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My daughter loves any form of water and so one of our favorite season is Summer because we get to hit a beach or a resort and dip in the water for as long as we could.  It’s therapeutic for children with autism that is why  aquatic therapy was introduced.

Here I am with my daughter looking for a place to park our asses at Club Manila East in Rizal.

These were taken at a beach in Subic, Zambales during our family outing in 2007.

These were taken during our family’s summer outing in 2008 at Club Manila East in Rizal, Philippines.  The big wave pool is awesome and that is what this resort is most famous for.
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  1. @ Chris I am actually on the process of planning our next summer outing! Weeee!

    @ Rona thanks 🙂

    @ Jan I thank my mom for the opportunity she gives me to do things I want and things I have to do. All these I do to keep me sane or else I’ll die!

    @ Twinkie don’t worry she will outgrow her fear of water it just takes time.

    @ Cecile you are welcome and thanks for the visit as well.

  2. thanks for the visit and comment dear :-). am glad your daughter loves swimming :-), her name sound nice!

  3. Tasha – very nice name!

    Para lang kayo sisters ah. 🙂 Sana nga ang anak ko ay mahiligan din ang pag-swimming.

  4. You live a very exciting life – spiced up with fun activities. Meeting with fellow bloggers, interviewing celebrities, having your day in the the beach and fun places. My blogging pa. Terrific balancing act. I envy you and your energy. 🙂

  5. love talaga ng kids ang water. those are nice and fun pictures 🙂

    happy weekend!

  6. summer time really is a fun time, isnt it? im glad that your little girl likes water and is not afraid! 🙂

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