Mosbeau White Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream Review

Mosbeau White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream is a 2-in-1 cream that aids in whitening and deodorizing of the underarm.  It effectively prevents skin darkening while assisting in lightening stubborn dark areas.  May be used on other dark areas like the inner thigh, elbows, knees and areolas. This product originally came from Japan and is very popular in Cosmo and so I was enticed to try it personally.  Angel Locsin now endorses this product

How to use:

Apply two times a day, in the morning after shower and at night before bedtime.  Do not use the product on broken skin/ fresh wound.  Discontinue use immediately if you experience redness or experience irritation and consult your dermatologist immediately.

Mosbeau White Underarm and Inner Thigh Cream Review:

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  1. mypoisa says: Reply

    Hello, I have read your post and it is good to me.
    I have a site Home Remedies for Dark Underarms you can check it.

  2. michelle says: Reply

    peo try ko pa din xa.. mgkakaiba namam po tayo ng skin,, sana umipek;)

  3. michelle says: Reply

    hi.. sa lahat ng nabasa ko, grabe nagdadalawang isip na ko bumili ng MOSBEAU…

  4. shengy says: Reply

    thanks sa review…

    1. earthlingorgeous says: Reply

      walang anuman

  5. Jash says: Reply

    Hi ms earth, may update na po ba sa bagong formula ng mosbeau(under arm – inner thigh whitening) ? Effective po ba Ito para sa dark UA? Also, lately kasi pawisin na UA ko at bumabaho, makakatulong kaya ang mosbeau?

    1. earthlingorgeous says: Reply

      Hi Jash, may cheaper product that I’ve been using that’s very effective Php199.00 lang sha. Gluta-C you may read the posts/revie here Good luck!

  6. jen says: Reply

    yung bleaching ba nkakaputi ng UA?

  7. aima says: Reply

    i have been using this product for about 4 weeks now and i see no difference. its very disappointing though, it seemed so promising before and was so excited to use it the first time. After 4 weeks of applying there hasn’t been any changes and ng k BO pa ako.

  8. ann pascual says: Reply

    Hi, i just bought mosbeau underarm and inner thigh whitening.

    I bought mine hoping to solve my darkening inner thigh.

    But for those who have problems with their underarms, try DEONAT deodorant, available in Watson. I used to suffer from dark underarms and tried all sorts of whitening cream but when I used deonat after two weeks my underarm improved a lot. and everybody in the family really noticed it.

  9. rianne says: Reply

    hi! i am planning to buy this cream sana today. thanks at least i read this review and found out that its not that effective. i really had this dilemma for a long period, black UA since high school. i tried different whitening product for my UA pero wala siyang effect. i also tried using Godiva UA whitening product but still d siya effective. yung UA whitening procedure ba sa oroderm clinic effective ba cya. pls. help!

  10. Candice says: Reply

    sa akin naman effective sya.parang na burn kasi ang skin ko sa wrong waxing.mga one month ko na ginagamit at nag lighten nga.o baka hindi lang talaga ganun ka lala ang pag darken ng underarms ko.even naman kasi ang color before nagka disaster sa pag wax.

  11. Gabs says: Reply

    I was planning sana bumili ng Mosbeau but based on ur comments I got discouraged. I’m glad nabasa ko to kc bibili ako dapat today!! Di pla effective. Salamat.

    My alm akong png home remedy. Effective sa’kin. Kaya lng ako bbili ng Mosbeau para maging smooth ang UA ko. Para lang matanggal ang chicken skin.

    Cheapest home remedy! *Powdered Tawas* I know it sounds “eew” or “so cheeeeap” pero effective. It whitens my UA and prevents BO. Use it daily. Pwede din ihalo sa tubig pampaligo. Your skin will get clearer/lighter. The only nega thing about it is, hindi nito ma-avoid ang pagiging sweaty ng UA.Pero magsweat man, It has no amoy. 😉

    Hope it helps! :-)

    May alam ba kayong effective Stretch Marks Removal? Thanks!

  12. Leela says: Reply

    Ate gusto ko po i try sana effective po ba. Ung sa UA po. Kc po nag darken tlga UA ko simula nung nagkakaron na ng hair.

  13. Cheska says: Reply

    I always dream of having my inner thigh gets pinkish as anyone does. It’s quite disgusting every time I get to wear skimpy shorts. Now that I’ve found this cream I plan to have it and give it a try.

  14. shazza says: Reply

    Hi, i’m from abroad and i asked my sister to buy me an UA whitening cream and she bought me this mosbeau… I read some reviews and try the product myself… Actually, 1st application ko lang kanina, hehe… Hopefully, it works! Umitim kasi UA ko after giving birth… Sa mga nagtatanong if pano puputi UA nyo, the best i think is to have it bleached sa legit na derma clinic… I also had my laser hair removal sa underarm (kasi tamad akong mag wax, mag pluck and mag shave ng UA)… Matatanggal yung chicken skin tas mala-lighten pa color ng UA (not totally puputi)… Iwas wax, shave, pluck = less irritation sa UA…
    Pag ayaw naman ng lazer, based sa napanood ko na “the doctors” best home remedy is first apply a bleaching cream/agent tas apply exfoliating cream after… Sa mga pinapawisan naman ang UA, hyperhydrosis ang tawag dun… try using DRI-SOL (aluminum chloride), mabibili sya sa pharmacy, pwede over the counter, mga 900+ pesos ata sya pero effective sya, i swear! pero be cautious in using it and follow the manufacture’s instructions! Sa may BO naman, refrain from eating garlic, onion, spicy foods and spiced foods… Try din sigurong i-dab ng cotton balls na may vodka kasi mataas ang alcohol content nya na pwedeng pumatay sa odor-causing bacteria… At most importantly, avoid to touch our UA kasi sensitive yung skin ng UA natin…
    Hope this will help and give a little bit info about UA (^^,)

  15. melody says: Reply

    Hi!well this is kinda off topic.pero nabanggit m kc sa comment mo way back. ung mgpaconsult s st lukes. hospital. may idea k b how much ang consultation dun?khit hndi s derma ha.thanks!

    1. earthlingorgeous says: Reply

      Naku antagal na nun ano ba ipapaconsult mo, nag paconsult ako sa skin, sa carpal tunnel at for my daughter, depende sa ipapaconsult ang bayad eh,.

  16. darina says: Reply

    hello po, I’ve been planning to buy the mosbeau underarm cream kasi, when i started using com deo, as part of my daily hygiene, nag darken talaga ung UA ko which a total disaster kasi maputi talaga ako kaya kahit right now hindi ko masuot ung mga damit na dating nasusuot ko pa.. pero dahil sa review mo ate earth that it does not really penetrate sa inner skin i think siguro maintenance na talaga ung pag gamit para ma maintain ung effect right? then i can see na marami ung na disappoint sa product.. good thing i’ve rad your review. another money wasted nanaman ulit sana. thnx a lot!

  17. jaze says: Reply

    ate earth salamat po sa review 😀 balak ko pa naman pong bumili ng mosbeu kaso i read some comments about the review. ano po bang effective na whitening sa UA. kasi i had use commercial deos at eto di na sila pantay ng color. kaya nakaka conscious tuloy mag suot ng tube at sandos

  18. hazel ;) says: Reply

    anu po bang effective na whitening sa UA? i read about home remedies and yet i tried the baking soda pero almost 1 week ko siyang ginamit and i see no diference.

    1. earthlingorgeous says: Reply

      this mosbeau was effective for me… there is also nisce’s ua whitening cream, but mosbeau has a new formulation sa ua whitening and I’ll be reviewing it soon, watch out for it.

  19. This one is for those who have plenty of time to spare for beauty regimens and for those who have a lot of money since you’ll really have to continue using it.

  20. Joan says: Reply


    ASk ko sna ano ba effective na pampaputi yung mga mga ginagamit ng mga artista.. kc you can see na pumupunti cla,,

    1. earthlingorgeous says: Reply

      Hi Joan, nagpapableach din kasi sila eh saka peeling kaya pumuputi sila :) saka marami silang ginagamit di lang isa.

  21. pinkcharm says: Reply

    it’s effective. depende nlng kung gano talaga kadark yung skin mo. and sa melanin production ng body mo.

  22. pinkcharm says: Reply

    i sell mosbeau at a cheaper price.
    MARKET PRICE is 950.
    i sell it for 800. email me at

    mosbeau tablets:
    market price-1350
    i sell it for 1200

    addt’l discounts for 3 bottles and up/.

  23. mosbeau is not’s a total waste of does not whiten and deodorize underarms..i thought i just had to wait longer to see the whitening effect but i’d been using this for more than 8 weeks already and walang nachange sa color ng UA ko.During the first week of use,nakokontrol nya pa ang odor but mgpapawis na tlaga UA mo.after a week, babaho na xa. it’s like your not using anything on your underarm-sobra sobrang magpapawis ang UA mo and magkaka BO ka pa. i thought ako lng nkaexperience nito, but when i checked other reviews, wala talagang nagsabi na effective ang product na ito kagaya ng pinapakita sa commercials..that’s 1k down the drain….

  24. Zarin says: Reply

    Hello! Kakagamit ko palang nito mga 4 days na ata gaano po ito ka effective?, paano po ito maging effective?, ano ang mga signs na effective nga ito? at kung pwede ba na ibigay mo sakin yung instructions sa pag apply para maging effective talaga THANK YOU!

  25. jowni says: Reply

    thanks :)

  26. try some brightening serum from pure beauty, neutrogena and ponds, they have lightening effect especially on scars :)

  27. jowni says: Reply

    my alam kbng pwde sa dark scars sa legs? :(( salamat

  28. jo says: Reply

    tnx po sa review mo….;)

  29. :) says: Reply

    try nyo po ang products ng godiva.. it works.

  30. apple says: Reply

    hi, na encouraged naman ako subukan ang mosbeau i know naman na ang mga whitening esp sa UA and singit ay constinues,pero duda ako kung kaya neto ang UA ko prang kailangan kasi ng Derma netong UA ko e yung mamahalin nang derma! haha.
    saka yung tungkol sa calamansi na hindi babanlawan hindi na pwede sakin un kc napaka sensitive na UA ko mahapdi na,anyway may 2weeks nkong nag bababad ng calamansi 10 mins b4 bath and mahapdi na un already.and calamansi alone could not deodorize my UA
    (kaya may soap and bimpo ako sa office kasi ayoko na rin mag deo ng commercial)
    pag may naamoy nko nag wawash ako sa cr.its realy matrabaho but i hope these things will work on me. Hindi pa rin pwede itaas ang arms ko in public bec of the discoloration.
    i think mag papa check up nalang ako sa derma asap kung bakit may amoy UA kahit hindi nag papawis.

  31. tifa says: Reply

    hello..i’ve been using this cream for a week now but the problem is it causes bad odor and sweating sa UA. My bf has noticed it and he suggested me to stop using na kasi sa office pa naman ako nagwowork, hygience is a must. any help pls to avoid BO and sweating while using this cream..

    1. earthlingorgeous says: Reply

      hmmm that is odd, bakit ka kaya nagkaka BO with this cream its odorless and colorless naman it suppose to stop the odor eh when I used i didn’t need deodorant na eh… maybe you should consult a dermatologist, yung totoong dermatologist ha… try mo sa st. lukes hospital

  32. Katrina says: Reply

    Ay ganun ba. Morena kasi ako eh, effective kaya? I’m using it na, pero wala pang 2 weeks.

  33. sarah says: Reply

    hi just want to ask if i use placental capsule same product.. right after i consume it after few months ba bblik ung dati kong skin color???

    1. earthlingorgeous says: Reply

      Hi Sarah, depende sa reaction ng body mo sa capsules and sa mosbeau, saka pati sa pag-care mo sa sarili mo. its really an effort to stay white, iwasan ang araw and continued use of the whitening products or else babalik ka rin sa kulay mo.

  34. gelai says: Reply

    bibili pa naman ako sana ng cream.. nag hesitate tuloy ako.. bumili din ako before ng navores cream (the one who is endorsed at tv.. sa EZ shop) d naman effective ang mahal mahal less than 3k.. buti nabasa ko post mo :)

  35. Katrina says: Reply

    Hi there :)
    Just wanna ask lang, so if naubos na yung product, babalik sa dati yung kulay kasi kailangan i-continue ng i-continue?

    1. earthlingorgeous says: Reply

      I think kailangan syang icontinue ng i-continue :)

  36. Gia says: Reply

    I agree pag preggers ka tlga nangigitim ang mraming areas.. One thing i can share is a home remedy to lighten ur UA.. Mag exfoliate ka lng ng UA mo 2-3 times a week using calamansi.. Yung loob ng balat after slicing it in half, yun iscrub mo after bath. No need to wash out as its not sticky at all.. Then put moisturizer every day on it.. The calamansi acts as a whitening agent because of vit c. And when u use it as scrub, it eliminates the dead skin and the deo build up, which is what actually makes it dark. No need to use deo kasi deodorant din ang calamansi..ü hope this helps… Ü

  37. Mae says: Reply

    Hi earth your review is really good. I just want to ask a question paano kapag maputi kana kaya lang may mga mark lang tlga ng pimples sa face matatatangal kaya ng mosbeau yun?

  38. tastiestspaghetti says: Reply

    well i guess it’s an effective whitener but does not address the cause of darkening itself.

  39. kim says: Reply

    Sayang. Akala ko pa naman po effective.
    May alam pa po ba kayo ate earth kung ano pa po pwedeng gamitin pampaputi ng UA at pati po pantanggal sa mga stretchmarks? teenager pa po ksi ako cguro po nkuha ko un nung bgla akong pumayat.

    sana po mkapagresponse po kayo. :)

    1. earthlingorgeous says: Reply

      hi Kim… honestly wala pa talagang product to remove stretch marks… pero meron daw effective na pangbawas ung buttermilk sa body shop sabi ni Giselle Sanchez pero it depends kasi sa genes eh so try mo pag effective sayo great! good luck!

  40. kayth says: Reply

    hayz Earth sinabi mo pa, plus napansin ko din nagkaroon ako ng warts do you know anything na matatanggal yung mga warts kasi naiinis ako wla nung ung dating flawlessness ko lol!
    .-= kayth´s last blog ..I Need a Big Bag =-.

    1. earthlingorgeous says: Reply

      try mo sa Bioessence meron silang painless wart removal kaso lang mga one week sya na parang sugat kasi susunugin ung wart eh pero worth it naman kasi mawawala ang warts mo… parang ganito iyon oh… Goodbye embarrassing blemishes

  41. @ Kayth oo pag naggive birth talaga nangingitim ung mga dating maputi especially ang singit at kilikili minsan pati leeg.

    @ Mizhelle there is this product sa Body Shop the buttermilk it helps minimize stretch marks especially if u use while preggers

  42. kayth says: Reply

    Hi! I am thinking of trying this one, after childbirth kasi parang naiba ang kulay ng armpit ko. thanks for the review :)
    .-= kayth´s last blog ..I Need a Big Bag =-.

  43. thanks for the review sis im planning on trying this one pa naman hoping that it will help to lighten up my stretchies. this truly helps!
    .-= mizhelle´s last blog ..Mellow Yellow Monday #32, Blue Monday #23, Wordless Wednesday #95 and Pixelbug Weekend #20 (365/100-102) =-.

  44. Sheila says: Reply

    Hi Earth!

    Would you know kung pwede yan sa marks ng psoriasis? Kasi i have psoriasis and it leaves a dark skin patch pag magaling na…I tried using other whitening creams pero walang effect.

    Hope you could ask them =)

    Thanks much! mwah!

    1. earthlingorgeous says: Reply

      @ niquee I think its safe naman for preggers topical lang naman sya and it doesn’t have strong odor, very light lang sya.

      @ shiela naku hindi sya mashado effective sa psoriasis mejo mababaw lang ung effect nya di talaga penetrate sa skin

  45. I bought mine in September, I think. However, after knowing I was preggers, I stopped using it.

    Thanks for your review. I will put mine to test after giving birth. My UA seriously needs help! :p
    .-= Nicquee´s last blog ..Exploring the rest of Puerto del Sol =-.

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