Rainy Day Contest

Aren’t rainy days a real bummer?  Well here’s some sunshine for you, a rainy day contest! Win day passes for 3 to Island Cove *, an Island Cove Island Spa treatment for 1**, P250 worth of Gift Certificate from TGI Fridays*,  1 Gimmick Pass to Padis Point and a Facial Treatment for 1 at Fucoidan****.

All you have to do is answer this question.

What fun actividies you do indoors or outdoors to make your rainy day fun?

I love playing in the rain!

My daughter loves to play in the rain!

You can post your answers here as comments for 1 point or you can write a separate post in your blog for 10 points and another point when you leave your comment here about your post a total of 11 points. Just be sure to leave a valid e-mail address so I can contact you if you won. Winners will be drawn via Random.org.

Contest ends on September 23,2009 so I can send your winnings immediately. HURRY JOIN NOW!

Contest is open to everyone bloggers and non-bloggers preferably here in the Philippines or will be visiting the country soon or want to give the price to a relative here so they can use their winnings immediately.

P.S. Invite your friends to join on your post and link back to this contest post and get an additional 5 points.

Sample answer in the comment post: I like being a couch potato and watch the sports channel especially when they are showing my favorite

football picks

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  1. yay! galing mo Yami! 16 points for you!

    @ Mitch minuto nalang ang binibilang at magraraffle na ako 😀
    .-= earthlingorgeous´s last blog ..Website Review =-.

  2. Author

    @Boy Kuripot sige wait ko lapit na matapos contest!
    @Mitch oo nga lapit na sino kaya ang magwawagi!

  3. Author

    @reigun mmm champorado and arozcaldo perfect! thanks for joining you got 1 point.

  4. when it rains, i just lurve to watch movies all day, and eat heartily! (especially like hot choco champorado, or arooz caldo)oh yum!
    .-= reigun´s last blog ..MGB NEWS:Manik Good&Bad News =-.

  5. Author

    @Yodz mmm pizza! I hope the pizza delivery guys comes to our place when it’s raining cats and dogs too! Thanks for joining you got 1 point.
    @ Pehpot ahahahaha oo nga laki na tyan ahahahaha! Thanks for joining my contest you got 16 points!

  6. Author

    @ Pehpot ahahaha ikaw naughty ka ha ahahahahaha wee will wait for your entry should be very interesting.

  7. yeah like it’s fun to play with your hubby LOL even if the kids are wide awake wahaha

    sige na nga I will join this one 🙂

    Make or Break
    .-= pehpot´s last blog ..TCP: Lion King =-.

  8. Author

    @ Marilen thanks for joining you got 1 point.
    @ Mara thanks for joining you got 16 points!

  9. Ate Earth, I’m done! I posted it na on my blog.

    I forgot these:
    -listen to my iTunes over and over while I’m curled up on my bed staring sa kawalan
    -SKYPE with friends in the US (if they’re online)
    -arrange my stuff (clothes in the closet, books in my bookshelf, shoes in my rack, etc)

    I don’t do all of them sa isang araw but karamihan ng nasa list ko, especially yung nakapost sa blog ko, in one day lang. Rinse and repeat. Haha!
    .-= Mara´s last blog ..My very own version of FUN rainy day activities. =-.

  10. I enjoy being in the rain with the kids. It gives me the excuse to experience again my childhood memories being in the rain.

  11. Author

    @ Jona yeah love board games are good to counter bored days thanks for joining you got 1 point!
    @ Mylene what you do on a rainy day is something I love to do too I call it hibernation mode! Thanks for joining you got 16 points!

  12. We love to play scrabble!

  13. Author

    @ Mara naku pwedeng pwede ahahaha anything you do to pass the time during the rainy days are ok.

  14. Wow. I was about to post what I’ve been doing here at home cos of the rain pero mejo naligaw yung napost ko. Naghalo-halo. Sali ako! Pero I’m warning you, my fun activities are not really that fun. Fun lang sya for me. Pwede naman yun Ate Earth diba? Hehe! 🙂
    .-= Mara´s last blog ..Homemade Pasta. =-.

  15. Author

    @SgtMack pwede mo namang imodify pa if you want the additional points 🙂 ayan you got 16 pts na!

  16. Author

    @ Fjords sali ka na kahit comment lang dito will count as an entry if you can’t post 🙂 intayin ko entry mo!

  17. Author

    @Yami sali ka na!

  18. Hi Earth. This one’s interesting. Gusto ko yata ‘yung sa facial coz i really need one badly. lolz
    .-= yami´s last blog ..If I had more time… =-.

  19. Author

    @ SgtMack I love your top 3 things! Penge ng spaghetti, or any Italian dish mmmm yum shocks naglaway ako ahahaha. You got 11 points!

  20. @Mitch: may jowa akong makikinabang sa mga prizes if manalo ako since she lives in Manila…hehehe…

  21. Author

    @ SgtMack iintayin ko talaga yan.
    @ Mitch malamang after this contest mabored na naman ako ahahahaha!

  22. Thanks Earth! Bukas ba bored ka ulit?

    Hmmm… I just realized di ko magagamit ang prizes kung manalo ako wahahaha! Pero okay lang, bebenta ko LOL! Joke!
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..T’is the season… =-.

  23. Im IN! wait ka lang dyan..hehehe!!!

  24. Author

    Will wait for your entry Lizz 🙂
    Mitch got her entry up na and got 16 points!

  25. Author

    yay! Thanks Mauie will wait for your entry!

  26. Author

    yay! can’t wait to see your entry thanks Mitch!

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