My 2010 Resolution

Every year I make it a point to have a New Year resolutions. When I was younger I was idealistic with what will be included in my resolution but end up accomplishing very little. Last years resolution was not so elaborate but something I have to accomplish within. Did I fulfill it? I think so.

Anyway for 2010 I want to become the old organized me I was before I had my daughter.  I want all my finances jot down to the dot, a little book keeping to see if I am not spending more than I earn. I also don’t want to lose track of my daily grind like I’ve been this year. My head was a mess and I think I take more than I could handle.

What better way to keep me organized but an awesome planner that will help me stay on course like this Belle de Jour 2010 planner Jenny Aspacio is giving away at her blog.  This entry was meant to help me win this beauty which has all the great features I need like the following:

GOAL PAGES—take the first step to turning your dreams and ambitions into realities. Let this page be a constant reminder of your life goals.

FORWARD PLANNING—this page is your life masterpiece in the making. Like a spontaneous artist, fill this area with notes, doodles, clippings, and other random thoughts of the year to come.

I also love the fact that Belle de Jour planner is packed with lots of discount coupons from a number of beauty, health and wellness retailers, establishments and stores all over the country, so it’s a real treasure.


2 thoughts on “My 2010 Resolution

  1. Wow, I just got my very own BdJ journal too from entrepbuff and I really find it very handy and really beautiful. I am beginning to make my daily entries.

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