New Johnson’s Body Care Line For Women Launch

Ladies, admit it or not that you have used the Johnson’s Baby products to nourish your skin. I can’t blame you, Johnson’s baby colognes, lotions, body wash and soap are just so good at taking care of babies skin that we are just so tempted to use them so we can still feel the soft smooth skin we had when we were babies.

But of course we know that adult skin and babies skin differ a lot. As a woman matures from teenage to adulthood, her skin also changes, becoming more exposed to stress and lifestyle and environmental changes that cause sun damage and dryness. This leads to the deterioration of that baby soft and smooth skin that she used to have.

Johnson's Body Care Lotions

Luckily, Johnson and Johnson has a new solution to maintain and enhance the adult woman’s skin softness as it introduces Johnson’s Body care, a brand of body care products made specifically for the modern woman’s unique skin care needs. Its line of body lotion and washes comes in three variants; 24 Hour Lasing Moisture, Melt Away Stress and Naturally White, and are specifically formulated for soft beautiful skin that every woman desires.

The Product

With three lotion and body wash variants to choose from, Johnson’s Body Care products provide women with the cleansing and moisturizing needed to nurture their skin’s softness.

Recent studies reveal that dryness is the top skin problem faced by one out of three women. Luckily, women now have a new solution for dryness, with the Johnson’s Body Care 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion and Wash. It helps combat dryness with its moisture-rich ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil. Shea butter softens and moisturizes the skin, while vitamin E has antioxidant properties that help protect skin cells from damage and free radicals. Jojoba oil, meanwhile, helps balance the skin’s sebum and also moisturizes dry skin. This unique combination of ingredients helps stop the three signs of dryness as it reduces skin tightness, lessens skin flakiness and revives dull-looking skin. Johnson’s Body Care 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion and Wash are specially formulated to leave a woman’s skin moisturized, soft and touchable from sunrise to sundown.

To help women counter the effects of daily stress, the Johnson’s Body Care Melt Away Stress Body Lotion and Wash are enriched with the aromatic fragrances of chamomile, lavender and moonflower. These natural ingredients are clinically proven to have a soothing and calming effect on the mind and body as they help women relax their senses and relieve stress. Best to use at night, these products promote better rest and a good night’s sleep. The unique combination of ingredients helps melt away stress and refreshes the skin.

For the woman who is frequently exposed to the sun, the Johnson’s Body Care Naturally White Daily UV Body Lotion and Wash offer a good tandem solution. The range contains a “soft and fair” formula with 8x UV protection, milk proteins and vitamin C to help protect skin from sun damage and retain the skin’s natural brightness. Vitamin C helps reduce the aging effects of the sun by stifling the effects of UV rays before they harm the skin, while milk proteins provide skin with a soft, supple feel. The combined effect of the lotion and wash helps protect the skin and allows women to glow with the radiance of naturally fair skin.

The Event

Last night’s launch of Johnson’s Body care was a celebration of soft skin, beauty and style and was attended with Metro Manila’s top fashion and beauty icons, media personalities and fashion and beauty bloggers and was presented through a fashion show event in partnership with Preview Magazine.

The runway showcased some of Manila’s young female designers namely: Debbie Co, Rosanna Ocampo, Mel Orlina, Choc and Yvette Religioso and Czarina Villa. Taking inspiration from women’s beautiful skin, each piece in the collection puts a spotlight on soft, moisturized skin, which can be achieved with the new Johnson’s Body Care products.

Johnson’s Body Care launch at the Whitespace photos:

Johnson's Body Care Launch

Mel Orina dress
Choc & Yvette Religioso

Czarina Villa dress
Debbie Co dress

The shoes the models wore are from Figlia
Mini-fashion show at John's Body Care Launch
Mini-fashion show at J&J Event by Preview
Johnson's Soft Skin Lotion Bar
Cocktail Buffet

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