Expressing My Disgust At Air Philippines Express

My sister, my daughter and I along with the other 177 passengers of Air Philippines  Express (AirPhil Express)  passenger of flight 2P 937 bound to Manila on July 25,2010 got a free round trip ticket to any of their 24 destinations of our choice in the Philippines with accommodations. This offer is valid for one year. (However, only 8 of us got the tickets/flight voucher as the other 169 were not present when we filed the complaint, so if you are on AirPhil flight2P 937 get your boarding pass and head to the AirPhil office and claim your round trip ticket/flight voucher) .

rountrip ticket to anywhere in the Philippines
I should be happy right?  But I am not.


10 hours flight delay

Our flight at AirPhil Express in Mactan Cebu Airport was scheduled at 10:10PM of Sunday (July 25, 2010)  but because of the bad weather condition in Manila that night, we were re-scheduled to leave at 1AM of Monday, July 26, 2010.
This was understandable on our part, they just wanted our safety.  Besides all other airline flights bound to Manila from Mactan Cebu that night were delayed some were even there as early as 3PM.   Mom even said the weather was really bad in Manila so this was understandable.

1AM came and we were asked to board the airplane. Everyone were seated comfortably in their seat designations.  Some, including I even fell asleep immediately.  We were hearing some few announcements here and there that the flight will be a bit delayed because of “ground servicing“.  But since we were all in the airplane we were all O.K.

2AM came and a flight attendant announced that we should disembark the plane . No reason was stated we were just asked to go down again .    We thought the weather was really bad in Manila so we have to cancel flight.

The flight wasn’t canceled when everyone was at the waiting area, Gate 8 of the departure area of Mactan Airport in Cebu, an announcement was made that our flight will be delayed for 5PM.
This is when the passengers started to get aggravated, including me.  No reason was stated or we were not able to grasp whatever they were saying anymore because we are all exhausted and want some decent sleep.  We want to go home.  Its a Monday for Christ sake, most of the passengers have a work and school to catch.

Segfred Santiago the idiot ground supervisor of AirPhil Express Mactan

Hungry and exhausted with a kid who has been inconveniently been moved from the lounge/ departure area Gate 5 , to the airplane, to lounge/departure area Gate 8 (she was half awake as we move her) I immediately approached this man to ask for an explanation.

This idiot told me that this is none of my concern and that he don’t need to explain anything to me.  I raised my voice immediately and told him how could this not be my concern when this is my flight going home and you are delaying my flight back home, how dare he tell me this is not my concern.
Segfred Santiago said it wasn’t my concern because its an airplane problem and I don’t have anything to do with it.

What? An airplane problem?
Apparently, the ground crew or the pilot of AirPhil Express did something that caused them to hit their own cargo bay after landing.  A slip of the tongue of Segfred Santiago said this happen before their staff made us board the plane just to have us deplane afterwards.
Santiago even pulled his ID card away when one of the agitated passengers tried to take a photo of him and his ID card and said “you don’t have to know my name” “you don’t have to take photos of me.”  But of course this angered the passenger the more to which some took their video camera and video taped our discussion.

5am flight delayed

Knowing about the problem all the passengers have no choice but to surrender to the fact that we have to wait at the departure area Gate 8 for 3 more hours since the announced was made at 2am.   We were all complaining because we all wanted to go home but since its out of our hands we have no choice but to wait.

At this point Segfred Santiago, who was the ground manager of the Airphil Express Mactan operation has the authority to do whatever he deemed necessary and is in line with their company policy which is “ friendlier andcustomer-centric”.
He tried to calm us by giving us some cold sandwich (a choice of Tuna, Chicken or Ham and Cheese) from Dunkin Donuts and a bottle of lukewarm mineral water.    It would have been nicer if the sandwiches were warm and instead of water hot chocolate or coffee was offered.

Also, by the time the Airphil Express operations at that time already offered to check us in a nice hotel so we can all rest and not sleep and get more exhausted trying to squeeze our body on the cold and stiff metal chairs at the departure area.

We also learned that after we disembarked the airplane, the captain and the crew of that airplane booked themselves at Days Hotel so they can all have a good rest before the next flight.
AirPhil Express Poor customer service

Ten minutes before 5AM another announcement was made to inform all frazzled passengers that our flight will be delayed again for another hour because of the bad weather conditions in Manila which is a complete bull.    The weather was fine in Manila that time as Cebu Pacific’s first flight bound to Manila already flown already.
All of us were livid at that time because we were all hoping to go board a plane and fly to Manila that time.  This time  the morning shift manager of  AirPhil Express Jim Patindol arrived and was confronted by upset customers and tried to tell us some crap which we don’t accept at all.  We wanted action we’ve been patient for 10 hours with them they should do something.
At 6AM AirPhil Express buses arrived and picked us up without a word or announcement that delayed passengers will now fly back to Manila.
In the airplane bound to Manila the usual round of food cart while up in the air did not happen.  They didn’t realize all of us were hungry.  They didn’t even offer us coffee or anything.

Filed a complaint against AirPhil Express Mactan Staff in Manila

We were back in Manila at 8AM.  Most of the passengers missed their work, some were even suspended from work for not making it in time, missed school and connecting flights out-of-the-country.  The inconvenience this delayed flight have caused us is not to be left alone.

At the Terminal 3 in Manila Airport some of the passengers went to the authorities to file a complaint which was backed up by the signature of the other passengers.  We passed around a paper to get the number and names of our co-passengers.  We plan to file a formal complaint because they never offered us anything to calm us down.

It took us 3 hours to get a result of our complaint.

We didn’t leave the airport without any assurance that something will happen. We were offered the round trip ticket to any of their 24 destination flights and the hotel accommodation at our chosen destination.  This was admitting their wrong.

We were asked what else do we want.

We said we want the manager at the Mactan Airport to be fired because he is incompetent.  We were told we were too brutal to have someone lost his job and livelihood.  On our part that manager was the one who was brutal to us.

There was a baby among the 177 passengers and his milk supply/medicine was checked in.  The parents asked for them when we were told we will leave at 5AM it was given to him at 5AM only.  Someone missed a flight to China for an important business meeting.  Someone was suspended from work because he didn’t make it on time.  The lechon we intend to give as coming home gift to all perished! This was the inconvenience this delay caused us.  Now they tell us we are rude?

The comfort they offered us at the Mactan Airport was a cheap way to avoid spending for hotel accommodations.   That manager should  be removed from his post for being incompetent.

Filing a complaint is a waste of time and useless

It saddens me to know that some of the passengers with us that day did not waste time to join us confront the management of AirPhil Express because they said “wala namang mangyayari dyan” (filing a complaint is a waste of time and useless).

This mentality we have here in the Philippines taking in shit should be changed if we want to improve the quality of customer service.  We should not let them bully us around because its our right. The almost perfect weekend trip in Cebu I had was ruined by this flight delay and inconsiderate airline staff.

I know being passed around is very inconvenient and yes a big waste of time with the bureaucracy we are so used to.  But if we want change we should strive to get the change we want.

It was a good thing that there were eight of us who got some time to spare to talk to the higher ups of AirPhil Express, if not this will all be forgotten and incidence like this will happen to other passengers again and again and again.
This will be my worst airport experience ever.  This was the first time I had a flight delayed.  What was your worst airport experience?  Care to share?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I lost my dried squid in this shit Airphil Express airlines. The baggage wasn’t retrieve and the Station Manager Mr. Alan Roy Castor Anoos who was off that day didn’t make actions on my complaint until now. Never na never na kng sasakay sa Airphil Express.

  2. This is our ver bad experienced at Airphil Express last Oct.27,2012..We had flight from Naga to Manila with my husband at 4:30 pm..We already checked in and waited for boarding when they cancelled the flight around 4:00pm due to sunset limitation..So we went to their check in counter and told them we have connecting flight to Australia at 10pm same day..they asked me and my husband to go inside their office and asked to show them our international ticket so i gave them..They said they going to rebook it and give it to us next morning..So I asked again if they are going to pay for the rebooking and assured us yes because it’s their fault and responsibility.We are not satisfied of what they told us so we told them if we can talk to their supervisor/manager in Naga..and they said he was not around..We decided to leave it till next morning and they put us in a hotel..
    Next day,we went to their office again and waited for their manager to talk to us but he was busy talking to the phone..they checked in our baggage and when we asked if they already book us our international flight,the manager said they dont have access at Jetstar in Naga so they said we will forward you to Manila and they will assist you there.So they sent us to Manila and the ground personnels assisted us including the other passenger who had connecting flight to Singapore..
    so we walked and walked at nalaman namin na assistance lang pala ang ibinigay sa amin ng Naga,kinausap ko ang mga personnel sa booking counter Ng Airphil Express sa Terminal 3 at hindi daw nila pananagutan ung Nacancelled na International namin.I told them hindi yan ang sinabi sa amin ng Airphil sa Naga..tinawagan nila ang Naga at itinanggi na nila na may sinabi silang ganun..sabi assistance lang daw ang mabibigay nila sa amin patungo sa terminal 1..We tried to talk to their supervisor but OIC lang ang lumabas..same long as nahatid na daw nila kami sa destination namin tapos na ang pananagutan nila.My Australian husband told them they need to do something about it..and he said I want to talk to your manager not Oic..Ang masama pa non ngtuturuan sila kung sino ang magpapakilala na manager..ung una namin na natanungan kung asan ang manager ang sabi wala daw at siya dn ung ngpakilala na manager in the end.All they can give us daw ay certification that we are from cancelled flight..which is useless for us..All they said is sorry Its not their responsibilty..Sobrang abala ang nagawa nila sa amin,sa sobrang inis ang asawa ko umalis na lang kami at nagparebooked ng panibagong ticket to Australia kasi my husband really need to go home because of his work at baka makunan pa ako when I continued to have argument with them..Nakakairita at nakakahiya na hindi man lng nagpakita at nakipagusap ang manager/supervisor nila sa T3..I want to do something about what happened but i dont know where to complain..anyone knows?

  3. Our flight from Cebu to Hong Kong was cancelled due lack of passenger Feb 18 2012. Our VISA went out same day and we had a connection fligth in Hong Kong so we couldn’t take a later flight. We have to bought a new flight for 930 US dollar with another company. Now after 6 months no money back or any compensation. Airphillexpress support say they have sent money to my bankaccount but when I ask for reciept they cant show me any. Somebody stold my money in Airphill? They have stop to reply my mail so nothing happen!

  4. My mom and my son travelled from Iloilo to Manila last May 31. They were allowed 10kg free baggage each as per ticket. But when they reached the airport in Iloilo, they were told by an AirPhil ground steward that they were allowed 10kg in all. My mom, who is a senior citizen, hasn’t travelled to manila for almost 20 years so she believed the man and had to leave the 10 kg pack that she has already weighed thinking that it was what they allowed.

    How can they keep attendants like that?? Attendants should be cleared on this.. my poor mom. SO can Airphil send the excess baggage for free to manila?

    I will tell friends and relatives not to use the service again….

  5. Hi!

    I share similar thoughts about a bad experience with AirPhil Express.

    I am currently still trying to get my refund from them due to a cancelled flight last January 2012. My follow up calls and email inquiries did not seem to matter.

    I read the thread here and saw that the VP Maria Java communicated with you. I wish to send my complaints directly to her, If you can provide me her email address or other modes to contact her, I will greatly appreciate it.

    More power!

  6. air phil express has a bad service. there was this time binantayan talaga ako ng crew, ang yabang mas mabait pa yung flight sa kanya akala ko sya yung supervisor sa flight, pinahiya talaga ako dahil may pinapalagay lang ako ijured kase hand ko that time. Leander name binigay sakin ng supervisor nya.

  7. this happened less than 30 mins ago @ airphil check-in counter in Iloilo. Hubby waited in line for check-in w/ his IT receipt on hand, when it was his turn, the airphil personnel(w/ no id) told him that he won’t be able to check-in as his booking was not confirmed & no charges from his credit card reflected on their system, this is despite of showing them his printed IT receipt which you automatically print straight from their website when booking is done.

    (my hubby is a frequent flyer in all airlines for years now, he flies around 10X a month.)

    this now led to a confrontation when the airphil personnel told him he should have checked his email for confirmation. he reiterated to her if his booking wasn’t confirmed then why on earth was he able to print his ticket straight from their website and that’s it’s not the passengers fault if he did not received a (computer generated) email re the booking, and that it’s the airline’s responsibility to inform the passenger/s of any problems concerning their flights.

    amidst the argument, hubby decided to purchase a new ticket otherwise he won’t be able to come home tonight, so he gave his credit card… then the personnel came back and told him that his credit card has insufficient funds, this irate my hubby as not only did they embarrassed him in front of all the other passengers around but they blatantly told a lie, (they really want only cash and did not really swiped it) my hubby challenged them to swipe it again or if not call our bank and have him talk to our bank right there and then and verify the veracity that his credit card has insufficient funds…they chose to swipe it again and voila! just like magic, it apparently now has sufficient funds.

    i’m just glad hubby did not have a heart attack (God forbid)as what he told me, he really felt himself turning red, never was he so fucking mad in all his life.

    is there anybody here who has an idea where & to whom should we formally address this complaint/s, you’d be doing all of us [who’ve been mistreated by this fucking airline] a favor.

    the only airlines so far we’ve been happy with are PAL, Cathay & SAL. Pag Pilipino company nga naman, expected talaga WORSE SERVICE, it doesn’t matter which entity it belongs to, kahit nga simbahan.


  9. My family and I had a similar experience with Air Philippines last February 23, 2012. December of last year I booked a round trip flight from Cebu to Manila. At 5:30 p.m. we checked in at the counter and the personnel informed us that the 6:40 pm flight was canceled indefinitely and he will just transfer our family of 5 to the 9pm flight. Imagine, Air Philippines, a subsidiary of Asia’s first airline didnt even bother to email or call me regarding the cancellation. They are so insensitive to the plight of the passengers. All they care about is their profit. there were also passengers with the same predicament as ours but since most of them were in a small group and they were there early, they were transferred to a PAL flight at 7:30. At 9:00 P.M., we got an announcement that our flight will be delayed since the incoming bacolod flight whose plane they will use for our flight is delayed also. We eventually left Mactan airport past 10 pm and arrived Manila at 1130pm. On the return flight on Feb. 25, our 9pm flight was delayed also by more than an hour and we arrived Cebu almost midnight.

    Flight cancellation and delays seem to be the pattern at Air Philippines. To think that their flights are not exactly dirt cheap. Their only consolation is the time of their international flights specifically Cebu to Hk which is late afternoon not like cebu pac which has midnight flight. But with the way they are treating their passengers, my family and I will never take another AirPhil flight again. My business with them might be just a drop in the bucket but since I travel at least 6 times a year to hk, china and singapore on business, plus the collective action of not using this airline that the readers of this blog will take, Im sure it is going to hurt them.

  10. i just read this thread…so surprise that airphil is not costumer oriented..i recently book manila-tacloban…hope so it wont happen to me as others experience with..if it happen..i SAY NO to AIRPHIL anymore together with my friends… management should think about it lossing a lot of passenger.. from time to time..

  11. This only shows and proves, that opening up the Philippines to Foreign Investments and/or the “Open Skies” policy, will give the people the choice to choose Quality and ensure a free market, to increase competence and quality of products and services in our country..

    Instead of “Just” leaving the Filipino people’s fate to the country’s Autrocrats..

  12. Hello,

    Kami eto naman po nangyari kahapon and hindi ko alam kung may pagkukulang din ba sa part namin..Nag online booking yung stepdad ko para sa lola ko na may sakit all the way from layte, nag antay kami ng ilang oras sa manila para lang malaman na hindi pinasakay yung matandang may sakit dahil lang sa credit card, hinihingan ng credit card ang lola ko na empty ang battery cellphone at 3 hours ang byahe mula sa leyte at airport dun na wala nang kasama pabalik..kahapon lang po nangyari, ang kawawang matanda nag bus na lang ngayon para makauwi dito samin, panu po ba un?yung binayad po ba namin moved on na lang kasama ng pangyyari nangyari sa lola ko?anu po bang pwede nyong ma ipayo sakin..Thank you..

  13. theres an agency here in cebu along Fuente selling plane tickets for airphil,when he already done computing the bill which i supposed to pay,and i ask him i need to avail the senior citizens discount besides my mom and dad give me a valid ID the sss id and my moms postal id which appears their date of birth.but sad to say hindi nya ako binigyan ng discount kasi hes looking for a senior citizens id..sabi ko sa kanya bakit?kasi yong lang daw yong eno honor nila yong senior citizens far i as know kapag walang senior citizens id as long as my valid id pwede sila makadiscount.magrereklamo ako sa senior citizens office about this incident.i dont know if air philippine ganun yong ginagawa nila by not honoring any valid id kundi senior citizens id lang.

  14. I didn’t experience delay with Airphil Express compared to a lot of comments I have read but I did experience the worst Customer Service ever. I have realized that getting cheap things don’t necessarily mean you get big savings. Sometimes splurging a little makes your money’s worth. Check my blog and help circulate this so that their “BIG BOSSES” might somehow do something about this instead of giving us low airfare rates that they could not handle when in times of crisis.

  15. what else is new with airphil? i had an experience with thme just recently. their refund takes a lot of time, 3 months! is this their standard??! definitely poor standards! their line is difficult to access too!

  16. bad service talaga tong air philippines i would not recommend this airline company sucks and very poor of customer service not child friendly at all.Ung case ko naman ung hand carry ko and i have also two infants and i have a twin stroller too, what they are trying to say that yomg hand carry ko na bag is not passed sa carry on requirement nila but i have been using this carry on from US to tacloban la akong problima kahit PAL did not question me about it.Tapos ung security guard doon sinabihan ung kasama ko lipat ung iba kong mga gamit sa check in ko sabi no need i will pay kung mg sobra ako sa baggage just to stay away from the trouble kasi yung mga babies ko ng iiyakan and it seems like they dont care umiiyak ako sa harap nila sa galit at ung supervisor don ngsabi hnd na nila kilohin ung stroller ko like it was a big favor, khit saan airline ka pag may kasama kang bata you are allowed to take stroller with you without charge and a baby diaper. at ito pa they are so strict about thier policy tapos na delay ung flight namin for 2 hours.kung meron man kayong alam na pwede kong iparating ang complain na to i would appreciate it kasi the way they treated hnd talaga acceptable.

  17. Hi…

    I was browsing the net for airphil reviews and i came across your sympathies for what happened..
    Actually, almost all my friends are saying that airphil is not a good airlines…always delayed flights and incompetent staff…that’s why im having second thoughts on buying a ticket there…

    I hope they will improve..thanks

  18. like I said in the previous comment reply she resigned already so no contact whoever at AirPhils sorry.

  19. Hi Earthlingorgeous,
    You have Mara Java’s contact? I need to send an email about a complaint. Lousy rebooking process naman. I want my complaint to be read by the right people and not sent directly into the bin.
    Thanks a lot!

  20. I booked a flight with this asshole airline on the internet by creditcard. after paying I got the itternary send to my emailaddres with another flight than I booked. I went to their office and they did not want to do anything more than referring me to a hotline of a callingcenter who advise me to send an email. I was promised an answer within 5 workingdays. Well that is after my flight. They however told me that I have to pay extra for changing my flight. But I never changed my flight. They just confirmed a wrong booking.

  21. I agree with all those of U who complain about Air Phils express and their services

    They canceled my flights SIN-CEB-SIN both ways on this coming long Singapore National Day weekend, they reroute me via Manila so I am loosing one day of my short holidays plus the hotels in Cebu that are paid already. On Top of this stress I have to find a hotel in Manila since they bring me to Manila on Friday, but only MNL-CEB on Saturday and they dont care a damn to cover the costs of this additional overnight stay Their Hotline is lousy I had to call 4 times from Singapore to at least get a feasible even though expensive alternative All Airlines are the same when everything goes well but I judge how much I can rely on an airline when things dont go smoothly and here I have to say that Air Phils is the WORST I have ever experienced in 12 years of travelling through Asia They Mess up Ur Holidays and then take exactly ZERO responsibility so better avoid them if U want to value and enjoy Ur trip

  22. I also had a very vile experience with them. In fairness, nag reply naman sila sa akin pero after 3 months!!! Grabe lang! I had to make 3 posts on my blog and then post it on twitter and FB din. Naloka ata sila with my posts and they’ve decided to contact me (finally!)

    I have an email address you can send your complaints to. Pero funny enough, when I sent my email out, it bounced back. LOL!

    So, back to the drawing board na naman ako. Haaay…

  23. I plan to visit their office when I arrive in Dec 2011 pero ngayon palang eager na sister ko na sumugod dun. dami ko ng inaanak maambunan ng gift sa amount na 1,680 pesos ah! Pano ba ang dapat gawin, please advise? I’m really serious to go to their head office and complain


  24. Hi, I wish I came across this site a long time ago. Now, I’m experiencing problems with airphilexpress, they are charging me 1,680 pesos for a request in change of salutation from “Miss to Mr.” for my husband. I’ve pleaded, explained, requested for consideration and they didn’t even bother. They still want me to pay, I’ve explained even in birth certs, passports salutation is not important whether you’re a mister, a miss, a Mrs. they should not categorize my concern as name correction because the name is correct, just the salutation. Ayaw talaga, mukhang pera sila. Imagine mas mahal pa ang simple salutation change compared sa rebooking fee nila of 672 pesos saka dito sa saudia airlines, change of flight date ang charge sa akin 50sr lang (500 pesos). Never again to airphilexpress! makakarma din kayo mga hayop kayo! no wonder di parin nila maungusan ang PAL, cebupac. Serves them right. I’ll spread the word here in saudi and even to my relatives in US, australia not to avail airphilexpress flights. sa iba nalang

  25. You are not alone! I also found out how lousy this airline is when it comes to customer service. Look…they post a phone number, yet no one answers the phone! Look at their facebook page…there is no feedback mechanism! Maybe, it’s because they get lots of complaints from irate customers so they are shutting off whatever means of contact. I filed a refund of about 40,000 pesos for unused fact, i did it the next day I bought them online…yet, they charged my card even if it could just have veen voided…and then said my refund can be credited in 30-40 days…yet up to this time (about 3 months now); no refund has been made. You call their’s a waste of long distance fees (i live in Cebu & cebu office never answers the phone, too!)as no one answers it. My credit card keeps on charging me interest for the said unrefunded charge and I am tearing my hair out as there is no means you can follow it up. I’m just hoping, those people there get the heart attack…not us, poor customers! May the bad KARMA they sow…go back to whoever is responsible for their shitty policies!

  26. Hi! Nakita ko ang post mo re Airphil and I truly symphathize with you as I also had same bad experience with airphil express but mas malala ang sa ‘yo.
    Bumili kaming magasawa ng 2 roundtrip tickets from Singapore to Cebu in February 2011. One set of round trip tickets for May and another for July. For my May tkts, my flight was rescheduled from 11am to 7:30pm and I did not even receive a call or email from airphil. I only found out on the actual day for the flight when I was about to leave for the airport and I checked the airport’s website kung anong terminal kami sasakay. saw na ung flight ko was moved.
    For my July flight, ang flight ko pabalik from Cebu to Singapore was again cancelled and I was rebooked the next day. Tawag uli ako sa airphil para magpa rebook. Sa awa ni Lord, na rebook naman ung flight ko sa araw na gusto ko (ito ay matapos makipagtalo ng 1hour sa agent nila on the phone and on overseas call) and ang bagong e-ticket ko ay pinadala by email. A few days after that, nakatanggap ng tawag ang sister ko na my flight is again cancelled. Since hindi alam ng sister ko ang full details ng bagong flight ko, she asked them to call me and gave them my Singapore number. Nobody called. The day after I reached Pinas, 4das ago, I called airphil’s reservations hotline (Joan) and was informed that my new flights are confirmed, walang bagong change. Napanatag na ang loob ko. However, today, kakatawag lang ng Airphil Express (Kevin) and he told me na ung flight ko daw was cancelled (the original flight) and that until today, hindi pa daw sila nakakatanggap ng acknowledgement galing sa akin and which day would I want to rebook the flight. I told him na na-i-rebook na ung flight 2weeks ago and that I have the new e-tickets. He asked me for the record locator. I was out at the time and nobody in their right mind would be carrying e-tickets around. I asked him to check under my surname (common sense di ba?!) which he did and found out that I have 2 confirmed flights with airphil. Then he blamed me kasi bakit daw 2 pa ung confirm flight ko. Ano ba yan Airphil? kasalanan pa pala ng pasahero kung bakit nakaka leche-leche ung system nyo. Then he asked me what to do with the other confirm flights. My goodness, kailangan pa palang i-spell out sa kanila kung ano ang dapat gawin.
    I was online searching for an email address kung saan pwedeng magpadala ng complaints, pero wala akong makita. Seems na hindi sila concern sa feedback ng mga pasahero nila regarding their service.
    Another problem din ng airphil express na to is they want to compete with cebu pac and other asian regional airlines but wala silang capability. Mag-o-open sila ng new routes pero di naman nila kayang i-support, ika-cancel nila ung ibang flights nila dahil kulang sila sa eroplano. Their management sucks.

  27. Thanks sa blog…planning to get ticket pa nmn with them this Nov. 2011…Buti nlng I search for reviews muna…changed of mind n ako 🙂

  28. last time I heard the person who was in touch with us resigned already, with the number of complaint na nakukuha ng airphil I think they are already immune to it and deadmahin nalang lahat, yes you have grounds for complaint, ask for damages too for the inconvenience you experience dahil sa papalit palit na flight sked. if you still have all your tickets and the email exchange and any proof that it was their mistake malaki habol mo. Go!

  29. hi. tanong ko lang po kung paano magfile ng complaint against Airphil express? I’m here in surigao at wala silang office d2. I bought 2 round trip tickets via online last nov. 2010 for may 2011 flight to cebu. last march 28 they called me(and also sent an email) about schedule change, from may 03 it was moved to may 04 (surigao-cebu) and from may 05 moved to may 6 ( cebu surigao). yesterday when we were going to the airport, I called someone who works for airphils (wala silang no. sa airport office), and asked about the flight, tapos nalaman ko nalang na stopped na pala ang flight since april 1. They did’nt inform me about this changes. at 3 days lang ang pagitan from the time they called me and the time the flight stopped. i called them twice, pero ang tagal kong naghintay walang sumagot na agent, so i sent them an email, stating my complaint, pero d pa rin sila sumasagot. do you think may gounds ako to file a complaint against them? paano po dapat gawin? thanks.

  30. A company should provide his customers comfort because they are their responsibility. Most especially, if they are airline, they are liable for you and your things and food as well–talk about corporate social responsibility. I agree with you that if you know that you are mistreated, do something about it, so that it will never happen again.

  31. hi Marilyn, Last I heard Maria Java resigned already also, your email will just be ignore if you don’t go directly to their office to complain. So I suggest if you think its worth it give time to pay their office a visit or just let it pass whatever your complaint is.

  32. I dont have the time to go directly to their office since I am working overseas. 🙁

    It was mentioned on the thread the name of Maria Java, one of the VPs at Airphil Express – maybe someone can provide me her email number or contact number please….

    Thanks for your help.

  33. You should go directly to their office… they will ignore or disregard online or phone complaints

  34. Hi,

    Do you have any contact number or email address of Air Phil management?

    I would like to file a formal complaint against Air Phil customer services, never received any reply after sending them a hate mail.

    Thanks in advance

  35. My family and I will go to Cebu and then Bohol in July. Only our return flight from tagbilaran to manila is booked with AirPhil Express, and I am crossing my fingers that everything will turn out right. Otherwise, I am also going to raise hell.

    Whoever that Maria from AirPhil is, should make sure that all their personnel are properly trained to respond to crises like the one that happened to you. Good luck to us all!

  36. i had an experience also, i am a frequent traveller, being based in SG for more than 3 years and almost all of my love ones are in MNL and Naga, so it happened last December 6 2010, I booked a flight SG-MNL-SG then a connecting flight MNL-WNP-MNL for a weekend whirlwind in Naga. From work at 530p I straight away board a train going to the Airport. I was at Changi T2 at around 7pm for my 2P801 flight at 9p (friday) the flight was delayed for an hour. So its ok. I used to it especially all the budget airlines servicing SG-MNL route. I arrived at NAIA T3 past 1am (sat) and I have a connecting flight for WNP at 6am 2P something (now the early am flight was cancelled, cant get the code) after one day of quality time with my family I went to WNP 1hour before my flight (10:20a) and to my shock the plane was already there and going to board. I look for the supervisor Ms Apple (already resigned now) and demanded what happened, they say that the fight schedule was changed and they tried to call me but cant get, it was a lame excuse since all the time i always bring my SG phone number and i didnt get any call from them. I was so furious because the next available flight from WNP was mid afternoon that day and I have a connecting flight for SG 2P800 at 430pm. After the plane was departed, there are six of us left at the counter, they offer us to go to LGP for their 2pm flight going to MNL, at first I was asking them that just booked me for WNP-MNL flight which will leave WNP at around noon, she say she cant do that since its not their SOP. To make the story short, six of us boarded a van and travel from NAGA airport to LEGASPI Airport for two hours and when we arrived at legaspi just in time, I arrived at MNL at 345p and I was the last person to check in for my MNL-SG flight 2P800. They have a horrible service and I will never fly them again domestically. MNL-SG route im thinking twice…. Will wait for Air Asia Philippines to commence flying so we have more airlines to choose from and get rid of the rotten Air Phil, kahit re branded nila bulok parin… hahahaha

  37. After the hustle and bustle what I admired the most is when you wrote: Stay Gorgeous Everyone! – that is resilience, that is Attitude!

  38. Hi. It only angers me more to hear/see that my experience with AirPhils Express was not a solitary one. I had the same (TERRIBLE) experience. We arrived at our destination 12 HOURS after our original arrival time (at our destination). I have contacted their Customer Service. Yet, they are equally as terrible with properly replying/looking at the issue at hand.
    TERRIBLE. Really? Do you think that voucher can justify our time wasted?
    Way to go Air Phils. ha

  39. Oh My! Grabe pala ang experience nio! Ano na po ang balita? This coming May, Cebu ang destination ko with friends. I just hope na wala kami ma experience na ganyan =(

  40. Why can’t I purchase your ticket online using my smart money? I have enough money to pay the ticket.It’s quite inconvenient to go to any travel agency just to purchase a ticket. Philippine Airlines all it but I’m in Davao right now.

  41. i also booked for manila to palawan v.v on jan 30-feb 4 for 13 pax. but unfortunately there is a changes on my schedule. im trying to contact today their office and i even email them but no reply yet…
    i want to rebook my flight but i dont know how… can somebody help me with this. thanks

  42. We booked a pair of ticket from Singapore to Cebu on Airphil express on 5/1/2011, 1 weeks before the date of departure, one of the traveler could not travel as she need to go for an urgent operation, we tried to change the booking but there no such service on the booking website(very strange), so we tried to contact them through email, however the reply came only 2 days later which informed us that the airline do not accept cancellation, only rebooking but did not offer the procedures, when we request for the procedure for rebooking, this time the reply came only 1 day before the departure and only multiple email had been sent. in which they required us to call to the office in Philippine to make changes to our booking, we tried calling for the whole day, with no answer, only on the departure day that we finally got an answer from their office, Thanks God.
    There should be service offered to change the booking schedule on their website, and their slow respond to customers are terrible.

  43. earthlinggorgeous- just finished reading your blog,i can say that was really horrible,im a cabin crew of airphilexpress, so far sa manila ok mga flight always ahead naman, may mga delays din pero due to ground traffic, sa cebu talaga ata magulo,thank goodness manila base ako kundi pati kami aawayin ng mga pax 🙂

  44. Hi John, I haven’t used my travel voucher yet, I’m planning to use on my trip to Palawan this April (I hope I won’t experience a flight delay by then crossing fingers here) anyway I went to Cebu again last month or so via Air Phil didn’t experience flight delay but we arrived earlier …. I plan to contact the same person who gave us the roundtrip ticket for the hotel accommodation will tell everyone if I will be successful at that….

  45. @earthling,
    ..interesting how i was reading your blog a day before my airphils flight (tuguegarao to manila) and boom.. law of attraction.. my flight was delayed then canceled then rebooked for next day and canceled again.. long story short, they gave me the same round trip travel voucher that you posted here.. but my concern is, i didn’t get any hotel accomodation voucher with that.. question: would that be a standard thing that’s packaged with the free trip voucher? did you get to claim your free hotel accomodation with your flight yet?

  46. That was really bad, really bad. I hope not to experience such delay. That airline should learn their lesson and that manager should be fired! Shame on him!

  47. Grabe, d pa rin pala nadadala ang airphils? till now dami pa ring reklamo… kaya ako whenever they post an ad on facebook i always post my horrible experience sa kanila and i try to persuade the people NOT to book kahit na piso lang ang fare charge nila. Sana many people can read this blog so that they can be warned of the hassles AIRPHIL is giving the paying public.

  48. The ground supervisor is the same person who bulshitted a group of passengers from mla to iloilo last Dec 10. Airphil failed to land at iloilo and was diverted to cebu due to weather conditions daw. But when it failed to land again at cebu, the. Capt said that there is a problem in one of the landing gear.

  49. to whom it may concern, a.k.a. reklamador with IP number 🙂

    I’m sorry to say I will not post your inconsiderate comments 🙂 I still have the right to approve or disapprove comments so if you want to say your piece make your own blog 😛

    Have a good day! nyahahahaha!

  50. I also had bad experience with Air Phil with my recent trip to Cebu last Nov25..I booked as early as Sept thru online and dealing with a notice of sudden change to my original flight schedule is disappointing pero mejo nasanay na ako sa kanila. I must say with my domestic travels, what happened in the airport last Thursday morning was a first time and hopefully the last one!:( I originally booked a 5am flight to Cebu but when i checked my itinerary again flight changed to 730am, ok.. Me , my sister and my boyfriend arrived at the NAIA terminal 3 at 6:10am, lined up to Airphil counter to get our boarding pass since the line was too long I thought of approaching a staff (didnt get his name) near our counter to verify my flight schedule. To my surprised, the staff i was talking to said, Me and my group were already checked-in!huh?? How did it happened?we just got in and lining up for our passes! I was shocked, confused and clueless not knowing if we were ever going to get our tickets back and who the hell took them and who from/why did Air phil release these boarding passes so easily?!? Na-bad trip talaga ako so much was going on my mind, nakaka-stress to start a day 🙁 It took about almost 20 mins the guy staff going back and forth at the counter at nakakainis he wasnt telling me anything to what really happened, he did mentioned once something like “wrong check-in” but i didnt understand what he meant.Then this man in semi-barong uniform working inside the airport came to us and asked if I was the one owning the three boarding passes he was holding on. I confirm the names stated there and I questioned him back why did he had those tickets?? This man in semi-barong asked me to proceed near the boarding gate where this certain Congressman (&company)were waiting.. huh?? Grabe naman!Baranggay chairman nga namin di ko kilala lalo na Congreesman, badtrip! To end this encounter with confusion, i found out the man in semi barong keeping our tickets received a text with the list of names and presented it at the counter and there released a three boarding passes with the wrong names on it. Sobrang upset ako pumunta ako sa counter ng airphil flight 2p 931 bound to cebu and confronted the ticket officer assigned that morning and questioned him what is the purpose of asking for an ID when they can deliberately pull a boarding pass thru text and without verification ?? sobrang bulok talaga! Nasabi nya lang sorry sa miscommunication, thats not miscommunication- katangahan. What these people did was really bothering and brought hassle to passengers na sumusunod naman sa tama process, unfair talaga. A good friend advised that i should file a now thinking about it..pwede pa ba?

  51. am very thankful and fortunate to read this post, i was supposed to book our flight just now in airphilexpress to puerto princessa. i googled whatever blogs or posts with regard to this airlines’ service. after reading many complains, i am now having second thoughts.

    kung naging maayos sana ang paghandle ng sitwasyon ng airphil sa mga pasahero, wala sanang naging masyadong problema, naging bastos at arogante kasi ang namamahala nung panahon nayon. tama sila, napaka inconsiderate nila sa mga pasahero. humingi sana sila ng dispensa at sana kahit konting pakonsuwelo man lang sa kanila kalagayan nong panahon na yon.

    mali naman yung laging “hayaan na lang, wala ring mangyayari.” eh kelan dapat lumaban? kaya naman ganyang ang kustumbre ng mga lintik na tao sa airlines kasi lagi lang tayong “hayaan na lang” ang sinasabi kaya abusado sa atin ang mga yan.

    im a frequent flyer too, mostly sa mindanao, at na-eexperience ko rin ang konting delay pero hindi naman kasing grabe ng 10 hours, at wala man lang eksplenasyong maayos, bagkus, kaaskaran pa ng ugali ang isinukli ng airphils. hindi tama at makatarungan!!!

    sa mga nag-rereact ng parang airphil pa ang inaayunan…..basahin kasi muna nyo ang buong kwento, kung sa inyo ngyari yon, matutuwa rin ba kayo? kung nung panahon na yung eh nanay o tatay o sino man sa mga mahal nyo sa buhay ang hinahabol ang buhay at ikaw na lang ang hinihintay, matutuwa ka parin ba at hindi magrereact ng katulad ng sa mga pasahero jan? okay, kung technical ang problema, wala na talaga tayong magagawa jan, pero kung ugali at pakikiharap ang pag-uusapan, eh ibang kwento na yan….tulad na lang ng ipinakita ng mga taga airphils mactan.

    at isa pa, ibig sabihin sa loob ng 10 hours na wala silang makausap sa airphil manila tungkol sa nagyayari sa mactan…mahina pala ang mga nasa management at operations ng airphils with regard sa communications dahil siguro wala silang cellphones? radios? computers? telephones? hayzzz, akala ko ba super duper to the max ang yaman ng may-ari nyan? eh bakit wala silang ganyan?

    hindi ako naniniwala na wala silang(airphil staff) magagawa sa ganong sitwasyon, the bottom line is “naging mapagkumbaba sana kayo sa mga pasahero ninyo” whatever reasons you have that time, pasahero pa rin ninyo ang dapat na una ninyong inintindi…….sa mga nagcocomment na parang jina-justify pa nila ang pagkakamali ng airphil staff(especially si siegfred santiago))sa pangyayari at sitwasyon……tignan ko lang kung sa inyo gawin yan.

  52. haha Jingle all airlines ask their passengers to be at the airport 2 hours before their departure time thats the standard…its not attitude its the standard… you being told to be there 2 hours before your flight is no surprise at all, is it your first time to travel?

  53. I also had my frustration now..i wasn’t able to catch my flight at CEBU PACIFIC going to Zamboanga this bad…according to that front staff i was late for 3 minutes and airplane door was closed then.i arrived 4:17am and try to begged those bastard out there to let me check in but to no avail..i have no choice but to rebook my ticket for tomorrow’s flight..i pay almost more than half of my regular fare..wonderful huh??but with those booking staff again told me to be at the airport 2 hours before departure wheeew…i was shocked…why so early? do we need not sleep?? very amazing attitude huh!!!

  54. that’s life!!! DONT COMPROMISE!!! atleast ur safe and sound EARTHLINGORGEOUS….

  55. We totally agree. With everything. AirPhil has THE WORST customer service ever. We also experienced glitches with our online tickets. We went to the ticketing office, called their so-called customer support (long distance), e-mailed them countless times.. All to no avail. They have no idea what the hell they are doing. Why are they even working there at all? They are the epitome of incompetence. We booked tickets last September, and our flight is supposed to be on January 2011. The date is nearing and we still have no idea if we actually can get to our destination or not. Such a hassle on our part because all our plans for our vacation had to be put on hold because of this. Hating this airline as each day passes.. >.<

  56. My family and I had the same experience just this weekend. Our Manila-Legazpi-Manila flight with Air Philippines was very disappointing with the long hour-delay and very incompetent staff. For this delay we can forgive you, but when our Legazpi-Manila flight were cancelled, it was disastrous!!! They told us that they cannot do anything about the flight because it was due to bad weather. If we want, we can go back the following day but we’ll be on the chance passenger’s list, no assurance or whatsoever, maybe we can be accommodated on November 4, the nerve of Mr. Ervin Montas, OIC of Legazpi, to simply ignore our plea and just told us of that..we are not locals of the place thus, we cannot ask for any assistance from anybody out there, and more so we have 3 Japanese nationals who will be going home on Nov. 3, so how on earth we could wait for the said sked. Mr. Montas, with so much sarcasm on his face assured us that we will be refunded with our fare immediately upon return home, but according to certain Mr. Astillero, Custoner Care Specialist, that’s not the SOP of the company…well everything is so stressful..Now, our problem is how to refund the fare at the soonest possible time..
    Ask how we got home? We rented a van for 15k and traveled for 12.5 hours back to Manila with 2 senior citizens with us…Air Philippines and Mr. Montas we can never forget your insensibilities…

  57. hmm.. kinakabahan tuloy ako sa mga nakapost dito… but I hope na di mangyari sa akin ito… Ive already booked more than 20 person for my wedding next year (July) in Coron Palawan at i hope walang cancelled/delayed flights… huhuhu…

  58. i feel for you i think air phil express is a big crap. I am now sharing your disgust but with their faulty online booking!
    Very poor customer service. I filed a complaint for double booking and hey even their staff at main office dont know what to do. After sending numerous emails to their different supposedly customer support none of them were answered. I have to shed a few bucks for long distance calls and even fax.

  59. @ Niko atleast may email pala diba samin kung di pa kami naging aggressive magmumukha kaming mga ewan dun

    @ BlankPixels hay naku kung pwede lang syang sapakin nung oras na yun ginawa ko na. At tama dapat matuto tayong assert ang rights natin.

  60. Nainis ako dun sa Segfred na yan ha. While reading this post, nag-iinit ulo ko. Grabeh, 10 hours tapos parang di sila apologetic pa?! Tsk tsk.

    And, I agree. I hope and pray us Pinoys will become more demanding customers so we can get better service everywhere. Masyado na tayong naging pasensyoso at pala-iwas sa gulo. We have to realize we deserve better.

  61. omg. nagpabook na ko ng flight to bohol next year with airphilippines with 4 kids in tow.. i hope na di na to maulit.. sana they learned their lesson na

    naexperience ko na rin ang delayed flight with zestair. our sched flight was 10am. and then it was rescheduled ng 3pm. since there’s no globe signal at coron, zestair staff wasn’t able to call us about the delayed flight. BUT they emailed us ha!! pero too late na rin. nasa airport na kmi nung nabasa ang email nila 🙁

  62. Sadly for this guy and Air Phil, you were on the flight ha ha. He probably never saw it coming. lol.
    Anyhow I used to work as a ground staff for Air Phil.
    Magulo talaga dun ha ha

  63. E engot ka palang Melvin ka , empleyado ka siguro ng AirPhilippines malay ko sa Contract Of Carriage na pinagsasabi mo punyeta ka … kung frequent flyer ka alam mo na mali yang 10 hours delay TAE mo.

    Hindi naman dahil sa bed weather or technical problems dahil sa katangahan ng pilot at ground crew

    nabasa mo naman siguro na nabangga nung pilot ung cargo bay

    nabasa mo rin na pinasakay na kami sa airplane tapos pinadisembark kami after an hour in the plane

    Kung hindi alam ng management nyo na mali sila di kami binigyan ng rountrip travel voucher . BOBO.

    Punyeta ka ang aga aga pinapainit mo ulo ko.

  64. ok, so ngayun I’m sure di kna sasakay sa airphilexpres tama po ba? eh mag cebupacific ka na lang. masaya lang ako na nakagawa kapa ng “blog” mo dahil buhay kapa at di ka na disgrasya dahil sa bad weather at technical issues. siguro sobra lang ang pagka reclamador mo. kung bibilangin ko ang mga masasamang experiences ku with cebupac hmmmmm masasabi ko na wala ito. i’m a frequent travel for the past 4 yrs now & sa tingin ko wala pa ito sa daanan ko. its comforting to say that “i will never go for your service again” but eventually bibili at bibili kaparin ng tkt sa ayaw mo man at sa gusto. To summarize everything, what you’ve experienced was unfortunate. i learned a lesson from you post. That is not too expect too much from a low cost carrier. This is not CATHAY PACIFIC or SINGAPORE AIRLINES that will put u in hotels if my delays. of course how will they survive as an airline if they spend more than what they earned??? So if u fly w/ airphil or cebu pac dont expect too much. Just smile that you have landed safely coz im sure the airline did not intend to delay your flight. PLease READ “THE CONTRACT OF CARRIAGE” before you complain next time.

  65. simple lang yan. anong pakialam ng manager na iyan sa inyo, eh may station manager bang hindi makapag-decide kung kailangan i-hotel ang mga guests niya? ang kaisa-isang kasalanan ng manager na iyan ay bastos siya. ngunit ang puno’t dulo ay ang upper management ng AirPhil sapagkat silay nagkulang magbigay ng kapangyarihan at sapat na pondo sa pobreng mal-edukadong manager na yan para makapag-decide ng tama. sa madaling salita, wala rin silang pakialam, sino kamo ang may ari ng airline na ito? eh sino pa kundi si lucio tan! sa pagpapatuloy niya nito pati ang PAL hindi malayong magkaganito na rin. pag bumagsak ang eroplano, unang lalabas ang crew. bahala kayong lahat sa buhay niyo, tutal wala rin naman kayong pakialam sa buhay nila. hindi ba ganoon ang gusto natin? puro ako na lang ang iisipin natin? dito tayo para makatipid! ayan nakuha niyo sa ka-katipid niyo at nagtiwala pa kayo sa tiwaling intsik na yan. lahat tayo kaawaawa ngayon at inaaway ang kapwa pilipino habang ang mga lintek na mayayamang intsik na yan naliligo sa pera! ito lang huli kong tanong sa inyo, saan ba kamo nanggaling ang pag-laki ng kawamanan ni lucio mula $1.7 billion to $2.1 billion? eh di sa bulsa natin mga hinindutang putanginang mga yan!

  66. @ Eric exactly our point di naman kami magiging sobrang iritable if we were taken to a comforable place to rest diba.

    I think eto ung paramdam ng problems sa PAL eh. We saw it coming.

  67. nakakaloka.

    i am a frequent flyre to, but, buti na lng di pa ito nangyayari sa akin. a 10hr flight delays is really frustrating. whether caused man yan na weather disturbance, or mechanical failure, bottom line here is.. dapat inasikaso kayo ng maayos.

    probably the first thing that they could have done is offer a place to comfortable spend a night.

  68. @Beauty Care Maven I know bakit nya kailangan itago diba nakakagigil talaga.

    @Vera I hope the others will read this so they can claim their goodwill tickets also we are following up on our complaint Air Phil is being quiet lately.

  69. Buti nalang na share mo yung experience mo about that. Thats no joke because you have your own schedules to attend to, lalo na kung may mga kasama pang bata.

    At sana hindi nagsisinungaling ang mga staff sa tao. The more na nagpapalusot sila sa customers, the more na magagalit ang mga tao sa kanila. Tama lang na kinuhanan sila ng picture at pati yung ID, kakagigil naman yun dapat laging nakalabas ang ID di ba, ba’t kailangan itago…

  70. Tsk. that was a horrible experience. They definitely didn’t handle that well. I hope the other passengers get to claim the goodwill tickets.

  71. “their pilot hit their own railing to the cargo bay upon landing….” this clearly proves that their pilots are incompetent. There was a past news that FAKE airline licenses are rampant and are being used for job application as pilots..that alone is scarrrryyy..Buti na lang the plane arrived safely.

    They are the cause of the problem, they should be able to handle it well and with grace. Passengers are customers that should be treated like royalties. We are the PAYING PUBLIC anyways..

  72. @ bugs, insurance would have covered the hotel costs (read: not his money) so i don’t see why he did not give us what we’re entitled to

  73. @Bugs that supervisor said wala daw sya makausap ng mas higher sa kanya which leaves him the sole authority to do something right.

    @Jade I agree we should start change within us hindi lang ung aasa tayo sa iba kasi wala talagang manyayari

  74. My gosh 10 hours….baka nakasakal na ako ng tao if I were in your place lalo na kung ganun pa ka rude ang pagsagot sa query ko.

    What a terrible experience you had to endure, girl! I do applaud you for standing up for your right. And I believe din na if we want change here in our country, then we should fight for it and do something.

  75. Natanong nyo na ba kung ano ba tlaga instruction ng higher management sa mactan staff? Kadalasan kasi parati nasisisi kung sino ang nandun na empleyado which in fact mali un ng top management.Wala tlaga magawa empleyado kung may utos galing sa taas. Ang magawa lang nla sagarin up to their limit.

    Dapat lang din tlaga kc kayo binigyan ng hotel accomodation nun. Kawawa nman ang baby.

  76. @Bugs – Insurance covers those kind of contingencies so pera man nung manager yun or hindi, dapat ginawa niya ang Standard Operating Procedure sa ganung sitwasyon – inhumane lang talaga ang ginawa nila

    @Jay – Do look us up and connect @ Facebook and, I’m currently hounding all the pages that mention them until they are made answerable to the incompetence of their staff

    ATTN MARIA JAVA, your silence really tastes like incompetence. We await your update.

  77. @Jay definitely everyone should get compensated… they got our contact details they should be contacting us now… but sadly they aren’t only through this blog post.

  78. im one of the passengers on this flight and when i got home, i emailed my complain to airphilippines, but until now they havent replied.

    i think they should email all the passengers on this flight that they have a free trip/voucher to claim.
    they have our personal details anyway. everyone should get
    that compensation.

  79. @frequentflyer, Im fully aware in the consequences of hitting a person, but I know for a fact that I wont be arrested. More like detained. And I doubt if this will further cancel a canceled flight. Also, are you saying that we should tolerate disrespect? People who disrespect women deserve more than a punch. Agree? I know that violence is not always the answer, but sometimes, its the only language some people understand.

  80. @Bugs sorry ha but I have to correct you he said he was trying to contact the Manila people and nobody was answering him which means its on his hands na…

    another correction he didn’t explain everything to us until we pushed him to do so.

    and no we don’t need to thank him about anything at all because he is incompetent and rude he even wanted to hide his name sa aming passengers….

    there wasn’t even an announcement that the flight 2P 937 is boarding na nung 6:08AM they just started to gather people around and some even think they will take us some place to eat because we were boarding a bus na…. imagine the incompetence

    @Kutitap yes I agree with you kahit 1 day pa kami nadelay kung natrato kami ng maayos hindi kami magagalit ng ganito.

    @ Aida yes I am also curious who trained them to do this or did they ever get trained? they need retraining all of them…

    @Killpatrick Fred the ground personnel said he was contacting his superiors but nobody was answering him… sabi nya tinetext nya pero di sumasagot… which leaves him the authority to do what he think is right…

    This is a wakeup call to all air lines malas nyo kami ang naging pasahero nyo we don’t take this kind of service ayusin nyo ang S.O.P nyo sa paghandle ng mga situation like this… retrain your ground managers so they will know how to handle situations like this.

    Also it wasn’t right na kaming nadelay na pasengers ang mag-adjust sa kanila dahil meron din silang flight to Iloilo at that time they could have adjust the other flight para ma-accommodate kami but no they tell us na madedelay ulit kami ng isang oras ….

  81. Tama, nasanay na kasi tayong Pilipino na bow ng bow kung ano ang sasabihin sa atin, kaya hindi na tayo uunlan kapag ganito tayo lagi, understood naman kung me problema talaga, technical problems, or nature, syempre di natin ma prevent yun, pero kung human error that’s a different story.

    @Frequent Flyer as you can see people already inquired about this to the frontliners and they have talked to the so called supervisor, tulad ng sinabi mo they need to follow this to higher ups, does that mean na hindi sila nakikipagcommunicate sa higher ups that time? Ano ang inaantay nila? They already knew what is causing the delay, shouldn’t they have atleast asked those so called higher ups for any advice kung ano gagawin nila sa mga stranded na pasahero nila?If they could not do their jobs then better resigned. Kung employee ka you know naman your limit, if you can’t decide on a certain matter wouldn’t you consult your supervisor? Just a thought…

  82. @ Aida Alba. as u wer saying, “theres SOMEOne dictating from higher management” so you cant blame the ground staff. Ginagawa lang nya cguro trabaho nya up to his limitations. If you wer in his position? Would you give all the passsengers hotel accomodations and charge all the expenses to him? Where would he get money for that if the higher management wont as instructed? The fact is…. his just an employee. The best thing here is to know both sides.

  83. By the way, I’m curious…where do they get their training?
    Who trained them? And more importantly–WHO TRAINED THEM TO TREAT PEOPLE THIS WAY????!!!! WHO TRAINED THEM TO TURN THEIR BACKS ON THE NEEDS OF THEIR PASSENGERS IN TIMES OF A SITUATION LIKE THIS??? People were actually BEGGING for food and a place to rest comfortably!!! Paano nila natiis tingnan ang hirap at gutom na inabot ng mga pasahero nila!!!
    Alam namin na sinadya nilang unti-untiin ang announcement ng oras ng delay para maging tama sila sa pagpa-stay sa aming lahat sa loob ng departure lounge. Spare parts daw ang hinihintay na darating anytime…SINUNGALING!!!!
    6 a.m. pa and arrival ng 1st flight nila from manila at yun ang plane na aming sasakyan!! Even before we were made to board the aircraft at 1 a.m., they knew all along that there’s going to be a very long delay–an overnight delay.
    THEY CHOSE and BENT to lie. And deprived us all with our needs to survive the 10 hours of delay. MGA WALANG PUSO!!!!
    I know and I’m sure that there’s SOMEONE…SOMEONE from the higher management in Manila who was actually dictating the stupid ground staff to just hold us inside the departure lounge!! Because everything that was happening during the delay, they were monitoring andrelaying it to their higher ups–in manila–FYI. Kaya pwede ba!! wag na wag silang maghugas ng kamay???!!! This has to be published nationwide.

  84. It’s interesting how a bad experience can be a PR problem. Siguro sakit na ng ulo ng VP for Comm nila. I feel for you Earth. Considering pa na may anak ka na kasama, talagang nakakainit ng ulo kapag ganito. Nahandle sana ng maayos ang situation. I think naman kahit 1 day pa kayo na nadelay kung naging maayos lang ang pagkamanage nung situation, hindi kayo magagalit. I think this should be a wake up call sa mga airline companies.

  85. If I were in that situation, I would surely complain or even gt hysterical 2. Time is precious right? …and we do deserve quality and best service…. But terminating Managers/supervisors/staffs is another thing. We should know first their limitations. What if that supervisor was just following top management instructions? What if the top management itself is the one who dont want to give hotel accomodations for the passengers or whatever?

    Is he(supervisor) the only one who was there during that time? Where are the other “staff on duty” of the airline? They should also be there to assists the passengers needs to lessen tension.

    One Supervisor = 177 passengers? How could that be? Too bad…….. We can’t blame/pinpoint everything to him… We should know first his limitations and top management instructions to him during that time. It won’t be fair if we would simply say fire them….

    In some ways, we should also be thankful to him ’cause his there explaining or even just shown himself to the passengers that we all know its not easy to do when everybody is hysterical…..and Where is the airline Manager? Can’t he/she face the passengers than let his/her supervisor face it?

  86. there’s NO WAY you’re taking this post down, Earth… NO WAY!!! This is too much! And to that frequent flyer who’s trying to become a devil’s advocate, well sorry… the situation at this extent cannot be understood, if that’s what you’re trying to imply.

    Thanks for this, Earth… We are soon flying with them, just because we have no choice. Flight to my hubby’s hometown (Masbate) is handled only by Air Philippines and there’s no way on earth I will make this pass if the same thing happens to me.

  87. @ Frequent Flyer we are not into any common things that usually happen I was there we were there… if I tell you this is not your concern of course its alright with you… its really none of your concern because you were not part of the aggrieved party you were not a passenger that night

    I was told by Fred that its none of my concern… it is my concern its my flight… he said he can’t explain what happened one-by-one to each of the passengers who asked him whats wrong… when we demanded him to broadcast what went wrong that’s when he spilled the beans. No apologies what so ever.

    If you talk to that airport guard there on that picture he understood our concerns and he was really apologetic, the Cebu Pacific people who saw us there were shaking their heads for the incompetence and the way we were mishandled…

    By the way, you sounded like your someone from their side

    Its not just the airline staff who works without day-offs FYI

    I am a frequent flyer like you and I haven’t experience this kind of treatment ever… If you can take things like this sitting down well I’m sorry I’m not like you I know how to fight for my right and I don’t want other people to suffer the same way I did… we all deserve quality and the best service because that was what they offer…

    Tthis incident is not an isolated case either it happened to some of their other trips and other airlines nobody dared to file a formal complained and so the incident keeps happening again and again because the airlines think they are doing right … well its wrong.

  88. i’m sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience 🙁 yes, i agree that a lot has to be done about how to handle situations like this better. if i were in your shoes, i would probably be reacting the same way. i have had my share of delayed flights and i can understand that sometimes, this is really inevitable. however, saying it is none of my concern would have been infuriating indeed.

  89. @Frequent Flyer did u read the post?
    @@earth: yes i did… i was just explaining the common things that usually happened in situations like this in which the staff are being blamed immediately on these kind of problems.

    but it would be better if we can hear the part of the staff involved in this(im referring to the other people in here aside from earth) so that we will know what, how, and why this happened and what are the actions needed.

    @black cat: “…If that were me, I would have punched him…”.

    If a passenger will do this, literally, that person will just end up being arrested by airport police for physical assault and compromising the flight more because of his/her unruly behavior. this is a fact. 😉

  90. we had the same experience last july 25. Kalibo-Manila flight we had 2 hour delayed flight due to the bad weather, i almost freaked out because of that and i can imagine myself freaking out if it delayed much longer.

  91. M. Java,

    I have emailed you directly with our contact information whereas you have provided only an email address.

    We await your action.

  92. To be objective about it and based on your account, its terrible how that Fred Santiago answered your queries. It reflects how he was brought up and how he treats women. If that were me, I would have punched him. At the very least I hope that Air Phil gives the guy a serious reprimand. Im sure Air Phil learned a very important lesson. Demand for a public apology at least!

  93. @Frequent Flyer did u read the post?

    since their pilot hit their own railing to the cargo bay upon landing….

    knowing this they know they couldn’t fly and can’t sacrifice the safety of the passengers…

    knowing this is a technical / mechanical problem and that they don’t have available airplanes and pilot to take us back to manila they should have checked us in a hotel so we will all be rested and less aggravated….

    knowing this they shouldn’t let us board the plane when they already know their airplane has a problem… just to tell us we have to disembark the plane again because the pilot won’t fly that damaged airplane…

    did you also know that after being deplaned the captain of the airplane and its crew comfortably checked themselves in days hotel…

    have we known that this was the problem after disembarking us we could have gone back to our own hotels and rest but no…

    then they tell us we will fly at 5AM only to be told 10minutes before that supposedly 5AM flight is delayed again for another hour because of “bad weather conditions in manila” whereas there wasn’t any bad weather condition in Manila because the first flight of Cebu Pacific to Manila already left at that time….

    now tell us are we incosiderate?

    we understood the “weather condition” and can’t fly policy if there is technical difficulties… I wouldn’t ride that airplane either knowing it has problems…

    the fact that the ground supervisor did not do his job and handled the situation properly is what irks us the most… the Manila office said the ground supervisor in Cebu has the discretion to do what he think is right… leaving us to rot exhausted and tired in the departure area is not right… people were not able to go to work and school and close a business deal, income were lost on the passengers part…

    now tell us who is inconsiderate ?

  94. This airline IS NOT CAPABLE of anything with regards to customer care and comfort–CUSTOMER SERVICe starts the moment their passengers checked-in…that’s the BOTTOMLINE!!!!
    Therefore, from the Ground Staff to the Flight Crew, their DUTIES as well as their respective responsibilities toward the safety, comfort and other personal and health needs of their passengers MUST BE THE TOP PRIORITY and CANNOT BE COMPROMISED!!! THAT IS THE BOTTOMLINE!!!
    And if this airline can’t function this way–THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS TAKING PEOPLE’S MONEY (tickets, etc. )and, THEY DON’T DESERVE THE TRUST OF THE PEOPLE.


  95. I know it’s very frustrating to have our flights delayed. We have important businesses or transactions that we can no longer do because of this. At first I have same reactions as what other affected passengers do when I had my 1st, 2nd, 3rd,..nth time experience of flight delays with the four local airlines here in our country. Making complaints, demands, and expressing disgust on front-line employees for not doing their job or doing nothing at all. Then I came to realize that in the first place these situations are not the employees fault, specifically the front-liners. They themselves don’t want these things to happen. If you are wondering why… whether they couldn’t answer some of your questions or give in to your demands it is that these employees have procedures or directives that they are following. In short their actions or decisions are limited and only the higher management is authorized. I am sure these employees know what they are doing and what customer service means. I am saying this because I was able to talk to one of the employees which happened to be a colleague of mine way back college. Same goes to other friends of mine from other airlines. If the reason of delays or cancellation of the flight is because of mechanical or technical problems or whatever they call it, for me these are unexpected and are beyond their control. I know these planes are flying for more or less 12hours a day without day-offs so definitely it will encounter some problems from time to time. At least they were able to determine this problem before we ride on it right? Safety is the primary concerns not only to them but also for us the riding public. I would rather have my flight delayed or canceled than riding a would-be-flying-coffin plane. I don’t want to risk my safety just for someone else’s own convenience.

  96. 10 hours and No proper way of caring for the aggrieved passengers??? That is way too much.. Dapat nga silang ireklamo.. SOP yan, care for children, pregnant women and senior citizens kahit saan uunahin sila, tapos yung baby di nabigyan ng Milk??.. kaloka!

    10 hours delay at dapat nakacheck in kayo sa hotel for rest.. ganyan ginagawa ng ibang airlines, lalo na pag sa kanila mismo ang problema..

  97. @Maria

    Like my sister Lodrose said the hotel accommodation is to follow after we choose our destination. Also not all the 177 passengers were given the ticket yet only those who are there to file a complaint only 8 of us then.

    You still owe the other 171 passengers and we are still waiting for a suspension of your Cebu personnel because you ought to make your service better… I heard there was a much worst incident in Palawan 48 hours is this a common practice? I hope not.

    I hope this will change the way you train your managers on how to deal with this things.

    Thank you for your reply.

  98. Admittedly, no one wanted the flight to be delayed.

    But as supervisors/managers, it was their job to handle the situation properly. And based on the accounts, he obviously failed his task, his job.

  99. [asked for editing rights from my sis Earthling]

    Hello Maria,

    I appreciate your reply. We have no issue about the weather delay, however, the passenger handling for the accident that followed is unacceptable.

    First, we need to have an agreement as to what commensurate means:

    1 : equal in measure or extent : coextensive
    2 : corresponding in size, extent, amount, or degree : proportionate

    As you have expressed commensurate remuneration is what you intend to provide, you would need to put into consideration the cost of the spoiled lechon your passengers bought (as we would have checked out and refrigerated them on hotels at our own cost had we been notified earlier), the salaries for the day that was lost and its impact on our corresponding livelihood, the starvation and sleep deprivation of people, including children and infants, due to the massive incompetence and inhumane actions of your Cebu staff. All this would have been avoided had your staff communicated to us and complied the Standard Operation Procedure for these types of situations.

    We are not stopping with the round trip ticket and promise of hotel accommodation and confirmation that this is provided to ALL the passengers affected and not only those who immediately went to your Airport Office as the others tried to salvage their ruined day and recover.

    We would not want anyone else to experience our same fate that day hence we demand the immediate termination of the Managers and Supervisors on duty in Cebu that night (and we would like their names and photos published to ensure no other airline will hire them in the future) and suspension of the Pilots and Cabin Crew who checked in at Days Hotel at the moment they knew the plane that was assigned to us won’t fly anytime soon instead of assisting us.

    We are demanding justice. This is not about getting freebies and/or money to appease us. We need to make sure this never happens again.

    You have all the affected passengers’ contact information. We await your concrete action in this regard.

    Thank you,

  100. Hi! I’m Maria Java, one of the VPs at Airphil Express. This entry came to my attention yesterday.

    We’d like to assure you that we take our customers’ feedback very seriously. We are presently looking into the matter of our Cebu-based personnel and their approach to the incident. Again, our apologies for the severe inconvenience the compounding situation caused you.

    As you have already mentioned, Airphil Express has already responded to you with commensurate renumeration which we hope you will find value in. Our utmost concern continues to be your safety and comfort when you fly with us. I do understand your frustration as I would be too. Do know that we are continuously improving our processes and you can expect that your feedback here will have profound influence on how we approach situations like this in the future.

    Thank you for your patience and for your honesty.

    At your service,

    Maria Java
    VP-Marketing and Media

  101. @RJ’s Mama nagfa-follow-up kami sa status ng aming complaint, hindi porket nabigay na ung rountrip ticket namin eh ok na ano sila bale?

    @MAc haha weekend getaway lang po ang habol ko hindi forever stay at Cebu abutin ako forever sa barko hahaha

  102. betlog! sumakay kayo ng barko may roro naman… lahat naman ng eroplano ay na dedelayed. kasalanan ng manager yan… gawin nyo syang expediter… sabihin nyo ah..

  103. naku, kahit ikaw na lang mag-isa ituloy mo complaint. yan ang nakakainis sa iba pinoy, alam na nga natin na most of the time wala nangyayari sa complaint or matagal ayusin, tinatanggap na lang ang mga mali gawain. kung gusto ng pagbabago, gumawa ng paraan.

    kaya ako, never pa sumakay airphil. and dahil sa kwento mo, never ever!

  104. @ Sophie, if AirPhil will do what they said they would malamang napalitan na ung mga staff sa Cebu if not balitaan mo ako ha hanapin mo si Segfred at Jim kung andun pa sila … sana naman hindi mo ma-experience ito…

    @ Dang yeah buti kung walang batang passengers eh kaso andami rin kawawa naman sila… and yeah hindi tayo dapat oo lang ng oo we should claim our rights…

  105. Oh my, 10 hours??? My flight to Bohol was delayed for 4 hours and I was already near canceling my trip, ikaw pa na 10 hrs, middle of the night & with a child pa. =( And you’re right, we should exert our rights to have better customer service. We deserve it! Hay. Hope okay kana now, Earth…

  106. @ Badet oo dapat talaga but the bobo Segfred Santiago was trying to cut on cost I think so pinabayaan nya kaming mabulok sa departure area grabe. We understand the poor weather condition pero yung fault nila because of their stoopid pilot is not our problem its their problem and they should have checked us in a hotel talaga.

    @ Wena yes we are asking for the dismissal of the idiot supervisor he is working in a service oriented industry and an airline trying to compete with Cebu Pac dapat inayos nya trabaho nya…kung di ko pa inurirat di namin malalaman ang totoo na hindi weather condition in Manila ang nagpadelay sa amin kungdi stoopidity ng pilot nila.

  107. Sobrang delayed pala. kahit sino naman passenger, maghihysterical talaga sa ginawa nila. dapat matanggal sa trabaho yung supervisor na yun.

  108. Grabe naman sila, if it’s 10 hours, dapat hotel accommodation na yung binigay nila to the passengers. Poor weather condition is understandable but if it’s their planes/staff, they should do something about it.

  109. @ Rowena oo I freaked out talaga actually paos nga ako ngayon eh kasi I was hysterical

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