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Thank you for supporting my on-going charity/advocacy!

I have another advocacy I am very much passionate about!  Please support Red Cross Philippines and Ariel Aid Couture see you on August  and 3, 2014 at Glorietta Activity Center and Market! Market!

Ariel Aid Couture

UPDATE:  6 MONTHS AFTER YOLANDA!  They still need help #RebuildPh !  Please contact me so I can give you details of sponsorship that will have all of us help each other help each other! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Shelter is one of the most important thing to have so the families affected by the calamity have something to start with, a roof on their heads to keep their family safe and warm while trying to move on and get a fresh start find work or a livelihood.

A super special thanks to  Marie France Bodyline Inc,  Facial Care Center,  Primer Group of Companies (Flipsters, Bedroom Aesthetics, Res-Toe-Run, etc),  It Figures Salon. Silk Road . Who responded to my call.  Help re-Build Homes, re-build Lives



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