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I’ve been taking selfie shots since I’ve owned a camera.  And when I say camera I mean those 110 filmed point and shoot cameras a.k.a. as lomo cams .  Selfie also known as selca or self capture is a great work-around to take photos of yourself with the view when there’s no one around to take it for you. Self timer also works. While some people feel weird doing it but I don’t.  It is not being vain or anything but just not wanting to disturb anyone else so you find a way to do it by yourself.  It’s what “innovative” people do to “survive”Read More →

#DisciverLA #EarthintheUSAadventure


Honestly, I never knew what to expect from my first time in the USA trip.  I had mixed emotions when it came to this trip.  Anxiety started when I was processing my visa and was getting a schedule in the US embassy.  I was there thrice before I got my visa.  It was some technical weird thing that my DS file number was not in their records. They asked if I had a printed copy of my DS file (the entire thing!) I said I did not because it was not a requirement.  Because of that I had to reschedule my interview dates. I didRead More →


The Chinese people has a lot of influence over how we Filipino live. One practice everyone seems to be adopting now , inspite of religion , is Feng Shui.  Following tips or things it suggest you do for luck and prosperity seems to be effective for most.  Because of that the number of people practicing it increases. Just recently I met Princes Lim Fernandez, a Feng Shui expert who founded the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony.  We had a Yin and Yang luncheon at New World Hotel in Makati where she gave us tips on the things to do for luck & prosperity beforeRead More →


When a new year comes, I always say, the best year is yet to come.  That is true for me at least, because every year I get opportunities to live the dream. For that, I can’t be thankful enough to everyone who made my 2016 such a blast! It was not perfect but I wouln’t ask for it to be any different, because I know that is how it should be. Just this 2016 I had an abundance of travel adventures and see places I didn’t even have in my must-see places to visit.  A lot of first happened this 2016 ! For starters, IRead More →


I have not even blogged about my #EarthintheUSAadventure in Los Angeles and Oregon yet. But here I am blogging about something timely and scary. I need to blog this right away so as to remind everyone else out there to be very careful where they use their credit card/ debit card, especially in the USA.   I’m a victim of credit card skimming in USA and lost Php20,000 from the scammers. Here’s how my story goes… ‘Twas the day before Christmas when all through the house, everyone was stirring, even a mouse! It was a busy day for me, December 24, 2016. I was doingRead More →


Believers or non-believers, sometimes it’s comforting to have a glimpse of what’s in store for you in the future so you may have the guide on what to do and not do as you go along your way. This 2017 Chinese New Year will start early. For this  2017 Fire Rooster Year  the transition period I set on February 3,2017 around 11:36 pm. In 2017, the strongest element is Metal, if you know your chart and see metal elements in it, this means you could become more prosperous. To know if you have it or not, you may consult the best Feng Shui Queen IRead More →


If you search the internet, there are so many tips you will find on how to get your US Visa Application Approved . If you ask friends and relatives they will give you a lot of tips as well. Some are useful but some are not necessary at all. This was my first time to apply for a US Visa and I am relieved and glad to tell everyone I got approved for my first time ! Yes, first time US Visa applicant here and I got my US Visa approved! Cartwheels for me! Honestly, it was not a trip at the candy store. ForRead More →

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I’ve been to several cruises but mostly on a yacht .  Most of them last for at least two-three hours. In the said cruise what we did was to sail in the middle of the ocean and then eat, drink , party, then back to the port area. It was such a great experience to go on a cruise boat with real stops destinations in mind.  This is what I experienced when I cruised down the the world’s 12th-longest river and the 7th-longest in Asia, the Mekong River. Facebook CommentsRead More →

Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo Philippines

Recently I was invited to the media launch of Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo at S Maison in Conrad Manila.  Since it was the first in the Philippines I did not hesitate but come.  I was in for an entirely new experience in Japanese cuisine and culture.  The Nabe craze is finally here in the country but this one is something you don’t want to miss. Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo is well known for their signature Beauty Collagen Hot Pot also known as the Bijin Nabe.  This nabe/ hot pot uses a unique broth they call the Golden Collagen Stock – a rich, exquisiteRead More →

#Eatsperience Hong Kong

It’s been almost 8 years since the last time I’ve visited Hong Kong. I am looking forward to see this city again and see what are the many changes. I’ve been there thrice in different occassion, two solo travels and one with my family. We were there when Hong Kong Disneyland Resort just opened and it was a Christmas Holiday travel with the family. Most of these photos were taken the first time I started taking solo trips out-of-the-country or out-of-town during my birthday month. Our first out-of-the-country trip as a family started when my father passed away. It was our way of mourning toRead More →

As much as possible I avoid drinkking softdrinks. If there’s option of water, iced tea, softdrink, I’d get water. If the option is only softdrinks, I’d take RTO for some odd reasons RTO helps take away my headaches! It was such a good news to know that Del Monte finally came up with a healthier options to softdrinks. The new Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink which is made of real fruit juice. It has no added sugar, and is fortified with 100% of yur daily Vitamin C needs! Another great thing to know about the new Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink is it is caffeineRead More →

Growing up during my time, my parents and the people around me told me that girls should never ever do the first move in courtship. But as I grow older, I realized that it was the girls who always do the first move because them boys have to see some interest before they do their thing. See, they are afraid of rejection as much as any of us do. What I miss during my time though was when boys send love letter, flowers, chocolates , jewelries and seranade. Plus they are willing to wait for months or even years to get your sweet yes toRead More →

Clean Reserve Sustainable Fragrance

When I first got my hands on the Clean Reserve I got one big question in mind. What is sustainable fragrance and how they do it? According to Clean Reserve sustainable fragrance starts from the source of the ingredients they use in each scent. They partner with farmers from Southeast Asia who has knowledge and skill in eco-conscious extraction methods such as obtaining the sweet vanilla-tinged resin without harming the tree. Now that I know what is susainable fragrance is all about, I am curious about the smell. I got the Clean Reserve in Blonde Rose in 60ML bottle and the Clean Resere Warm CottonRead More →

My fascination about the Lunar New Year, Chinese Horoscope and Feng Shui started when I was a teen. I remember buying special Chinese New Year issues of broadsheets so I can read up tips and forecast. As much as possible, I try to do it at home and my family would not mind. They call me the “house witch” because I’d do those cermonies of lighting incense and candles in the house , doing chants, throwing stuff and setting up a special altar for this occassion. They never mind because it never hurt anyone. And I think most of them feel the good vibes IRead More →

Everyone wants to look their best all the time and with Filipino women they want to have fairer skin. Fortunately, Watsons is throwing out a Big White Blout the entire month of January 2017. Be the fairest of them all as you get so many choices at the Watsons #BigWhiteBlowout. Take your pick from shelves upon shelves of whitening soaps, facial creams, body lotions and deodorants. If you are not content with topical solutions then try the oral supplements you can find at watsons as well. Here’s some of the interesting whitening stuff I saw at the launch event recently. While at the whitening beautyRead More →