My Gorgeous Finds At Robinsons Malls Clearance Sale

I was invited to be one of the first to shop at Robinsons Mall All Out Clearance sale last August 1, 2010 and I am glad I came because I was able to haul amazing items on sale.  This sale is happening at all Robinsons Mall nationwide and will last until August 31, 2010.  This sale grants shoppers to enjoy as much as 70% discount on selected sale items at all participating stores and shops inside the Robinsons Malls.

Too good to be true eh?

Not really. Proof?

Check out my haul at Topshop one of the stores participating in the all out clearance sale !

Topshop dress
This nice floral chiffon dress with lace edging is regularly sold at Php3,995.00!
Topshop dress detaiTopshop dress lace detail

But since its on sale and is at 70% off  its now sold at Php1,198.50!

Topshop dress price tag


This floral I Adore shirt is usually sold at Php1,595.00
Topshop shirt price tag
Topshop shirt detailToshop shirt

but I got it for FREE!

Topshop shirt

Why? Because its an all out clearance sale at Robinsons and  Topshop  have a Buy One Get One Free promo on selected items so I bought two items for the price of one! Isn’t that awesome!


I paid for the higher priced item and got the other item free.



Topshop/Topman is located at the 3rd Level of Robinsons Galeria Mall in Ortigas.
During this sale I also discovered that Topshop/Topman accepts gift certificates from Robinsons Malls and this applies to all Topshop/Topman stores at Robinsons Malls nationwide!

But wait,

there’s more!

You don’t think I’d leave without checking out anything for my daughter?  I already got her some toys at Toys ‘R Us located at the 4th Level of Robinsons but I also checked out OshKosh B’Gosh Galeria (across Toys ‘R U) who is also participating in the sale.

Girls apparel
Boys apparel
I’ll come back this weekend to get more items for my daughter because my haul from this shopping was more than I can take home.

Every week there will be new items on sale so be sure to drop by any Robinsons Malls near you (here’s their Facebook Page), as I’ve said the sale will be on until the end of August!


Other stores participating in the sale aside from above mentioned stores  and Robinsons Department Store are the following:

Esprit, Warehouse, Geox, Nafnaf, Hotflopz, Lacoste, Schu, Danielle Hechter, Van Heusen, Benetton,  Dorothy Perkins, Accessorize, Girbaud, Guess,  Kamiseta, Rockport, She, For Me, Pd & Co, Unica Hija, Space, Bayo, Plains & Prints, Maldita, Kisses & Co., What a Girl Wants, Kashieca, Nothing but Water, People are People, Solo, Penshoppe, Levi’s, and Flower Collection.

Shoes and Bags :
Celine, CMG, Bratpack, Shoe Salon, and ResToeRun

Other specialty stores:
Handyman, Odyssey, Naturalizer/Florsheim, GBX, Astrovision, and Saizen

So, which store do you plan to check out when you drop by a Robinson Mall ?  Happy shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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19 comments on “My Gorgeous Finds At Robinsons Malls Clearance Sale

  1. earthlingorgeous

    @Jesmifher yes pati appliances sale sa Robinsons go na!

  2. jesminfher

    well pati ba appliances ay sale ng 50% , I’m planning to buy a washing machine…

  3. earthlingorgeous

    @ Badet yay! hope you find some great finds too :)

  4. Badet

    Because of all your posts about the Robinson’s malls, I’m gonna visit Galleria instead of Megamall tomorrow. =)

  5. earthlingorgeous

    @ Belle naku I’m sure you will be more tempted if you see the kids items haha :)

    @ Dani, it was so hard to resist topshop kaya dun ako agad napadpad :) buti nalang may GC haha didn’t spend too much excess lang na 169 something ahaha

  6. Dani

    sinadya ko wag pumasok sa topshop and warehouse kasi nakakagigil sa ganda yung mga items doon. pero I promised my mom na punta ulit kami ng Galleria, by then I could go inside the stores na kasi I have my mother’s credit card buying power! hahaha! 😀

    1. earthlingorgeous

      @Nikki thanks when the weather is less breezy I’ll wear it one of these days haha :)

  7. earthlingorgeous

    @Ria oo sarap magshopping laluna kung ganitong klaseng sale! buy one get one with 70%off! pamigay nalang nila kaya hahahaha… hmmm ala pa akong eon eh siguro parang paglink lang sa CC?

  8. ria

    OVER!!!! kakaloka mag shopping!!! pano na nga i-link ang eon sa paypal para makapagwithdraw at makapagshopping din ako?!?

  9. earthlingorgeous

    @ Wena I’ll update soon promise re the baby sale

    @ Pehpot haha ganyan talaga ang mga pasyon na mommy happy baby!

    @ Aerin ako rin babalik ako!

    @ Alex yes i love their clothes! buti nalang may buy one get one free with 70% off san ka pa!

  10. aeirin

    wow ang cute nung floral chiffon dress! sayang I wasn’t able to go to Topshop. Pero babalik ako!!!

  11. earthlingorgeous

    @ Wena yes kasama at next week may baby sale sila will post about it later :)

    @ Roch yes we are all happy shoppers haha! :)

  12. Roch

    congrats on your purchase! Was able to find some great items too last sunday, we’re all happy campers! 😀

  13. wena

    I’m planning to shop for my baby’s essentials this month. kasama kaya yun sa sale? hehe 😀

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