Avon Unveils 3Dimensions Of Beauty Breakthroughs

If there is one beauty company with products I highly recommend, trust and use Avon is on the top of my list.  They are indeed a company who truly knows what women want and what women need.  Skin that is not just white but fair, soft, smooth and flawless  and lip colors that is sultry, sophisticated, vibrant and with impact. These were among the priorities that Avon addressed during the introduction of  the Anew 360° White Intensive Correcting Serum, Skin So Soft Radiant Glow Whitening Hand and Body Lotion and the Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick. All this products were developed with the needs of the modern woman in mind.


These three cutting-edge, breakthrough products in skincare, personal care, and color were introduced during the 3Dimensions of Beauty a launch event highlighting Avon’s newest beauty innovations held at the Blue Leaf Events Pavillion .

Guests at the event enjoyed skincare consultation with dermatologists; relaxing hand massages using Skin So Soft Radiant Glow Whitening Hand and Body Lotion; and sweeps of dramatic, high definition lipcolors with the Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact lipstick.

“For almost 125 years, Avon has been developing products that respond to the beauty needs of women. Every Filipina is innately beautiful and Avon is committed to give her great products within her reach that will help bring her beauty to new dimensions,” said Avon Philippines President and General Manager, Mike Gudgin, as he welcomed the guests.

Avon’s Beauty Breakthroughs

First among three breakthrough beauty products, Avon introduced the latest addition to its Anew skincare line, the Anew 360° White Intensive Correcting Serum, which focuses on melanin repair and renewed fairness. The serum  is  a  concentrated  essence  that  makes skin not only dramatically fairer  but  visibly  reduces  dark  spots  and  skin  discolorations. It holistically repairs skin intensively from the critical points in the skin darkening process—removing and inhibiting melanin production that darkens even as it promotes melanin production that whitens. In just three days, 79% of women showed improved skin ‘whitality’—synergizing whitening and vitality.  (I will make a review after using it in 3 days 🙂

“Anew 360º White Intensive Correcting Serum promises intense whitality. That’s whiter skin that glows with vitality!  And because this is a concentrated essence,   women   can experience instant results!” said Jacqueline Marcelo, Avon Southeast Asia Cluster Associate Category Manager for Skincare.

Beauty that begins with soft, smooth, fair skin is raised to a whole new level with Avon’s Skin So Soft Radiant Glow Whitening Hand and Body Lotion, a new addition to the iconic Skin So Soft line. This newest hand and body lotion breakthrough features the exclusive Advanced Brightening Technology that increases light pigments, SilkPlex technology that leaves skin soft and silky smooth and creates a finishing touch with its infusion of Pearl Powder that renews skin’s natural radiance with just one application.

“Skin So Soft Radiant Glow Whitening Hand and Body Lotion will be every woman’s secret weapon to having clearer, brighter, younger looking skin. Women can now enjoy soft, smooth, fairer skin that also looks radiant!” said Madel Corona-Yambao, Avon Southeast Asia Cluster Associate Category Manager for Personal Care.

If wearing colors is part of self-expression, then the new Avon Ultra  Rich Mega Impact lipstick shifts  this  into  high  definition. The Avon   Ultra   Color  Rich  Mega  Impact  Lipstick  brings  out  that show-stopping  pout  with Avon-patented Chromapixel Technology that boosts lipstick  color  by  reflecting  light  and enhancing shine to amplify each shade’s  true  hue. The innovative formula custom blends iridescent pearls for color-matched tone-on-tone magnifiers that tailor the shine to the exact shade of the lip color. (here is my review of the Avon UCR Mega Impact Lipstick)

having a hand massage using the Avon So Soft Lotion and wearing the Mega Impact Lipstictdermatologist at the Avon 3Dimensions of Beauty event
Avon's Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstict

“All women love lipsticks! With just a swipe of color on the lips, a woman’s confidence is boosted and Avon takes this a notch higher with the launch of the Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick,” said Christa Jacinto-Sarao, Avon Southeast Asia Cluster Associate Category Manager for Color. “The Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick line brings out intense color to give women that mega-watt drama and make them undeniably noticeable!”


Avon Team


I’m super excited to try all of the products and will post a review as soon as possible!  In fact I am playing with the lip colors as I write!

Stay gorgeous!

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  • LOURDES ESPANOL 09/02/2011 at 11:23 am Reply

    Avon has really gone a long way. They never stop in creating products for every woman in the world. Kudos to them.

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