Appreciating BGC Street Art with Butterfly Twist #WIWTD 91


For the past years that Bonifacio Global City (BGC) existed and boomed into a beautiful business district in Metro Manila, I am sure you have glanced upon some of the beautiful street art in the area .  But because of your busy schedules and also the horrible traffic in the metro you had no time to appreciate it up close.

I have the same sentiments too!  Fortunately , Butterfly Twist organized an appreciating BGC Street Art recently with fellow blogger friends to see the magnificent street artwork up close and get to know more details about the artists behind them . We had a tour guide, Dee Jae Pa’este who is also one of the artist behind the artworks we checked out. These street art has been there for 3 years and it was crazy that we only get to see most of them now!

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M&Ms Election 2016 Vote for #MMsYellow Candydate

#MMsYellow #VoteMMs2016


The election fever is definitely on and everyone is in a frenzy. Luckily, M&Ms is here to the rescue by  lighten up the agigated mood by having this fun, sweet and spotaneous M&M’S®  Election 2016 .  Everyone is invited to participate to vote for their chosen CANDY-DATE (preferably #MMsYellow)  and get a chance to win cash prizes and M&M’S® merchandise.

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Violence against women is a growing issue in our country .  Here in the Philippines, 1 in 5 women aged 15-49 has experienced physical abuse since age 15.

25% of ever-married women of the same age range have experienced emotional, physical, or sexual
violence from their husbands.

38% of victims never sought help or told anyone about their ordeal. Because many victims have been too afraid to seek help or file reports, the instances of abuse continue to increase.

The worst part is that 38% of victims never sought help nor told anyone about their ordeal.

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Madonna In Manila Rebel Heart Tour Philippine Leg Day 1 Experience

Madonna Live in Manila Rebel Heart Tour Philippines Leg Day 1

I can die now.  Seeing Madonna in Manila live was one of the amazing things that happened in my life.  I’ve been wishing and praying and hoping for her to come in the Philippines for the longest time I could remember.  I grew up with Madonna’s songs, she was literally at every decade of my life.  Madonna is the Pop Icon, Queen of Pop that every girl in my time look up to because she embodies an empowered woman, who goes for what she wants, doesn’t take bull, say what she feels and express herself very well.

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#EGinCebu #EGinSinulog with ASUS Philippines – A Photo Diary

#EGinSinulog #EGinCebu #SeeSinulogUpClose ZenfoneZoom

#EGinSinulog I’ve been to Cebu for a couple of times #EGinCebu and explored what the place has to offer. I have checked on my personal bucket list of places to see and things to do in Cebu which included the following.

I normally don’t visit a place during the peak season, especially during their festival time because there’s too many people that you cannot really appreciate and experience the place.   But since I have done almost everything you can do in Cebu (one last thing on the bucket list is swimming with the whales!), I said yes to the opportunity to finally experience Sinulog upclose #EGinSinulog .  Thank you to  ASUS Philippines who invited me to #SeeSinulogUpClose using two of their latest smartphone offerings, the ASUS Zenfone Max and ASUS Zenfone Zoom.

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Places to Visit in Puerto Galera Aside from the White Beach

Places to visit in Puerto Galera aside from the White Beach

I have heard a lot about Puerto Galera, it is very popular to beach party goers because of it’s close proximity to Metro Manila that you don’t have to travel by air. But believe it or not, this June 19,2015 was my first time there. I was hesitant to travel to that island because of the not so good things I have heard happening in there and the reasons why it is popular/notorious. For my first visit there I am glad I was with good a company and enjoyed other things to do and places to visit aside from the widely popular and somehow turned notorious White Beach.

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Ever Wondered What Was the #OneWashWonder

    When I got the invitation to attend the #OneWashWonder event, I wondered what product will it be. The invitation said it is something “8 out of 10 women can’t get enough of” . So, I wondered some more. Was it a feminine wash? A detergent? Or a mouthwash? I had no clue.

Then a follow up invitation of flowers came.

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How This Week Went #AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous Vlog 5

#AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this weekly vlog thing for more than a month now!  It’s actually fun and less tiring. I mean it’s mindless, you don’t need to think of the words to say, no need to edit too much (I like my videos raw) and I don’t have to give a lot of details because the video says it all.

If you notice my week starts on a Tuesday because I don’t normally take labada (blog gigs) on a Monday.   This #AboutThisWeek Vlog included the events and whatnots that I attended during the week of  April 1-23 ,2016 which included the following:

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Endless Possibilities with Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Loophole For Girls Only!

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Loophole

These are the times when its great being a girl (and having a daughter) because of the endless possibilities to get fashionable and stylish, including with how they wear their sneaker and tie their shoe laces!

Converse unveils the all-new Kids Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Loopholes collection for girls – complete with a loophole loom tongue design and two additional laces for endless customization.

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Flowers of the Philippines Featured on Bayo Summer 2016 Collection


For most people, summer translates to two things: Dreamy getaways and long walks at the beach. But for the fashion lovers, the season is another worthy excuse for one thing that will always tickle their fancy: A new wardrobe.

This summer, local fashion company Bayo officially launches its seasonal collection that reflects the bright, breezy air of summer while sartorially paying homage to the beauty of the Philippines. The global floral trend takes an original twist with the brand’s newest line of designs which gives nod to the country’s native floral charm.

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How This Week Went #AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous Vlog 4

#AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous Vlog 4

I’m getting the hang of this, not attending too many events, not posting too often on the blog. It’s kinda like freedom ! I’m not bound by rushing to post things right away (unless its a deadline). I’m focusing on the things that matter most in my personal life and there’s no need to blog about it!

#AboutThisWeek with Earthlingorgeous covering events that happened in the week of April 11-15, 2016 :

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Herschel Supply Summer 2016 Bag Hunt #WIWTD 90

Herschel Supply Summer 2016 #Supply 2016

How important is the bag you use/carry when you go out on your travel adventures? Very important!
Recently I went to a bag hunt to the Makati Secret Garden where Herschel Supply SUmmer 2016 Bags were hidden behind pottery of plants, bushes and tree trunks. They were all waiting to be discovered, be photographed and taken home by the one who found them.

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