New: Watsons GrapeBella Skin Care Products

It has been proven by scientific researches that grapes have antioxidant benefits to provide nourishment to the skin to keep it soft and smooth. With that in mind Watsons launched its GrapeBella skincare like which will be exclusively available at Beauty by SM and Watsons store only.  The launch was held at Beauty by SM at SM Makati followed by an Italian full course lunch at Cafe Caruso.

Named after its main ingredient and the Italian word for beautiful, Watsons GrapeBella Skin Care Products contains wine extracts from French grapes that are naturally rich in protective antioxidants.  Its regenerative Grape Seed Oil moisturizes to help prevent the signs of aging for soft, smooth skin.

Specially formulated with the natural extracts of grapes from Europe as its basic ingredients, combined with a selection of other active properties and special features for different products, the Watsons GrapeBella range is recognized for its deep moisturizing, repairing & softening effects to provide a healthy look for you.  It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, providing nourishment to all skin- all at a price that can enable you to enjoy the luxury of grapes daily.

GrapeBella’s head-to-toe range of premier skin products targets your whole skin from tip to toe for a complete, effective regimen.
Watsons GrabeBella Products

  1. Watsons GrapeBella exfoliating body polish is a body scrub with wine extract and tiny apricot seeds that gently exfoliates skin to prevent visible signs of aging. Price: 200ml = Php 169.00
  2. Watsons GrapeBella moisturising shower cream maintains moisture balance to keep skin soft and smooth.  Price: 200ml = Php 159.00 , 500ml = PhP 259.00
  3. Watsons GrapeBella revitalizing shower gel is an invigorating cleansing gel with grape extracts to keep skin refreshed. Price: 200ml = PhP 159.00, 500ml = PhP 259.00
  4. Watsons GrapeBella softening body lotion keeps skin hydrated and moisturized all day long. Price: 200ml = Php 119.00
  5. Watsons GrapeBella nourishing hand and nail cream contains keratin to keep nails strong while moisturizing hands and nails on the go. Price: 75ml = Php 69.00
  6. Watsons GrapeBella Lip treatment lip balm has vitamin E and jojoba oil to lock in moisture. Price: 9g = Php 89.00

For every purchase of any GrapeBella Skin Care Products you will get a gift of everything Italian discount card that you can use on everything Italian like restaurants, shops and more.  For more info visit

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