Know Your Energy Consumptin With Meralco Appliance Calculator

A couple of months ago, there were lots of us complained how our electricity bill ridiculously doubled but our consumption remained the same. We all wanted to know how did Meralco make up with this computation, some even asked Meralco for a chart about the energy consumption cost of each electrical appliance in hopes that they can control and minimize their electricity bill.

Good news, Meralco launched their official website which includes a Meralco Appliance Calculator (MAC) which enables one to see how much electricity a certain electrical equipment in homes of offices  consume and even know the estimated amount that will be reflected on your electricity bill.

The MAC is like an excel form or chart that will allow you to input the type of appliance ,  a refrigerator for example, hours of use, and frequency of use daily and weekly.  It will give you an estimate of the amount you pay for such usage. To know more about the Meralco Appliance Calculater visit Meralco webpage and look for the MAC application at the left sidebar.

I was invited to test drive the application during a Foot Spa treat at Beauty and Butter in SM Megamall and I can say that MAC is a useful application that each household would appreciate as they will be given an outlook of their electricity consumption behavior and can find out how they can minimize their electric bill by lessening the usage of the electrical appliance that consumes lots of electricity.

Other new features of the M.A.C include: a) e-mailing of the M.A.C web link to friends through the “email” button; b) sharing the M.A.C web link to Facebook and Twitter accounts through the “share” button; c) sending feedback to Meralco regarding the new M.A.C through the “feedback” button; d) printing the computation results of “My Bill Manager” through the “print” button (for easy access and future reference of the computations), and; e) viewing the basis for computing the estimated electricity consumption of home appliances for the M.A.C application through the “formula” button (so that users can validate the results of the computations). Based on my experience using the application, our refrigerator was the biggest consumer of electricity in our home.

Have you tried the MAC already?  Which household appliance you had consumes much electricity or your hp printers ?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Meron pla nito? i will check their website and this would be very helpful

  2. Thank you very much for the nice feature on the new Meralco Appliance Calculator. If you have other queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]


    Meralco Web Manager

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