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Being one of the Top Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Advocacy Blog Philippines,  I decided to use my so-called influence for a greater good and not just my own.  So I decided to support charities I believe in and integrate them in activities I do as a blogger.  I reach more people and more people can get the help they need.

Help re-Build Homes, re-build Lives the Philippines Premiere Lifestyle Blog by Earth Rullan



Update: 10 months after Yolanda and our government admitted they were not able to disburse the money donations from all-over the world.  Which simply means it is better to help directly and support those you know are really doing something.

Let’s do something great for my 7th anniversary.  Please contact me or so I can give you details of sponsorship that will have all of us help each other help each other! I can’t wait to hear from you!

UPDATE:  6 MONTHS AFTER YOLANDA!  They still need help #RebuildPh !  

Shelter is one of the most important thing to have so the families affected by the calamity have something to start with, a roof on their heads to keep their family safe and warm while trying to move on and get a fresh start find work or a livelihood.

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Thank you for supporting my on-going charity/advocacy!

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