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I was doing my regular blog visit when I change upon Mommy Jennie of Marriage and Beyonds post about her wedding their wedding vows and their wedding picture where her feelings at that moment were perfectly captured.  According to her she was so thrilled that her “cheekbones could have popped right there” upon realization that she and Jeff are now husband and wife.  It was a picture of her watching her husband sign his name on the marriage contract and she was all smiles like there’s nothing to smile about the next day.

He smile in the photo was so genuine that just looking at it can make you feel what she was feeling at that moment.  That was one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen.

Talking about smiles, I don’t mean to brag but most of the people who knows me would regard me as the “Miss Smiley Face” or the “girl who could light up a room with her smile”.  I guess I will have to thank my genes because I think not everyone was gifted with beautiful smiles, personally I don’t like Bea Alonzo’s smile, it look so fake like she was being forced to do it.

Maybe she needs to visit the San Diego California cosmetic dentists to improve the appearance of her mouth when she smile because she already has beautiful teeth.

Yeah you read that right, cosmetic dentists does not only do dental implants or teeth whitening but they also do smile designs.  With this technology everyone can finally have the smile they dreamed of.   Hmmm… I wonder how Bea would look like with a smile like Marian Rivera?

Do you know anyone who needs a smile makeover? Here are some of the services they provide:  crowns, inlays and on lays, full mouth restoration, gum disease treatment, dental implants, orthodontics, and gum lifts.

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