A Pig-Out Getaway @ Zubuchon in Cebu

The best thing I love to do when on a vacation is that I get to try a place most famous food and eat like there is no tomorrow.   I’ve been in a lot of eat-all-you-can treat but this one is for the books.

In my recent trip to Cebu we were invited by Zubuchon owner for lunch.  We’ve been warned to not eat much breakfast because we will be having a feast of the best pig ever, according to Anthony Bourdain .

The Marketman prepared a nice dining set-up and not from afar were the three “little” pigs who will go all the way home to our tummies!

Lechon in the making

Truffles Lechon

The smallest pig on top was the best lechon I’ve ever tasted in my entire life, its a special lechon cooked by the Marketman for us that day and is not sold commercially yet, the Truffles Lechon!
World's Best Pig (ang Lechon, bow!)
This little yummy baby is roughly 3 and a half kilos and seasoned with garlic, onions, rosemary, thyme, black pepper, truffle salt and black truffle puree, which was made using whole truffles and olive oil.
Truffles Lechon!
The sprinkled with truffles salt before serving!
ravaging the truffles lechon
Seriously its so hard to describe how scrumptious the truffles lechon was. All I can say was the skin is so crisp and crunchy, the pig skin was fat less and you can hear the crunch as you chew. Its less salty than the regular lechon and the flavor melts in your mouth.
my Truffles Lechon plate

The Regular Lechon

The Marketman also served us the regular and ever so popular Zubuchon.
the Marketman with the World's Best Pig
slicing the Zubuchon Lechon
As you can see the lechon color was uneven and has bubbled up like blistered human skin, unlike the usual lechon with even brown color.
Marketman giving me the first piece of Lechon skin!
This is because the looks doesn’t matter to Marketman but the taste. A real tasty and crunchy lechon skin should bubble up like that like chicharon. The others doesn’t because they are either blow torched or colored with soy sauce.

first slice of Zubuchon
The lechon is virtually fat less so its ok to pig-out!
my plate of Lechon (regular)
Shen enjoying her plateful of Lechon!
Diet? What diet? Shen is enjoying her lechon so much she forgot she was on diet!

More lechon recipe

Aside from the Truffles Lechon and the regular Zubuchon lechon, we were served with different kinds of lechon recipe.

There’s Lechon Sinigang
Lechon Sinigang
and Lechon Sisig
Lechon Sisig

We also had Enseladang Talong with Cherry Tomatoes
Ensaladang Talong
Inihaw na Sugpo
Inihaw na Sugpo

paired with the Puso (Cebu rice)
Puso (na kanin)

with Mango and Kakanin for dessert
manggang hinog at kakanin

It was a real pig-out getaway and here are my satisfied Cebu trip buddies after the feast.

my Cebu trip companios

I gained a pound after that lunch but I don’t feel guilty about it I wouldn’t miss having a taste of the World’s Best Pig ever!

Have you tried Zubuchon?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • Angel Tan 03/11/2016 at 6:29 pm Reply

    Drooling here as well.. Tried it last summer, while visiting a close friend of mine in Cebu. I can still recall the taste of lechon– it is superb! I think every delicacy served was worth the pay. I did lost count of my calorie intake. Cheers to Zubuchon, the pride of Cebu. I will definitely come back for more this summer.

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