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Friends since birth!

These are not exactly time out with them but moments spent with Friends in the truest sense of the word. My daughter does not have a concept of friends or does not have friends of her own yet all because of her autism. But these are the kids and the people who will consider her a friend forever. They are kids of my Best Friends for life. We were friends since highs school, since I was 12 years old. Almost 20 years ago! Now we are passing the tradition to our kids. They’ve been friends since birth 🙂
1st Birthday

This was taken after my daughter’s 1st birthday with my best friends for life and their kids. 2nd Birthday

This was taken on my daughter’s 2nd birthday with my best friends kids.3 year old

Taken on Jamtrix 7th birthday. 7th Birthday

On my daughter’s 7th birthday!

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  1. @ Rachel ay naku treasured pics ko yan imagine ung mga anak natin magkakasama 🙂 kakatuwa diba

  2. Haaay….. best touch naman ako for those pix thanks for uploading, those are the memories that truly are for treasure. Im glad we’ve found each other. hmmm take care!

  3. wow that’s great!!bihira din ang ganyan–sana ang mga anak ko ganyan din.I hope that they will become bestfriends forever.Thanks for sharing!!

    Greetings from Japan!Nice meeting you here at MM^_^Have a nice day to you and your family!

    Clarissa’s latest blog post..Happy 6th Birthday, Wakaba!!!

  4. Wonderful! Friends are one of life’s precious treasures and you are blessed with not one, but a lot. ; )

  5. @Chris naku magkakalayo na kami nyan pero pag may okasyon nagkikita kita parin ung iba asa states na

  6. wow! parang barkada ko rin ang mga kaibigan mo…we have been friends since high school pa din, we have a joke sa barkada na mas matagal pa naming kilala ang isat isa kesa sa mga asawa namin…i believe one thing to show the goodness of friendship to our kids is by being a good example…

    thanks for the visit!

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