Educational Tour At Amherst Plant In Laguna

Do you know where your medicines come from?  Are you  sure they are made with utmost care with cleanliness and quality in mind?

Well I was one of the privileged one to find this out when Unilab invited me together with 6 other mom bloggers to have a tour at the Amherst Plant in Laguna. This was the first time Unilab and Amherst opened their doors to non-medical practitioners/pharmacist and I’m glad they’ve chosen me to be a part of this very educational tour.


They are proud to tell us at the Amherst Plant What makes Unilab products ahead of the other pharma product is that they are dedicated to quality and that they are the only locally made products that is EU GMP (European Union Good Manufacturing Practice) certified meaning their products can be exported to European countries because they are proven safe, effective and quality medicines. Now that’s something to boast about!

Now on with the tour!

Because they are very particular to cleanliness and safety of their products we were only allowed to see the secondary packaging area of the Amherst plant. The primary packaging area is a restricted area and only regular color coded employees of the plant are allowed to enter.

Each of us mom bloggers were given a specially made lab gown with our name stitched on the side. Then we were taken to the gown area where we put on head and shoe caps then to the wash area to make sure were clean and won’t contaminate the area (hehe!)


Goofing-off with the mom bloggers!

L-R:  Ms.Adie t she’s been working with Unilab for 31 years!,  Patricia Hizon, Dr.  Bebot of Unilab, Tetcha, Chats, Me, Steph (Smart Parenting), Pehpot, Michelle, and Ms. Jing Lejano.

The shower cap isn’t flattering same as the lab gown (we looked like a bunch of soon-to-be-moms on labor) but well we made the most of it by having fun while our photos are being taken.


Do you know what a hardness tester machine is? I won’t tell but this is what we were talking about here when the photo was being taken. Sounds fun eh? Hihihi!

Good thing Mr. Jack Orendain, UNILAB’s Corporate Affairs Senior Manager, is a sport to take on the mommies inside jokes! Haha!

This is where Unilab’s Ceelin vitamins are made. Look how clean the area is and its all machine powered with minimal human intervention. Pretty cool huh?


This batch are such fun moms!


After the tour we went to have a scrumptious lunch at Conti’s in Nuvali and then a relaxing whole body massage at Indulgence Spa also in Nuvali.

As a token of appreciation from Unilab for our time they gave us a bag full of goodies!
A bag of Unilab goodies!

I’ve learned so many things during this educational tour at the Amherst Plant, thanks to Unilab. I’ll share more of it later or rather have one of my readers experience the same.

Yes, you read it right one of my lucky readers will get to experience everything stay tuned for details or subscribe to my feed so you won’t miss a thing!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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