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If you have a small or medium sized business and you rely on online data exchange like sending emails to clients and employees, sharing folders, calendars and contacts, then it’s high time that you consider getting an Email Hosting provider that can help your business run smooth.

Hosted Exchange is one of the reliable companies you can check out for this type of service.   They offer solutions that includes the functionality and features mostly found in the Microsoft Exchange server without paying too much.

You don’t have to worry about the privacy of your business as all information being transmitted using this service is encrypted so you are assured that everything is private and safe from outside threats.  This is the major concern for most business especially now that identity theft is prevalent.

If you are having second thought then you can try their entry service where you can get 250MB of email diskspace per mailbox for $9.99 a month.   All of their email plans comes with Microsoft Exchange Outlook web access and you can syncronize everything, from notes, contacts, calendars, task, address list and folders to your mobile device.

For those who want to try the product you can use the promo code “EXCH25” and get 25% off All Hosted Exchange Plans.

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