I Had Enough Of Nuffnang

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I unserved Nuffnang. Why? Read on. (Updates below)

Yesterday, I went to Nuffnang Philippines office with my daughter to get my check for the earnings I made being a Nuffnang blogger where I post  ads and advertorials in my blog. We were treated to lunch and only after lunch that we were told that the check is not ready as it’s missing a signature.  To make the long story short, I left home disappointed after four (4) hours of waiting with my poor little girl taking it all.

Was the less than P4,000 earnings with Nuffnang worth all the hassle I went through? Definitely not and so I am cutting them out of my blog because I don’t want to deal with unprofessional people treating bloggers with the least respect they can give and making other bloggers their guinea pig for their very poorly handled “company”.

Nuffnang Dashboard
Let’s have a rewind on how they pissed me real bad to make me decide to take down their ads and leave them for good. They can have my check if they want. I won’t be treated the way they did.

A week before Holy Week  Roanna  and I talked about picking up my check at their office after the vacation.  We agreed Monday.  When Monday came I asked Roanna if the check is ready for pick-up and  I’ll be there around 3pm, 15 minutes later I got a text message telling me they are not in the office. So I said OK.  She asked for the pick up be rescheduled on  Wednesday (yesterday) and said they will treat me to lunch for the hassle. All the while I informed her that I will bring my daughter with me.

More than a month ago, I clicked that cash out option at the Nuffnang dashboard. It said request being processed and wait a month for Gliteratti members and two months for non-gliteratti members for the check to be sent.

After a month later, I was sent an e-mail by Roanna asking me about my cash out request and asked if I could pick up the check at their office instead . By then I was puzzled because I swear it was stated at the Nuffnang FAQ before that they can send pay outs through Paypal.

I asked Roanna about that Paypal option and she told me “we haven’t hooked-up with Paypal yet so for the meantime we ask bloggers to pick-up their check at the office for verification purposes narin.” I said OK no problem, would love to visit their office and see how they are at work.

Then while talking to some Nuffnang blogger I was informed that another blogger got her check through mail, it was delivered at her home. I was like so what was that? Are they favoring other bloggers or something?

Now look at their FAQ regarding cash out:

How do I get my money out into my a/c?

* As soon as you have earned PhP 2000, you will be given an option on your earnings page to cash out!
* Nuffnang pays its Glitterati bloggers 30 days after their cash out request date every end of the month (60 days for Ordinary). Upon that, the cheque will be sent to the bank for processing and mailed to your registered address. The processing and delivery from the bank’s side will take no longer than 3 weeks.
* To minimize wait time to receive your cheques, cashing out at the end of the month would be wise.
* Note: Do ensure that mailing address and payee name provided in the registration form is accurate.

It’s very clear from there that they send the check through mail and this was very well stated at the very fine print below the earnings tab on a Nuffnang dashboard. ” [Please note that a transaction fee of PhP 1 will be applied to any cashout payments. Please also allow about 30 days from the end of the month for your payment to be processed and sent.]”  Now totally pissed at them I demand that they follow their own rules.

Advertising people are sellers, they are very good at swaying people.  I think the crap I was hearing and nodding about yesterday are nothing but sales pitch.

How could they think of the welfare of their advertiser by being too picky about a blogs or bloggers reputation and credibility when they are not careful about their company’s reputation. They said before playing ads on a blog they study a blogs and a bloggers credibility and reputation.

If that is the case then they should not just accept any blog as a member because it appears to me they are just into the link building.  Imagine they said they have 3,000 members and I bet only a small fraction of that gets ads because they are too picky.  Aren’t they being unfair.

They’ve been known for a score of campaign failures like that of the Sony Expo Experience grand winner of the Sony VIAO laptop.  How could Jing confidently say that they think of a blogs credibility and profile when placing an ad or creating a contest when the winner had 3 post and  was a 3 day old and not even a Nuffnang VIP.

Why are they bashing on the strategy of other new media companies when they can’t even make a good strategy for them to get advertisers.  Since their launch in August I can name all the campaigns they had.  Clean up your act and stop playing around.

I think you are underestimating bloggers.  Bloggers are not such a loser that they resort to  “working from home” at home by moneytizing their blogs or by attending blog events and getting freebies.

I wanted to get the check so I can blog about it and tell people not to be too disappointed with Nuffnangs inactivity.  But I guess they go do that.

Anyway, I am totally disappointed.  They make me and my daughter wait for 4 hours and I am sure they are familiar with my daughters condition since they read my blog and monitor it, according to them.

An hour is tolerable in her case but four hours is too much.  Less than P4,000 earnings is not worth it.   The very small add earning I get from you is not worth it either.  I can earn that in less than a month through paid opps you know and honestly your ads are just additional decorations that I can easily take down like I have.

Good luck and Good riddance.  I had enough of ’nuff.  Goodbye!

Read more about how frustrated I am and join the plurk discussion here LOLZ!

As of today Nuffnang Philippines and their staff did not make any move to contact me regarding this incident.

Update as of  23/04/2009 9:33PM:  NUFFNANG SENT CHECK THROUGH MAIL
I got the Nuffnang Philippines check today on via snail mail under their mothership company here in the Philippines but guess what it’s a useless piece of paper? Why?  My name and last name was spelled wrong! Instead of an S on my last name they made is a Z and instead of a double L on my last name they only used one L. Now how incompetent and irresponsible can that be right? Imagine if this was the check they want to hand me on that fateful Wednesday last week (April 16, 2009) I will still leave empty handed.

Also my earnings is not P3,400+ as the check stated but P3,800+ and the P1 peso per cash out fee they impose was already deducted.

Well at least they showed that if they want they can send the mail through mail as stated in their website or else that would be false advertisement. I’d give them a pat on the back for the effort, they send the check as quick as lightning. At least they can fix their system and eventually nobody else will experience what I experienced.

Update: April 24, 2009 9:23PM THE USELESS CHECK


Here is the useless piece of paper Nuffnang Philippines call as my pay-out for “serving” them. Discrepancies that make this useless is the misspelling of my fullname, my first name spelled with a Z instead of a S and last name spelled with a single L instead of a double L.
Scrutinizing the check some more I realized they only sent this check last April 21, 2009 (Tuesday) but take a look the check is dated April 15, 2009. I went to their office April 16,2009. Is this a delaying tactic to insult me some more? Even if I waited until 5PM in their office I will leave with nothing since they misspelled my name and the amount has a P400 difference. But someone speculated that was the payment for the lunch we had that fateful Wednesday.


Update: April 28, 2009 (Tuesday) A week passed and no word from the Nuffnang Philippines people. A great statement of how unprofessional they are. They don’t even have the guts to reply to my offlines or even text messages. False advertisement, I was told by someone that the P400 cut from my check was tax… no disclosure on their site about this one. Correct your errors while you can.
Technorati Profile
Update: May 7, 2009 (Thursday) 10:44PM I just got some info about some bloggers I met today and they told me that some mom blogger was circulating that the staff of Nuffnang Philippines and I already talked and this issue is resolved because apparently Nuffnang Philippines and BPI Serendra had an internal agreement about the useless check they sent me via mail. It’s not true. Nobody from Nuffnang Philippines made an attempt to contact me or even acknowledge that text message I sent Roanna acknowledging their effort to send the useless check to me. Roanna has not replied to my YM messages. Nothing at all. It’s just odd because when they needed mom bloggers for their Sanofi Pasteur Bakunado sa Flu awareness campaign they were contacting me all the time, they called and religiously text to follow-up about the moms and bloggers I invited to attend their event.
Update (May 09,2009) 11:00PM I had an interesting encounter with Jing General Manager of Nuffnang Philippines and she told me she sent me an email through my Yahoo two days ago. Surprisingly I checked my Inbox and Spam folders none from her or them. Maybe she misspelled my name again? Tsk! Tsk!

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  1. Hi Sarah I’m sorry you feel that way, this post was years ago and the people who did this are long gone. Maybe you should try to be more active baka mapansin ka rin. Good luck!

  2. buti na lang po at nabasa ko ito. kasi ang tagal ko na pong nakaregister sa nuffnang at hindi man lang tumataas yung kinikita ko simula nung nag blog ako nung 2009. hindi nagja-jive yung dami ng number of unique clicks at visitors ko sa binabayad nila sakin na hanggang ngayon after 5 years ay less than P500 pa din ang kinikita. so 5 taon na, wala pa ding cash out na nangyayari sakin kasi hindi man lang umangat yung kita ko. kaya din nawalan ako ng gana magblog nun kasi consistent naman ako dati tapos ganun pa din yung kita. never mind na lang. salamat po sa information kasi balak kong magumpisa ulit ng blog pero nanghihinayang kasi ako dating blog ko dahil nga doon sa kakarampot na kinita ko na hindi ko naman ma-ca-cash out kahit mamuti na ang buhok ko…hehehehe!

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