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Actually there are three reasons to celebrate this month:

  1. My daughter’s 9th  birthday
  2. My super lucky double double double digits birthday 11211! 3333!
  3. My 3rd Blog Anniversary

and because I’m feeling lucky and happy I’m giving away awesome prizes to my lucky and faithful friends, supporters and readers! Here’s some of the prizes I’m giving away: 3rd Blogversary Birthday Giveaway

among the prizes included are the following:

Outspoken Perfume by Fergie, Neutrogena Fine Fairness line products, Ponds Rosy White products, Clinelle facial care products,  Rexona Clinical Protection for Men and Women, Purederm products, Lorys Hair Cream, Myra Vitaglow , Myra Sunblock, Myra Lotion, Avon Mega Impact Lipsticks,  Havaianas Flip Flop size 5,  Clean and Clear Acne Control Kit, L’Oreal for Men, Dove Men, Fanny Serrano Professional Hair Care products, Avon So Soft Lotion, Avon Anew Rejuvenate Glycolic Facial, Grapebella, Pampers Active Baby (XL), Avon Baby Products and so much more.

P.S. I’ll be adding more products, food GCs, treatments to my favorite beauty and fashion spots and more !!!

There will only be 12 winners!

How to join?

Option 1

  • Follow me on Twitter and tweet @earthlngorgeous is celebrating 3rd Blogversary with a Birthday Giveaway!
  • Write a comment on this post with the link to your tweet
  • Write  a comment on this post and tell us which among the prizes in the picture above would you like as a prize.

Option 2

  • Like Earthlingorgeous on Facebook and write on your status message: “ is celebrating her 3rd Blogversary with a Birthday Giveaway!” then tag on your post.
  • Write a comment on this post with the link to your Facebook status
  • Write a comment on this post and tell us which among the prizes in the picture above would you like as a prize.

Option 3

  • Blog about my 3rd Blogversary Birthday Giveaway and link to this post with the phrase  “ Blogversary Birthday Giveaway”.
  • Write a comment on this post with the link to your blog post.
  • Write a comment on this post and tell us which among the prizes in the picture above would you like as a prize.

You can choose any option you like but if you do all 3 options you have more chance of winning. You should do all three steps for each options .

Contest begins now January 3, 2011 and will end on February 1,2011. Winners will be announced thereafter.  Prizes can be claimed at an exclusive meet-up in February 3, 2011 venue and time to be announced to the winners only but its somewhere in Metro Manila.

Contest is open internationally as long as they can come and claim their prize in person or via authorized representative.

Another raffle of prizes will be held during the meet-up where we will be giving away a Canon printer,  Sony DVD player, MP3 player and other exciting prizes!

What are you waiting for? Join now!  Will wait for your entries =)

Stay gorgeous everyone!

P.S. I’d appreciate if you click that FB like button up there ^  Thanks!

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    Thanks to everyone who joined! See you all soon!

  2. My choice of prize for option 2 entry would be the Outspoken Perfume by Fergie or the Grapebella. 🙂

  3. Hi Ms. Earth,

    Its been your 3rd anniversary..and I could still remember that my first time to win in any blog contest happened in this site of yours. The Free-Spirited couple and your 2nd anniversary. Now. I am joining again and trying my luck. Happy 3rd year anniversary..

    Option 2:
    1. Liked your FB account
    3. I would liked to have the MYra-E products for I have been using it for many years now.

  4. My comment for option 1:

    My choice of prize would be the Rexona Clinical Protection for Men and Women or Avon Baby Products.


  5. If my name gets chosen, hope to get the Rexona Clinical Protection for Men and Women or Avon Baby Products.

    Good luck to us, haha, and congrats again!

  6. If ever I’m lucky to be one of the winners, I’d love to have the Outspoken Perfume by Fergie (my backup choice would be Grapebella, teehee)

    Happy Blogversary again. So generous of you to share these prizes with your readers. 🙂

  7. tweet about your 3rd blogversary
    praying that i’m doing the link right!/jolaris

    god bless and more power
    happy birthday to you and to your daughter

    wishing for the neutrogena fair fairness line product
    thank you for assistance, not just for your blog but me knowing there’s somebody outhere that cares for first time bloggers like me
    hirap maging stone age

  8. hi Lariza, just copy the URL (where you type a website you wanna visit) on the top of the page your opening and paste it .



  10. this is my first time to your blog! Congratulations on your 3rd Year.. Happy Birthday to you and to your daughter..

    i followed you on twitter..
    i tweeted about your 3rd year anniversary giveaway..
    here it is:
    i would love to have the Nuetrogena Fine fairness line products if ever i won..

    thanks for having this great giveaway! more power… ^^^Good luck to all of us who joined this great giveaway!!

  11. Twitter: @Aye_BayBay
    The tweet should be my last tweet.

    I’d like to win the perfume or the Ponds Rosy White Products.

  12. Earthlingorgeous is celebrating her 3rd Blogversary with a Birthday Giveaway! Yipeee..

    Here’s the link:

    I would love to have the Havaianas for a prize. My havs was broken just days ago =(
    If not available, my second choice would be the Neutrogena Fine Fairness line products. I’m “hiyang” with Neutrogena =)

    First of all, happy happy birthday to your beautiful daughter and happy blogversary to you!

    More power & God bless you!

  13. Hi miss Earth! happy Blogversary and happy birthday sis.
    Im joining here’s my details

    Twitter link:!/Ning4u/status/25230814925037569


    Thank you! cant blog about it sis nawala ung pix eh.check ko tom pag okay na.bka nagloloko lang tong PC ko hehe…

    Ning Buning

  14. Hi sis!

    Great giveaways here:) Happy 3rd blogversary! More year of gorgeousness to you!

    I just followed you on twitter and tweeted your link–

    Since I got a 3year old kid and a newborn, can I have Pampers Active Baby package? Hehehe! Thanks a lot!

  15. wow, just on time for you big day tomorrow. First of all, advanced happy birthday and more blessings to you and your family 🙂 and also to your site 🙂!/avelvox <- my twitter
    I would love to have Fanny Serrano Prof hair care products or Clinelle facial products. hehe. Gb




  17. Can i have all? But I love to try Grapebella since I’m not familiar of the brand.

    lifeis.oceanbliss at gmail dot com

  18. hi nuts, try using a different browser wag internet explorer (try chrome or firefox or safari), I’m not really sure why but the others were able to do it naman …

    @ jadeingua and rachel pls try to follow the mechanics (what you did, the link and what you want) thanks much.

  19. Hi ms. earth! Happy Birthday to your daughter! happy 3rd Blogversary!
    I wanna join the contest kaya lang di ko ma-paste link dito, why kaya?
    God bless!

  20. Option 1:

    -> I FOLLOWED you on twitter already.
    -> link to my twitter post:!/purple_kaye
    -> I’d like the Outspoken by Fergie and the Flip Flops for my bro! 🙂

    Happy 3rd Blogversary Ms. Earth! 🙂

  21. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    You’re one of the first that I followed when I started blogging in 2008. You were suggested to me by my husband Lemuel Ponce 😉

    anyhow, I’m joining your birthday giveaway and just posted it on my facebook account. I’ve liked and here’s the link

    I wanna win the Avon Mega Impact Lipstick or the Avon Anew Rejuvenate Glycolic Facial Cream

    will tweet and blog about this too! will just post another comment when I’ve done with the steps.

  22. happy birthday! what a welcome for 2011.. 🙂
    i already follow u on twitter..
    tweet it already
    share it on fb
    i’m having a problem to post the link here.. i copy the link then paste it here.. pero wala, ayaw.. pls help me!

  23. OPTION 1:
    Followed you on Twitter:
    Twitter Post:!/waveish/status/22624485626617856
    Prize: Purederm Products

    OPTION 2:
    Liked you on Facebook:
    Facebook Status:
    Prize: Purederm Products

    OPTION 3:
    Blogged about this:
    Blog Post:
    Prize: Purederm Products

    Super Thanks!

  24. Follow you on FB with my nick avatarlady.

    lifeis.oceanbliss at gmail dot com

  25. I want the Grapebella line because I’ve never tried it. Sweet giveaway!

    lifeis.oceanbliss at gmail dot com

  26. Happy birthday to you and your daughter! And congratulations on your 3rd blogversary as well.

    Anyways, here are my entries:
    Option 1
    a. I followed you on Twitter
    b. Here’s the link to my tweet:!/yamitah/favorites
    c. I wanna get those Havaianas slippers ‘coz I just lost mine on the 1st of January. 🙁

    Option 2
    a. I liked your page on Facebook
    b. Here’s the link to my post:
    c. I wanna get the Clean & Clear Products, too!

    Option 3
    a.I blogged about your 3rd blogversary birthday giveaway
    b. Here’s the link to my blog:
    c. I also wanna get the Fanny Serrano Professional Hair Care Products!

    Thank you very much! More power! 🙂

  27. Follow you on twitter with my nick avatarlady.

    lifeis.oceanbliss at gmail dot com

  28. Lots of celebrations for you this month. Happy birthday to you and your daughter. And congratulations on your blogversary! 🙂

    I’m so joining! Here’s my first entry:

    My tweet about your giveaway:

    Winning any of the prizes would be awesome. But, if I’m going to pick my favorites among all the prizes, here they are:
    – Outspoken Perfume by Fergie
    – Neutrogena Fine Fairness line products
    – Ponds Rosy White products
    – Fanny Serrano Professional Hair Care products
    – gift certificates! 😉

  29. oh my! dahil iisang computer nmin d2 sa bahay mali yung nai post nmin na name ng sis ko.. haha. pls delete naman admin yan isa last namin na entry na avon mega impact lipstick ang gusto nya.. kc sa sis kong entry yan.. name ko ang nailagay.. shared PC kasi kmi. haha. ty.

  30. 😀 yay! Happy Birthday po! excited po ako. i so love perfume. 😀 thank you!

    here are my entries
    1. posted on my facebook wall <3

    2. followed you on twitter, twitted!/iam_teenay

    I just want to receive the Unspoken Perfume by Fergie. I want to share it with my mom coz we're both perfume lovers.
    Thank You! <3

    Happy Birthday to your daughter
    Happy 3rd Blogsary
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday (double right?! heheheh)
    Happy New Year!

  31. hi! first let me congratulate you on reaching your 3rd blog anniversary.
    I wanna join your giveaway contest and I’m hoping I’m one of the 12 winners! 😉

    Option 1

    A. follow you already at twitter, here’s the link to it..!/LuHdz_09/following

    B. done tweeting your blog post.. here’s the link to it..!/LuHdz_09

    C. I want to win Ponds Rosy white Products because I like how it makes my skin glow and
    fresh looking.. 😉

    Option 2

    A. follow you already at Facebook. here’s the link to it..

    B. done commenting on my wall.. here’s the link to it..!/profile.php?id=1719321071

    C. I want to win the havaianas fliplop size 5 because I want to give it to my mom.
    She is addicted to flops so I would make her happy If I will give her one.

    Hoping Im one of the 12 winners! 😉

  32. Wow earth! You have lots of fabulous give aways here! so sad I can’t join kasi if I ever I won, I can’t meet you up cause I live here down south. 🙁

  33. hi erica i hope you can come back and paste it like the others , otherwise your entry is invalid, hope you understand. thanks and happy new year.

  34. i cant seem to paste here the link to my fb 🙁 but i already shared it.
    hoping to have the pampers active baby xl :))
    dove men or any products for men(for my hubby hehehe) ty :))

  35. Hello again dear! I am joining your contest using all 3 options. Here are the links to my entries:!/MrsKolca/status/21948434663612417

    I want to win Outspoken by Fergie or else Neutrogena Fine Fairness products. Thanks for this very generous giveaway. Muah.

    Your #2 FB fan,

    Mrs. Kolca

  36. Option 1

    a.) followed earthlngorgeous in Twitter & tweeted @earthlngorgeous is celebrating 3rd Blogversary with a Birthday Giveaway!
    b.) Link:!/SerengetiChaser
    c.) Purederm Products

    Option 2

    a.) liked Earthlingorgeous on Facebook, posted “ is celebrating her 3rd Blogversary with a Birthday Giveaway!” on my status & tagged.
    b.) Link:!/profile.php?id=637344789
    c.) Clean & Clear Acne Control Kit

    Option 3

    a.) blogged about the contest
    b.) Link:
    c.) Avon Mega Impact Lipsticks

    Thanks Earth and more power!! 🙂

  37. hi Vernz I pasted the codes for the photos on the Facebook page of Earthlingorgeous you can look it up there and use 🙂

    Thanks for joining! 🙂

  38. Happy 3rd Anniversary Ms. Earth and Happy 9th Birthday to your daughter. May GOD bless your family always!

    OPTION 1

    I want the Fanny Serrano Professional Hair Care Products!

    OPTION 2

    I want the Outspoken Perfume by Fergie. LOve it!

    OPTION 3

    I want the Havaianas Flip Flip 5

    Thank you! I love your giveaway, you’re so generous!
    I did all the three options with different choices in your prizes. I hope I win. Thank you again!

  39. posted about your giveaway on my FB wall…

    here’s the

    I want to win the Rexona Clinical protection for men and women..


  40. I hope you don’t mind and will make our tweets and FB share qualified if we change “Blogversay” and “Blogversarary” into Blogversary

  41. That’s very very generous of you!! hahaha. This is the only blog contest I’ve seen so far that’s giving away this many prizes!!! Happy Anniversary to your blog Earth!! 🙂 will post my entries when I get home. Now I just need to comment hee hee.

  42. Hi Earthlingorgeous!

    I want to join your contest. I just did the following

    1. I followed you via twitter and here is the link of my tweet:!/astig316/status/21794692626649088

    2. I “Liked” your FB fan page and here is the link of my FB status:!/astig316/posts/177380012296064

    3. I blogged about your 3rd Blogversary Birthday Giveaway and here’s the link of my post:

    I want to win the Pampers Active Baby and Avon baby products package

    Congrats to your blogversary and more power!

  43. haha mommy jess thanks

    Reminders to everyone 🙂 please follow the format so as not to confuse me… tee hee… Thank You much! 🙂

    format is option number
    a) what you did
    b) link URL
    c) what you want 🙂

    More power to us all!

    Happy New Year!!! woot!

  44. Hi, Earth! I’m joining your contest. I did Option 1 for now:

    I followed you on Twitter already and tweeted about your contest. Here’s the link to my tweet:!/TetchaF/status/21774685582659586

    I look pale without lipstick, so it’s a necessity for me whenever I leave the house, and my lipstick brand has always been Avon, so I’d like to win your Avon Mega Impact Lipsticks!

  45. @ Janese I’m older than that haha

    You can do blogging when the baby is asleep 🙂 Good luck… sure will invite you haha Thanks much

  46. Hi i joined again ( 2nd time ) thru my fb
    here’s the link :
    ..ds time if ever i want to win the Outspoken perfume by fergie…
    hope to do the 3rd option if i have time coz i promised my self to have more time with my eldest son coz i think he needs more of my time now so maybe blogging will took a backseat muna..:(

    hope il win…will u invite me to the meet up even if i dont win? 🙂 hahaha?..happy bday in advance !

  47. Haha ofcourse I remember you schoolmate… wait I’m older than you so I don’t know the people in SC you were talking about hahahaha! memory gap i feel young pa kasi haha! hmmm ikaw pala si earthlymommy? 😛 haha Thanks for joining and goodluck! 🙂

  48. Hi Kessa!

    Yay! It was nice to know people I talk to in my blog was nice to see you at the New Years Eve party in Sofitel too. Thanks for joining! Good luck!

  49. Yay! Your blog is three years old already. I remember getting to know you through your blog and us forming our Nestle team.

    I wanna join your giveaway. 🙂

    Option 1:
    a. I am one of your Twitter followers.
    c. I want Fergie’s Outspoken Perfume. I like the bottle, it looks interesting.

    I will share this in FB and will blog about this too. I’ll post a new comment later… 🙂

    Congratulations again. Cheers to more blogging years ahead.

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