What Is Food Intolerance and Why You Need to Know Yours + #AskNDph Launch

When was the last time you know you were eating right?  What is food intolerance and how is it different from food allergy?

I have accepted the challenge of avoiding foods I’m intolerant to for the next three months. I am doing this for my health and well-being . Plus the fact that I want to see the big difference it will do to me in terms of my weight, my waist, my sleeping patterns, my feeling of bloatedness , loss of energy at times and other discomforts I suffer like headache, lower bach ache and cramps. Continue reading “What Is Food Intolerance and Why You Need to Know Yours + #AskNDph Launch”


Walking Tour at Downtown Manila with Carlos Celdran (PhotoDiary + Vlog)

It was my first time to have a tour with Carlos Celdran so when Lido Cocina Tsina extended an invitation for a walking tour at Downtown Manila (a.k.a. Chinatown in Manila / Binondo / Escolta / Sta. Cruz) I had a little hestitation but decided to go anyway.  I just thought Downtown Manila is part of the Philippines rich history and culture, and having to see the place with an expert to guide us, it should be more interesting than what I already know from a previous visit at the area, especially on a Chinese New Year!

Here’s what can you see at Downtown Manila
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Things to Do in Luang Prabang, Laos

My recent travel took me to Luang Prabang in Laos, a  place I have not included on my must-see places before. It’s not that it is not popular, it was just not one of the countries in my priority list.   It was a great opportunity to be invited by the Mekong Tourism for a multi-country familiarization tour. Mekong River crosses six (6) SouthEast Asian countries Laos included.

For those who are not familiar with it, Luang Prabang, Laos is one of the declared UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. It kept the honor of the title for decades  they were able to preserve their original landscape.  The ability of the city to blend traditional Laotian structure and the European architecture from the 19th and 20th century is commendable.  Luang Prabang was colonized by France in 1895 .  The European architechtural influence is very prominent in the area.  Admittedly , I am smitted with the place.  It is so beautiful, peaceful , clean, with no high rise buildings to block the magnificent hillside view. Continue reading “Things to Do in Luang Prabang, Laos”


What to Expect on a Cruise Down the Mekong River

I’ve been to several cruises but mostly on a yacht .  Most of them last for at least two-three hours. In the said cruise what we did was to sail in the middle of the ocean and then eat, drink , party, then back to the port area. It was such a great experience to go on a cruise boat with real stops destinations in mind.  This is what I experienced when I cruised down the the world’s 12th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia, the Mekong River. Continue reading “What to Expect on a Cruise Down the Mekong River”


My Toycon Philippines 2016 Pop Life Fan Experience

It was literally like a kid in a toystore, only better. Because all the characters you just see on the comic books and watch on television come to life and there’s no better feeling than being able to immense yourself in a world you only thought can exist in your dreams.

The first day of Toycon Philippines 2016, which is running for 15 years in the country, had their major milestone. This was the first time they finally had international artist/ characters come over and have that incredible Toycon experience like they do in the states because they partnered with Pop Life Entertainment this year.

Imagine they were able to get Lois and Clark Superman, Game of Thrones Hodor, Starwars Boba Fett, Twilight Saga pack of wolves and have Stan Lee over a live Skype on top of the list!

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Things to do in Nan

Things to do in Nan, Thailand

When thinking about places to visit in Thailand, the first places to come to mind , especially by most tourist would be Phuket and Bangkok. A very few, not even myself, would even think of going to Nan, Thailand have I not been invited by the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Council for a multi-country fam trip.

Nan is a province of Thailand located at the northern side and near the border of Laos and very close to Luang Prabang.  The Thailand and Laos border via Nan is a 3 1/2 hour drive about 150 kms from the city.   If you plan to do multi-country/ cross country trip to Thailand and Laos this is the place to be, just make sure to have your passport ready and cash to pay your Entry Visa to Laos if you are not from any ASEAN country (US$35.00). Continue reading “Things to do in Nan, Thailand”

What’s New from the #BloggerMailBox 4 + Adventure Awaits

I’m excited about many things that is about to happen but I cannot tell you about them yet.   Not yet, but when everything is solid or when they are done , you will be the first to know about them.  I am just happy how things fall into place, even if you did not plan for it.  It is definitely true that when something is meant to be it will be.  You don’t have to ask for it , it will be delivered on your lap.  Just like all these things sent to me by my brand and PR friends who never forgets : Continue reading “What’s New from the #BloggerMailBox 4 + Adventure Awaits”

Comparison: SkinWhite Classic Light & SkinWhite Advanced

One of the reasons I don’t like whitening products is that they have this distinct smell that everyone can notice from afar.  Another is that they leave a white mask/ white covering on your skin and this mask is kinda sticky and thick .

While the mask is some sort of the sunblock protection and the thickness and stickiness is the ingredients that makes whitening products effective, it’s not always that.  To back up my observation,  I have compared two whitening lotion from the same manufacturer but with different components, the new and improved SkinWhite Classic Light & SkinWhite Advanced whitening lotion . Continue reading “Comparison: SkinWhite Classic Light & SkinWhite Advanced”

Top 9 Ways to Ruin your First Date

The first date with a new girl has never been an easy challenge. You have so many things to worry about WHILST your anxiety should not be obvious in order to look natural and, at least, average. Don’t listen to dating advisers that say that worries and nervousness will magically vanish if you believe in yourself and take a deep breath. They are just playing with you to look impressive. However many dates you will attend, you will still feel moderately nervous every time. Continue reading “Top 9 Ways to Ruin your First Date”

GNC VitaminPlus GlutaBright +HA

Benefits of Taking GNC VitaminPlus GlutaBright +HA

Those who follow me on social media know that I am not a fan of whitening products. Not because I don’t believe in them, it’s just that I think we should all embrace the skin we are born with. Just recently I was on two beach trips (Batangas and Boracay) and I am super happy to have achieved the tan I used to have. Yeah, my skintone kinda lighten in the past because of the skincare products I’ve been using. One of them is the GNC VitaminPlus Gluta Bright +HA.
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Why Renting an Apartment When Traveling is a Great Option

Finding a place to stay is always a priority when traveling. You have to find the safest yet most comfortable accommodation once you go on a trip both internationally and domestically. Actually, there are a lot of options out there. All you need to do is to choose the one that meets all of your needs.

One of the best options to consider is renting an apartment once you travel. Many people would think that this idea is a lavish choice. However, it is otherwise and you might save up when you plan it right.

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What’s New from the #BloggerMailBox 3 + Getting Back to Handwritten Journals

When you are juggling one too many things and don’t keep a writen journal of things, you lost track of it. I used to religiously write on my journal when blogging was not my thing yet. I would write every detail of the events that happened the entire day, plus smiley faces drawings at the end of my entry (when they’re not even called emoji’s back then). On my planner, I would note my expeses for the day, every bit of detail and even cents. Where I went, what I did, what time and with whom (some have codenames). I did that because I have this fear of losing my memory and will not remember a thing, so by writing it down, I can recall the events of the day easily. Digital cameras were not even a thing back then, so I had printed photos, lots of them.

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