‘Due Date’ Movie Review

What I love about a good comedy movie is that it doesn’t need so much of movie effects like CGI’s and slapsticks all it needs is a good script and good actors to execute the punchlines very well.

Robert Downey Jr. as  Peter Highman was the perfect person to play the role of a guy who is ” edgy, controlling, judgmental guy with some anger-management issues”  while Zach Galifianakis as Ethan Tremblay is a high strung person who is not affected by any criticism, lives in his own head,  is not in anyway talented to ever make it to Hollywood!

Due Date

I always talk about good rapport that makes a movie work out well but with this movie its the clash of the two characters that makes its so hilarious.  I was laughing all through out the movie.

Due Date is a movie about two fellows who are likely to be friends in real life but are forced to go on a road trip together.  Peter’s wife is about to give birth with his first child in a couple of days being kicked out of the airplane and was listed in the no-fly person he needs to get to L.A. (Hollywood) in time.  Ethan is on his way to Hollywood he got all the cash and the ride to get there.

The comedy “Due Date” also stars Michelle Monaghan , Juliette Lewis and Jamie Foxx.  Directed by Todd Phillips (“The Hangover”).

Due Date
Due Date will be shown on Philippine cinemas starting tomorrow November 5, 2010 as released by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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