pop Life Fan Experience


It was literally like a kid in a toystore, only better. Because all the characters you just see on the comic books and watch on television come to life and there’s no better feeling than being able to immense yourself in a world you only thought can exist in your dreams.

The first day of Toycon Philippines 2016, which is running for 15 years in the country, had their major milestone. This was the first time they finally had international artist/ characters come over and have that incredible Toycon experience like they do in the states because they partnered with Pop Life Entertainment this year.

Imagine they were able to get Lois and Clark Superman, Game of Thrones Hodor, Starwars Boba Fett, Twilight Saga pack of wolves and have Stan Lee over a live Skype on top of the list!

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Things to do in Nan, Thailand

Things to do in Nan

When thinking about places to visit in Thailand, the first places to come to mind , especially by most tourist would be Phuket and Bangkok. A very few, not even myself, would even think of going to Nan, Thailand have I not been invited by the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Council for a multi-country fam trip.

Nan is a province of Thailand located at the northern side and near the border of Laos and very close to Luang Prabang.  The Thailand and Laos border via Nan is a 3 1/2 hour drive about 150 kms from the city.   If you plan to do multi-country/ cross country trip to Thailand and Laos this is the place to be, just make sure to have your passport ready and cash to pay your Entry Visa to Laos if you are not from any ASEAN country (US$35.00).

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#EGinCebu #EGinSinulog with ASUS Philippines – A Photo Diary

#EGinSinulog #EGinCebu #SeeSinulogUpClose ZenfoneZoom

#EGinSinulog I’ve been to Cebu for a couple of times #EGinCebu and explored what the place has to offer. I have checked on my personal bucket list of places to see and things to do in Cebu which included the following.

I normally don’t visit a place during the peak season, especially during their festival time because there’s too many people that you cannot really appreciate and experience the place.   But since I have done almost everything you can do in Cebu (one last thing on the bucket list is swimming with the whales!), I said yes to the opportunity to finally experience Sinulog upclose #EGinSinulog .  Thank you to  ASUS Philippines who invited me to #SeeSinulogUpClose using two of their latest smartphone offerings, the ASUS Zenfone Max and ASUS Zenfone Zoom.

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Fright Tours + Things to Do in Baguio City After Summer

Fright Tours and other things to do in Baguio after summer

I haven’t been to Baguio for more than a decade. I have lost interest visiting the place after seeing the hillside that used to overlook a lush of greens now looked like a mountain of “garbage” because of the houses built there. I knew Baguio before it was filled with houses and became populated. I used go to Baguio a lot when I was a child as my brother used to be a PMA Cadet. I used to cover the Supreme Court in Baguio every summer coz that is where they like to hold office every summer coz it is way cooler than here in Manila.

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How to Bring Your Perfume Everywhere

Travalo and Perfume Pod review Philippines

How do you travel light when you still can’t decide which perfume bottle to bring when you travel?  I ofent fell into this trap and bring at least two of my favorite perfume with me.  What I do is wrap it inside socks after packing it on a ziplock hoping no bad accident will happen.

Fortunately, I’ve been lucky except for missing perfume caps.  I know some who got their bottles broke.  It spilled all over their clothes, shoes and everthing else in their lugages!

Fret no more as I have discovered two perfume atomizers that enables you to bring your perfume everywhere.  The Travalo Classic and Travalo Perfume Pod, two perfume atomizers that are compact and lightweight.  Both don’t eat up space as they are a size of a lipstick!

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Reasons to Watch a Live Ballet Manila Performance #RevengeoftheClassics

“In Russia, families goes to watch a live ballet performance.  In the Philippines families goes to malls.  We would like to change that,” Lisa Macuja-Elizalde the country’s most profilic ballet.

Lisa Macuja started dancing when she was eight.  However, it was only when she turned 18 when she got immensely involved in ballet.   She recieved a scholarship from the USSR Ministry of Culture and was offered to study at the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet (formerly known as Leningrad Choreographi Institute).  Graduated top of her class in 1984 she debuted as the prima ballerina in the Nutcraker, Don Quixote, and Giselle at the Mariinski Theater.   She was know then as the foreigner being the first foriegner to become part of Kirov Ballet. When she returned in the Philippines in 1986 she became the first artist-in-residence of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and guest artist at Ballet Philippines , the rest is history so they say.

I am a fan.

Ballet Manila 21st Season Performance #RevengeoftheClassics

I was very young when I remember seeing her and my first live ballet performance at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.  It was one of those family weekend we spent when CCP complex was  more than just a theme park and the mall culture isn’t a thing.

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Things You Want to Know About #myPALRoam

MyPAL Roam #myPALRoam device

What three things you can’t live without when you travel abroad?

The four most important things a millenial traveller need would be:

  1. Passport,
  2. Cash or plastic money,
  3. A good smartphone with good cam and all the apps they need to get around the area and document their adventures: According to a survey recently released by TripAdvisor, “the world’s largest travel site,” mobile devices — primarily “smart” phones — have quickly established an extremely important place in the overall scheme of travel. The survey covered 1,000 respondents in the United States who have mobile devices, and found that although the most frequent use was to make/receive calls and texts, almost two-thirds of the respondents downloaded and used at least one specialized travel app:   
    While traveling: 62 % use their mobile device to research restaurants, 51 % check flight status, 46 percent research destination attractions, 45 % read traveler reviews, 42 % research or book accommodations, and 34 % research or book airline flights; in addition, 59 % use their mobile device’s GPS function, and 47 % have used their devices internationally.
  4. Mobile data/ Internet connection / Wi-Fi connectivity

How could you download and use all those apps if you don’t have internet connection right?

Keeping in mind the changing needs of passengers, Philippine Airlines together with Skyroam created the myPAL Roam, a global  mobile hotspot device that provices easy, fast, secured and affordable mobile data anywhere in the world.

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Sleeping in Airports Part 1: DMK Airport Bangkok

where to sleep in Bangkok Airport Sleeping in Airport Part 1 DMK Bangkok Airport

How many of you slept in airports ?

During my recent travel to Malaysia, Thailand and Laos , I had long layover hours in Kuala Lumpur and in Bangkok. While I had the choice of commuting to a nearby hotel/hostel, the hours of my layover are dead hours and I feel much safer inside the airport than going out.

I tried squeezing myself to take some snooze in rows of chairs at lounge areas but it’s not comfy.  Plus I have to be very alert with my belongings as well so that was not really getting rest.

It was good that the Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur airports , DMK and KLM are world class airport.  They are very huge like a city in itself.  Everything you need is already there, including a sleeping quarters/ airport hotels to get the rest you need while killing time for your next flight.  So in my quest to find a good place to rest I discovered places to sleep in airports.

Where to Sleep in Bangkok Airport (DMK airport)

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Triple Honors for Etihad Airways’ First Class at Skytrax World Airline Awards

Etihad First Apartment bed

Etihad Airways has received three highly coveted awards for the World’s Best First Class Airline, World’s Best First Class Onboard Catering, and World’s Best First Class Airline Seat for its First Apartments and Suites, at the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards announced at the Farnborough Airshow in the United Kingdom.

The prestigious World Airline Awards are widely considered to be a global benchmark of airline excellence. Winners are chosen based on the votes and findings of a 10-month survey of over 18 million air travellers from more than 100 countries.

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What I Think About the New Ghostbuster Answer the Call Movie

I grew up watching the Ghostbuster cartoons and movie.  I remember staying home on a Friday to watch the cartoon and I religiously watch every episode. I also enjoyed the movies . When I learned there was a new Ghostbusters movie, I was half excited.  Half excited because instead of the usual male Ghostbusters Egon, Winston, Ray, Peter and receptionist/ secretary Janine, the new movie features female Ghostbusters Abby, Erin, Jillian , Patty and receptionist/ secretary Kevin. I don’t know what to expect because honestly, I have not even seen the trailer!

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How to Make the Most of the #OishiSnacktacular 2016 #OishiOWow #EGBloggerRepReports

Unfortunately I was not able to make it for the Oishi Snacktacular 2016 because of my beauty blogger mowdeling duties (char!).  But because I super enjoyed last years #OishiSnacktacular event, I went to sent a blogger representative to experience the event this year.

Christine Fernandez who blogs at AllAboutBeauty101, was the blogger I assigned to cover the event for me and according to her private messages, she had an #OishiOWow day at the event.  Here is the report she submitted to me.   It serves as a good guide on what to expect, how much to pay and tips on going around the venue to make the most of this spectacular event!  #EGBloggerRepReports

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