Myra E Shine-Free Face Powder Review

When I saw Myra E Shine-Free Face Powder in one of my goodies bag I was definite that I will try it. Its Myra, it must be good.  Obviously I’m a Myra E products fan (like the Myra VitaGlow Tinted Facial Moisturizer).

Myra E Shine-Free Face Powder

Product Info:
Myra E Shine-Free Face Powder is a light face powder that covers blemishes for a naturally flawless and shine free look.  It is enriched with Vitamin E that nourishes skin and SPF 15 that protects you from the sun’s UV rays.  Its mild and gentle and safe for everyday use.

Myra E Shine-Free Face Powder

How to use:
Apply gently and evenly on the face using the applicator provided.

What I think about it:
I’m always in the look out for a good face powder for everyday use that doesn’t just give an even coverage but looks good especially in photographs. For someone who attend a lot of events its one of my considerations since I get photographed  lots.  Its embarrassing for me to see my face shiny or with traces of or blotches of powder showing in my pictures.

wearing Myra E Shine Free Face Powder taken without flashwearing Myra E Shine Free Face Powder taken with flash
If you base it from the photos above, Myra E Shine-Free Face Powder passed the camera test.  It looks very nice and even on the cam, no blotches of powder, no shine, and is looks so even and natural.

What I like about it:

  • I like how its easily absorbed by the skin.
  • The powder is very light and is not meant as a substitute for a foundation.
  • Its good as an everyday face powder
  • Suits all skin type.
  • Scent free.
  • Has SPF 15.

Do I recommend Myra E Shine-Free Facial Powder?
Yes. Although I wish the sponge applicator is a lot sturdier and thicker because it feels like its gonna break every time I use it.

If your someone who can doesn’t fuss about putting on make up or don’t have much time to primp and prettify for more than 10 minutes, and is not going to an party or elaborate event, then you can use this on top of your moisturizer (never ever skip moisturizer no matter what your skin type is), a little eyeliner and then some lip color and your good to go. The perfect everyday all natural look.

By the way, what face powder do you use regularly?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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