Mommy Bloggers Club Site Soft Launch

I was trying to put up this site in time for the Mother’s Day and Thank God for the lazy hot day I was able to do it. I’ve sent the link to the Mommy Bloggers Club members who signed the spreadsheet I created last month and so far response is good.  There are 36 members as of the launch. You can still sign-up, membership is open for all the mommies in the world.

There’s a number of activities lined-up for mommy bloggers everywhere and I’ve been getting a number of invites to those events to.  I’ll be posting events that every mom can attend to and there will be events solely for Mommy Bloggers Club members only in the future, they are still on the works, but there are activities coming.

I put up the site so I will have a database of all the mommy bloggers everywhere so that we can all exchange links and learn from each others experiences.  Hope you like the site.

Happy Mother’s Day in advance!  Check out the activities for moms day in there there’s a lot of them.

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