A Tour Around Kenneth Cobonpue Hive In Cebu

Aside from a luxurious stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cebu, we were treated to an Island Arts and Crafts tour when we visited Cebu last week.

One of our stops was Kenneth Cobonpue Hive in Cebu, (Interior Crafts of the Island Inc.) the showroom of his world-famed furniture designs. It was like a trip down fantasy lane. How I wish I have all the money in the world to buy everything in sight! They are oh so lovely!


Who would have guessed that the nifty looking stool I so adored at the House of Vanita during the exclusive bloggers fashion show was a creation of Kenneth Cobonpue, the world renowed Cebu-based furniture designer who’s designs have been featured in box office movies and Hollywood TV series like Oceans 13 and CSI !

with Betsie @ the House of Vanita
This stool is from the Chiquita Collection

As soon as you open the doors to the showroom, this lovely attractive piece of steel-weaved galvanized lounge chair will greet you.
Brad Pitt's chair
Well guess what, Brad Pitt ordered a couple of this chair for their home!
I sat on Brad Pitt's lounge chair (Dragnet)
Well now I can say I sat on Brad Pitt’s lap! haha!

I also sat at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s bed! How I wish I can lay down and roll! Haha!
Brad Pitt's foyer bed
The is from the Voyage Collection

The Brangelina lounge bed!

The Brangelina bed was a little over Php100,000, and the Brad Pitt chair was around Php80,000 not bad right?

Brangelina also got their baby Siloh’s crib from Kenneth Cobonbue also from the Voyage collection.
Siloh's crib Voyage

I also sat on the Ocean 13’s lounge chairs and couch from the Croissant collection.
the armchair that made it to Ocean 13 Croissant
as seen in Oceans 13 (Croissant)

Can’t help myself but sit on Paris best new couch design of 2009, the Bloom chair!
Paris Couch of the YearIMG_5731

Your pets would adore you forever if you give them this lovely slipper like pet lounge!

Here’s the rest of the lovely furniture designed by Kennet Cobonpue as seen on his showroom!
This cloud light fixture is perfect for the babies room!

When I get the more than Php400 million pot money for the Grand Lotto today I will make sure that my new home will be filled with Kenneth Cobonbue, not just because his works is well-loved by well-known people around the world but because its proudly Philippine made furniture by a Filipino talent. Love your own right?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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