SM Addresses Alleged “Price Difference” Issue

When I shop, I have to admit that I don’t normally compare the price reflected on the tag versus the price reflected on the receipt. As long as my estimate of the amount I should be paying is close to what I expect then its ok to me. A couple of peso more or less doesn’t matter to me at all.  Besides, I think this might be too tedious to do in all of the items I buy especially for Supermarket purchases.

And so, I was surprised to receive an email narrating an alleged price cheating in SM chain of stores. There was this shopper who shared her experiences of some minor price discrepancy between the price tag and what was reflected on the cash register.

But then I was relieved when I saw an article from that clarified this issue, saying that SM has addressed this promptly. I am happy to share that the SM management has personally spoken to the concerned customer and is constantly updating their price tags.

According to the article of PDI columnist Linda Bolido, SM said that Millie Dizon of the SM Group said “the whole SM chain was doing its best to minimize the problem of price discrepancies despite the difficulty” and assured consumers that they are doing regular checking and monitoring of their displayed items to ensure price consistency between the price tags and the cash registers. (Read full article here)

So if I were you, if ever I come across any so-called price discrepancies, I would just simply call and give them feedback (I think there are phone numbers on the receipts) since they listen anyway.

Oh, and the best part is… in case of price discrepancy between the tag and the cash register, SM says the lower price prevails!

Happy Shopping!

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  • brianitus 10/29/2010 at 11:15 am Reply

    We experienced this a couple of months back. Sad to say, we realized this after we got home. Although SM fixed our total purchase price, I have to say that we were inconvenienced by the entire ordeal. It also made us realize that we shouldn’t put too much trust on these electronic devices (POS) — they’re still prone to human error.

    However, I still think that it’s pretty sloppy of the chain to have even allowed this type of error. Kinda lost a bit of trust from me there.

  • Alyssa 10/19/2010 at 7:30 pm Reply

    OK talaga ng SM! Go SM! Halos lahat ng kailangan kong bilhin nasa SM. I’m proud to say, laking SM ako!

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