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Spain On The Road Again Food Fiesta


If you think you know Spain then think again. I was privilege to be invited in a wonderful gastronomic adventure by the Spain Tourism Board where I was able to sample authentic Spanish cuisine cooked the Spanish way.

It was one of the best foodie event I attended an authentic food fiesta where I was able to learn how to cook Paella, a rice-based viand, the way Spanish do it. Chef Alexandra Got Pradera Cacho owner and head of Tapella by Gaudi did the cooking exhibition for the VIP guest who attended the exclusive special screening of Asian Food Channel’s culinary adventure series Spain on the Road Again, presented by the Spanish Tourism Board at the Spotlight in Makati.

Paela, Pescado ala sal, Sobra Sada authentic Spanish Cuisine by Chef Alexandra Got Pradera Cacho
Paela, Pescado ala sal, Sobra Sada authentic Spanish Cuisine by Chef Alexandra Got Pradera Cacho

Spain’s traditional Paella originates from Velencia, a region in Spain that specializes in rice-based dishes that are prepared with a plethora of ingredients or only with the most basic elements.

I say it was a wonderful gastronomic event where I was able to sample the finest, authentic Spanish food prepared by a Spanish Chef herself. Aside from Paella Chef Xandra also cooked dishes like Pecado ala sal, or fish baked in salt and Sobra sada, a Spanish sausgae or pate. Sangria and Spanish wine were also served during the event.

Participants were also regaled with dance and music performances by the Fundacion Centro Famenco, the premier Flamenco institute in the country that aims to preserve and enhance Filipino’s Spanish heritage through Spanish music and dance, and the Yebaguena musicians.

The Spain on the Road Again is an Asian Food Channel 13-part food and travel series where a Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow, acclaimed chef Mario Batali, New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman and Spanish actress Claudia Bassols drive across Spain to eat, drink and cook through 30 Spanish cities.  This will air in Asia for the first time and exclusively on Asian Food Channel every Tuesday at 9 PM.

Spain on the Road Again event photos
Spain on the Road Again event photos

Some Spain Foodie Facts:

  • Did you know that 4 out of the Top 10 Best Restaurants In The World featured by the UK’s Restaurant magazine is from Spain.  They were  voted by 800 chefs, critics and industry insider.
  • El Bulli in Catalonia is on the 1st place in The World’s Best Restaurant
    El Bulli is in Apartado 30, 17480 Roses en Cala Montjol, Spain
    +34 97215 04 57 (after 3pm during the season)
  • Mugaritz 4th place of the World’s Best Restaurant.
  • Mugaritz, Otzazulueta Baserria, Aldura Aldea 20, 20100 Errenteria Gipuzkoa, Spain
    +34 943 522 455
  • El Celler de Can Roca in Catalonia was number 5.
  • Ctra. Taialà, 40, 17007 Girona, Spain
    +34 972 222 157
  • Arzak in the Basque region won the 8th place.
  • 273 Avenida Alcalde Elosegui, 20015 Donostia/San Sebastian
    +34 943 278 465
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