Avon Celebrate’s Women With An Impact


Avon’s  nationwide launch of  Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick is also a celebration of  women, who aside from being beautiful, all possess  a creativity, passion and dedication to social causes which make a significant impact on the lives of others.

Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick (omnibus)

On top of the list is Reese Witherspoon,  Hollywood  A-lister  and  Mom.  She is  also  Avon’s  Global Ambassador and honorary  chairwoman  of  the Avon Foundation since 2007.

Reese Witherspoon
“As a woman and a mother I  care  deeply  about  the  well being of other women and children throughout  the  world  and  through  the  years,  I have always looked for opportunities to make a difference”, Reese shared.

Avon also recognizes the efforts of these Tippi Ocampo, Stephanie Zubiri and Stephanie Kienle are making an impact in their own ways.

Tippi Ocampo
Tippi Ocampo creates clothes not just because its her job but its her way to share her appreciation of Philippine culture with the younger generation.  More  importantly,  designing allows her to help ICanServe,  a  group  that  seeks  to  assist  breast  cancer sufferers and survivors.

Stephanie Zubiri
Stephanie Zubiri is not just a chef and a model she advocate sternly about global warming as proven by her internship at  United Nation’s environment program.  She also support proper nutrition among Filipinos and hopes to someday launch a project aimed at educating poor Filipino families on how proper nutrition can be achieved without having to spend more on food.

Stephanie Kienle
Stephanie Kienle is a member of Virlanie Foundation, a foundation that provides food, shelter and clothing to street children.  The group also gives the children a chance to get an education and reunite with their families.

Avon takes pride in celebrating these four women with beautiful faces made more defined and more unforgettable by their beautiful hearts.

Just like the  Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick, reds are more dramatic, pinks have more oomph, browns are richer and plums pop right out!  The lipstick that  “gives lips high-definition color for  mega impact impressions,” said Mari Ann Soliven, Avon Southeast Asia Cluster Category Manager for Color.

WIN an Avon loot bag  loaded with Ultra Rich Mega Impact Lipsticks!

How about you?  How are you making an impact on the lives of the people around you (family, friends, office, community, etc.)  Was there any advice you’ve given a friend, relative, officemate that made an impact in their lives?  Do you have an advocacy that you sternly support and actively participate?

Share these mega impact moments, achievements or advocacy  on the comment section below and win an Avon lootbag with Avon’s Ultra Rich Mega Impact Lipstick (click to see how awesome the shades are!). I’ll be raffling winners via random.org.  It will be a raffle to be fair. (Last day to comment September 26,2010)
Avon Ultra Rich Color Lipstick
Contest is open for Philippine residents only or if your not in the Philippines make sure you have an authorized representative to claim your prize from an Avon office near you.

Please comment with your valid email.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I’m a preschool teacher and I’d like to think that I’m making a positive impact on the lives of the children I teach. I try to set a good example for them to follow knowing that values are ingrained at a young age. It’s really hard work, but I’m happy whenever my kids learn something new and I could see that they’re enjoying it.

  2. As a student and a teen, I thought that there was no way I can make or do something to change the world. So idealistic but so limited in means and resources. But yes, I can make a difference. In school, I try to do the best that I can. Being in the honor roll is making a difference and showing to my parents that I can also work hard. At home, I help out in the chores. Yes, it is making a difference because it is our tradition to be taught how to help at home, and helping out is also a sign of respect to our parents. With friends, I try to help them out in school work when I am done with my own. It is a small gesture of selflessness and giving back. To nature, I try my small ways to recycle, throw in proper bins and not just anywhere and segregate. Little things each, but taken together, will snowball.

  3. I actually helped one of our office staff become friends with her ex-husband, so now he give her child support among other things whereas before she received no help from him whatsoever. 🙂

  4. I want to make an impact on the lives of other people by doing good and helping them in any means right from the bottom of my heart. I want to create a “Domino” effect as long as they live, they will always remember good thoughts and will pass it to the other needy people in anyway. Just As I remember all people who touches my life in the most down particular part of my life and family…I really don’t know how to say thank you to them, because saying thanks is not enough. So as a thought of always remembering them in my life, I pass also goodness and help in other people whether a relative, close friend or a total stranger. So even if I die I leave legacy right through there heart. :))

  5. Making an impact on the lives of the people around me especially my loved ones is important to me. Though they may not feel my presence as much as I would like them to, I try by being there for them when they need me the most. My work is homebased so I’m the one who takes care of the household and the needs of my parents who are senior citizens. I’m also the type of person who likes to listen a lot rather than talk so I’m usually the one my friends run to when they have problems and they just need someone to listen to them. I have a friend who had a married boyfriend and I tried very hard to persuade her to leave him and rebuild whatever respect she has for herself. And luckily, she heeded my advice and is now very happy with someone single.

    I’m not a member of any advocacy but I would like to in the future. I love kids so I would want to help them, especially the less privileged, in any way I can. One of these days I would definitely support World Vision by sending a child to school by giving them donations.

    [email protected]

  6. I was born and am raised in a God-fearing family and community. And ever since I can remember, my family and me have been active in church activities. I have been with my church for more than 10 years and do not tire of serving my fellow believers. I am active in catechism and church service. And my utmost favorite is being part of the church choir. These are my little ways of service – and to serve with passion.

  7. I used to be a volunteer of a streetchildren Foundation and I always believe in teh spirit of volunteerism. I’ve been teaching these kids basic alphabet and math after office.Unfortunately, when I became busy at work and had to leave the Foundation. When I became a mom I didn’t know it would have such great impact on me and could trigger helping others. I became an advocate of breastfeeding and I was able to help others by sharing my experience and the benefits of breastfeeding for both the baby and the mommy 🙂

  8. The moment I learned that I was pregnant with my “Gabe”, I knew that everything in my life will completely change. From my habits down to the every detail of my everyday life. I gave birth to him on December 25, 2006 (Christmas Day) and it felt that we were totally blessed to have our baby on that day! My focus from then on was to provide him with everything that I can possibly offer him and to build a a home full of of love for our son.
    Everyday, I’m becoming a better person because of my commitment to shower my son with all the love, care and support that he needs especially now that he’s in his pre-school years.
    I know for a fact, that he looks up to me and he entrusts his whole life on me. I’m all that he’s got at this moment and I will do anything to not let him lose his faith in me.
    I know that whatever he sees in me, he perceives it as the right thing to do at his age.
    I may not be able to create a big impact to my fellowmen or to my community, but in my son’s eyes, I am that person who’s making a big impact in his life right now…

    Khrishia Anne Sedenio
    Email address: [email protected]

  9. I have always believed that education is, and will always be the best gift one can ever receive. With that, I decided to be a teacher volunteer in our community. Every Saturdays and Sundays, we go to this public school to teach elementary students on how to read, write and do arithmetic. It is very much tiring because I still have school to attend to but the feeling is very rewarding when you actually see the kids learn from you and say “Thank You” after. And as they say, the best rewards are given to the unrewarded. 🙂

  10. I used to teach every Saturdays in a university in Manila. It was a part time job and sort of source of extra income. My main goal was to earn more money but greater things happen when I learned more from the experience. I learned to be patient and learned to deal with different kinds of people. Teaching those students inspired me to be a good example. They look up to you as if you are their idol or hero of some sort. I remember chatting with one of my students, he was taking BS biochemistry, I was teaching them basic computer programming as it was part of their curriculum. He was really interested with computers and stuff. A simple piece of advice I gave him.. “Do what you think will make you happy”. He did not shift courses, instead he had a double degree. Now he is working as a programmer and is happy with it. As simple as that I learn from them, they learn from me.

  11. As a full time mom and wife, you have a lot of responsibilities..keeping your house as a great place for your family, serve them the best food to make them healthy,love them unconditionally and always be there for them. Teach my kids on how to be a better person, a good citizen and a God fearing child. Tough.. but its my advocacy that i want to achieve “)

  12. I do believe that everyone is entitled to benefit from reproductive health. Hence, I joined the Reachout Foundation International as a helpline counselor to be able to help in my own little way. Just by listening to the problems of callers and giving information on reproductive health issues concerning them, I was able to ease their worries and fear. Since most the callers were teenagers, I’m glad that the information drive on sexuality did them good and were able to choose the best options for themselves after each call.

  13. I’m an orphan and being one, I have a soft spot on kids/babies who have been abandoned by their own parents, orphaned or are street children. It was in my bachelorette days when I would organize Christmas events focusing on giving food and gifts to street children. I would invite my friends to join me in my endeavor or give donations in cash or in kind so that a lot can benefit more. I would also join our company’s gift giving endeavors and act as a volunteer. Nothing can match the joy of seeing a smile plastered on the kids’ faces every time you spend time with them or once they receive their gifts no matter how simple the gifts were.

  14. awwww nice your so nice and sweet to Yobs lucky him and condolence to him and the family.

  15. My boyfriend’s mom died last June and I think, by simply staying beside him and his family during those hard times made a difference on how they accepted the fate. I never left Yobs’ side knowing that he needed me most at the time of great loss. And when they couldn’t have the strength to decide and settle things, I was there to lend a helping hand. But most of all, I know – even if he hasn’t expressed it – just a tight, warm hug from me helped ease the pain he’s trying to endure.

  16. Its amazing talaga that blogs can influence ideas and beliefs these days

  17. I am a diabetic blogger. In 2008, I realized how powerful blogging is in spreading information and influencing people just how traditional media does. So I decided to revamp my personal blog and chronicle my life as a diabetic. This is where I share my first-hand experiences, my ups and downs, and the various health and alternative treatments I try just to make my sugar-free life a wee bit easier. I hope to give inspiration to diabetics so that they may discover that our lives can still be sweet even when it’s sugar-free. 🙂

  18. @Josephine Oh my! I’m glad you talk her out of abortion, its the most evil thing a woman can do. I know its very confusing, frustrating, depressing to go through pregnancy alone and raise a child alone I know I’m a single mom but God will bless you in any way he can so you can take care of your child. Abortion is never an answer never never never God will punish those who abort, if you don’t believe in God then believe in Karma.

  19. i have a friend who is 1 1/2 month preggy and she wants to abort the child.. i talked to her seriously and explained to her what will happen if she will abort the child and if not.. and i convinced her not to abort the child even though the child has no dad at all.. i know she can take care of her child.. today, that child is 2 years old already and the joy of the family…

  20. @Chubbymommy little acts of kindness counts a lot 🙂 specially for those who need it the most.

  21. Hi! I don’t really have any organization I am with but I
    am a firm believer in life. For me the best achievement I made was convincing a friend and a complete stranger not to abort their child. For me even it were just two of them it was something very valuable to help preserve lives that were starting inside them. No matter how difficult life is I just want to let everybody know that a baby is a blessing. It may sound like a cliche but it is true. And as they say all’s well that ends well… my friend now has a beautiful little girl and the stranger ( now a friend) is currently on her second trimester. God is really good

  22. I’m a work at home mom. We are not that wealthy but I make sure I do random acts of kindness. I give old clothes to strangers I see on the streets with almost naked children. I give meals to men I see who work hard at their age to earn for their family. I ask a tired looking clerk how her day is. I may not be a member of those prestigious NGO’s but I believe that the simple things I do, no matter how small. The things I give no matter how inexpensive can be of great value and could make someone else’s day.

  23. Hi! I’m studying law and whenever friends or acquaintances would ask me anything about legalities or such stuff, I never hesitate to guide them so that they won’t be able to make any mistakes as to decisions involving legalities. It makes me feel good to hear people that they felt relieved and glad them that their concerns have solutions. In the first place they wouldn’t just ask you those things for the purpose of intellectual discussion but because they have an immediate concern and it bothers them. If there’s a way they can minimize their blunders, the more probability for them to lead a good life. So I’m willing to help them in my own way.

    I’m not particularly an advocate of any organization but when the occasion arises and my participation is needed, I do my best to contribute my efforts.

  24. I am loving the entries. As much as I wanted to join, I know there are other women who deserve to win more than I do.

    Anyway, I posted about this on my blog, hopefully to bring in more entries. Link’s @ my name. 🙂

  25. I am pro-life. I dont know but its just happened that 3 of my friends have on separate and distinct occasions, confided in me about an unwanted pregnancy, the others untimely ones. All I can do is be there for my friends and be a listening ear and speak for my belief that a termination is not the only option. I always say life is in their hand and in their womb, and that motherhood is a gift and a calling not made for everyone.

  26. I used to work for an NGO before for an advocacy that I also believe in. Although I have worked in the industry before and support the idea of micro banking, I also believe that credit unions work! I have worked as an analyst and have given training and consultancy for CUs before and believe in the principles of CUs in empowering micro-entrepreneurs and women’s groups, including the whole concept of micro-savings and micro-loans.

    As a health worker, I am pro-breastfeeding too. Having undergone breastfeeding lectures/trainings, I strongly believe and share the BF dogma, especially in health care facilities.

    Total opposites, I know, but there are no boundaries when it comes to the passion that we believe in and stand for 🙂

  27. As an artist, my main goal is to make things more beautiful in life. I strive to execute this in all my work, graphic design or otherwise, and am happily pushing beauty and excellence in all things.

    I have supported Kiva.org for a couple of years now, and it’s a site that allows you to loan money to people in need. I like it because it encourages people to help themselves, as they use the money you lend them to grow their businesses (for example, I’ve loaned $25 each to a couple of Sari Sari stores in the province), and when they pay the money back you can loan it to other entrepreneurs or cash it out. I’ve chosen to continue to reloan my money to other entrepreneurs, and I always make sure to lend to people from the Philippines. (Note: You don’t get interest for any of the money you loan, so it’s purely a charitable venture.)

    All in all, I encourage people to use Kiva.org to help others help themselves! It’s a great system, and a wonderful way to use your money.

  28. Wow!, there are lots of women bloggers who made impact to the lives of other people! Kudos to you, ladies!

    As a government employee, I am exposed to several advocacy programs that help strengthen local governments and improve the lives of its constituency. Since 2004, I am part of the Secretariat of our city’s Gender and Development Council. Since then, I am involved in several programs that promote gender equality in the home, school, community, and workplace. Our programs include Search for Gender-Responsive Barangay and Public Secondary School, Capability-Building Seminars, Gender Sensitivity Training, Gender-Responsive Planning, among others.

    I am also an active choir member in our Church. No matter how busy I am, I see to it that I’ll never remiss in my church obligations. Being in the choir makes me strong enough to face life’s challenges.Years before I got married, I was also a Sunday school teacher. During those years, God used me as an instrument and made a significant impact to the spiritual well-being of the younger members of the Church. I promise that I will continue to inculcate God’s teachings to my kids.

  29. I’m a simple Work at Home Mom and a hands on Mom by choice. I focus my advocacies on the things that will affect my country and my family.

    I am an advocate of NO-spanking discipline. I give tips on how to do it on my blog. I believe that children can grow up well sans shouting and spanking.

    I am an advocate of raising Filipino kids’ awareness on our culture and be as Makabayan as they can be while growing up.

  30. Oh gosh, where do I start?

    I have been an advocate of reproductive health and HIV Awareness since 1995, when I started volunteering in an NGO as a peer counselor and facilitator. Just recently, I have also embraced Restorative Justice awareness for Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL). I was part of a training of youth leaders so they can better help their wards and community (my portion was Parent-Child Communication) and I am glad to share that they echo what I’ve taught them to the parents of the youth they’re helping keep from crime.

    I am also a staunch breastfeeding advocate… trained by LATCH and always on forums and message boards to give breastfeeding help, info and support. I know I have succesfully helped several women (SIL, friends) to successfully breastfeed.

    I also advocate the Deaf and sign language, after learning Filipino Sign Language. I also advocate baby sign language to help parents communicate earlier with their kids.

    And most of all, I advocate intentional parenting. And I reach out to people mostly through my blogs and through articles I write for various sites (sometimes, even for magazines) since I am currently pregnant and hormonal.

  31. I am really an advocate of “no cheating in class” since I was a student. I know it’s hard for most students but I really persuade my org mates and classmates to not cheat during exams. Filipino students are dependent to those who studies well. I think this is the reason why most of our graduates can’t even answer a simple question about their chosen field. We need to step up our level of education and it has to start among our youth.

  32. @Razielle thanks for retweeting! And wow you must be so proud with the kid your sponsoring 🙂 what an achievement I must say. More blessings to you !

    @Sharon I hope there are more people like you who are concerned with making the lives of street kids better. God bless.

    @Jennie it must be really tough to be a pastor’s wife and a counselor. Thank God you talked her away from abortion. God will continue to bless you and your family for this.

    @Kutitap yeah some people are so judgmental they don’t know the story behind it. I hope more people will be less judgmental too.

  33. Hi there Earth,

    My mother succumbed to clinical depression in 2000. Because of that, my family and I endured the social stigma that psychological sickness brings. Everytime I get the chance, I talk about how much understanding we need to extend to the families and those who are psychologically unstable.

    Sometimes it is cruelty and lack of tolerance cause depression to others. This is evident in most stories of battered wives and/or abused children. Being a little bit sensitive and compassionate really helps. And for the families, knowing that people don’t pass judgement because of their sick relative/s makes the pain a lot easier to bear.

  34. Although I am basically presented with ministry opportunities left and right as a pastor’s wife, I’ve always find it more important to personally mentor ladies for years now. The fulfilling thing about this aside from the fact that I know that my Maker is glorified, is that I actually see these ladies wonderfully sailing through their own respective lives fulfilling what God has purposed for them to be and making an impact to the next generation as they do. It is like multiplying myself several times over.

    Just recently, I celebrated the birth of another life that could have been aborted several months back. I was willing to have the baby adopted as I talked this mother out of abortion. Counseling isn’t always easy. Most of the time with the gravity of their circumstances, as much as I try to detach myself from the whole scenario, I find myself emotionally involved as well. Praying for someone as you counsel does that to you and I do not regret that this is the place where God has installed for me to be. It can be a challenge sometimes but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. It allows for God to show His grace that even I myself will never get tired of witnessing every time.

  35. I love Reese! I want the lipsticks! Thanks for this contest.

    I’m a member of a small community organization where week month we go to the community library and teach kids how to use the computer.

    We also gather street kids in the community and involve them in sport activities.

    I want to make an impact on the lives of this kids to show them there is a better alternative and a better way to make their lives better.

  36. Although I am basically presented with ministry opportunities left and right as a pastor’s wife, I’ve always find it more important to personally mentor ladies for years now. The fulfilling thing about this aside from the fact that I know that my Maker is glorified, is that I actually see theses wonderfully sailing through their own respective their lives fulfilling what God has purposed for them to be and making an impact to the next generation as they do. It is like multiplying myself several times over.

    Just recently I celebrated the birth of another life that could have been aborted several months back. I was willing to have the baby adopted as I talked this mother out of abortion. Counseling isn’t always easy. Most of the time with the gravity of their circumstances, as much as I try to detach myself from the whole scenario, I find myself emotionally involved as well. Praying for someone as you counsel does that to you and I do not regret that this is the place where God has installed for me to be. It can be a challenge sometimes but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. It allows for God to show His grace that even I myself will never get tired of witnessing every time. 🙂

  37. I strive to be as “green” as possible and share earth-friendly tips through my blogs. I’m not as green as I would like to be but I really try hard. The important thing is that we try to do what we can to save the earth.

    I’ve also been a child sponsor for World Vision for close to 7 years now.>> http://mommyandmoney.wordpress.com/2010/07/19/6-years-and-counting/

    When I started sponsoring a child, the kid was just in Kindergarten, now he’s a freshman in high school! Crazy. That’s GOOD crazy, of course. 🙂

    p.s. tweeted your give-away here: http://twitter.com/raz_ambat/status/22143578487

    Thanks 😉