Solo’s Larry Alcala Collection Launch And Model Search


I’m a huge fan of Larry Alcala’s work,  I used to always buy the Sunday newspaper so I can see his Splice of Life cartoons and his comic strip Kalabog and Bosyo on the lifestyle/cartoon page of Manila Bulletin before.  His works are very distinct and are very lively.  In fact I can spot a Larry Alcala cartoon when I see one.

I was elated to know that Solo thought of making a collection out of Larry Alcala’s works in their Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Collection .  This project is like the counterpart of Freeway’s National Artist Collection but since Larry Alcala has not been declared a national artist yet this is a great way to pay tribute to a great cartoonist.

Here are some of the Larry Alcala’s Slice of Life collection  I would  like to have the top this model is wearing (actually I like everything she was wearing! haha!)
Larry Alcala 6

But I’ve always liked and feel comfortable wearing the Ladies Slub Dress so this one is definitely on my favorite list in the collection (Php1,595.00) I like the the statement on it but I would like to have the one in Teal than the Gray.

Ladies' Slub Dress P1595

This unisex Limited Edition Watch (Php595..00)
Unisex Watch P595

This Bubble Skirt Lady Dress looks interesting too!
Ladies' Dress

You can view more of the Larry Alcala Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Collection here. (Click!)

Larry Alcala2

Incidentally, if you can strut a Larry Alcala collection the way these models do then you should join Solo’s Online Model Search contest and be the next face of Solo! All you have to do is register here and upload a photo of you and win cash and fabulous prices plus a modeling contract!


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Or… would you like to win your most favorite piece in Solo’s Pinoy Cartoonist featuring Larry Alcala’s Splice of Life Collection?    One lucky reader will get the chance to win one .  Don’t forget to subscribe to my feed (please use Firefox or IE to successfully subscribe. Thanks!)


Win A Solo Larry Alcala Splice Of Life Collection by just commenting here! (Contest is up until September 26,2010)

So, have you chosen your favorite piece in the collection?  Post away!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. awwww, i missed this contest! grrr.. anyway, i love that bubble skirt, but not on stock pa sa the row.. i also love that anti smoking campaign shirt, love the colors! 🙂

  2. Luvin’ the watch! I like how I can wear it and see Mr. Larry Alcala’s work every time I check out the time. Cool!

  3. My favorite pieces in the LA collection would have to be the Ladies’ Cap Short Sleeves Polo and the watch. Very cute and nice pieces.. 🙂

  4. i super loved the lady white dress with the small detail of a girl holding up the string…

  5. Solo’s Larry Alcala merchandise are terrific. And you can have a blast while with friends and wearing this piece of art c”)

    I personally enjoy the Anti-Smoking Tee! Tee hee!

  6. I want to join Earth. I would want to have an article from Solo’s Larry Alcala collection. I love the over-all graphic tee. For him na lng, anyway partner and I can swap hahaha. Kung sinong di nakasuot, syang maghahanap kay Larry.

  7. I like Larry Alcala’s art in the Telephone Shirt for Him. I can wear it or hubby can 🙂 Thank you Earth. Subscribed.

  8. I super love the top on the first picture =) I agree that everything that the model is wearing is LOVE <3 And the ladies slub dress too.. Cheers to SOLO and LARRY ALCALA.. 🙂

  9. super love SOLO’s clothing line featuring Larry’s works. Such a great artist, his works are undeniably superb!

    wanna see the unique watch in my wrist, such a must have!♥♥♥

  10. Oh! i love wearing white-simple but elegant.
    and Larry Alcala’s Bubble Skirt Lady Dress will surely bring out the best in me!
    Crossing my fingers to have it!please…

  11. Wow! Can I say I have fallen in love with the watch?! I sooo love it! It’s classy (because of the black and white color) and punk (because of the really nice prints and drawings) at the same time! 🙂 I can pair it with my punk outfit to add a hint of class or add a punk twist to my classy outfit as well. 🙂 Love it!

  12. Hi! I’m a subscriber. Solo have a great and creative team for immortalizing Larry Alcala’s creations on clothes and accessories and introducing such before the public. I like that limited edition unisex watch. Fantastic!

  13. The Bubble Skirt Lady Dress is what I’m lusting after! Pls let it be mine, lol. I like the added length it gives to a lady’s form.

  14. Love the watch. thanks for this giveaway Earth!
    Larry Alcala’s caricatures was a fave pastime of times past 🙂 I used to hold time-limited contests with classmates or with my brother as to who finishes first in finding all the Larry Alcalas in each week’s offering.
    And did I already say I love the watch? 🙂

  15. The White Bubble Lady Skirt Dress will look fantastic on me 😀 Or so I think.

    I’m super hoping to win this!!!

  16. Ooops! I forgot to specify the design I want. I would love to have the shirt with the print “More on the Anti-Smoking Movement!”

  17. The Philippines is lucky to have one Larry Alcala in our race. I am so proud of him that I am dying to have a shirt that he designed!

  18. Hi Earth,

    I am joining!!! hihihi.

    I pick Ladie’s Zippered Shirt Dress, I am imagining wearing it already. hahaha.


    (PS. Matagal na akong subscriber ng bloggage mo. :P)

  19. Can’t choose coz I love all the collections but the one that really caught my attention is the Ladies Slub Dress. The prints and the style was simply gorgeous, love it very much!

  20. @Alex I think mas cute nga yung men’s shirt keysa sa womens :p and yeah the watch luvet!