Welcoming 2011 At Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel

We booked a 3 days 2 nights stay at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel to welcome 2011 in the most classy way we could … the fireworks was amazing but the playlist of the DJ at Treasure Island was so lame … the band who played needed to connect more with the audience, they bore our asses off do death!   The table assignments was screwed up… but like I said the Fireworks display was worth the wait.  The food was yummeh and overflowing!

Amazing Fireworks at Sofitel Philippine Plaza lasted about 8 minutes with the super cute heart and I heart you fireworks!

This was part of the fireworks display only and complained three times how my neck hurts from looking up too long haha!


A view from our window preparing for the buffet dinner at the Treasure Island


Some of the people who attended the countdown to 2011 party at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Treasure Island. Thanks to Ensogo for letting me book the New Year Dinner buffet for Php1,500 pax only originally at Php4,000 +++!




The awesome buffet had Lechon, Roasted Beef and Steamed Blue Marlin! Yummeh!


Part of the dessert buffet table… the food was non-stop until the party finished at 3am!

Also saw Kessa at Sofitel 🙂 one the team Earthlingorgeousness member



A video clip of the fireworks display at Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Oopsies sorry for the bad comments but I wanted to be honest as possible and the criticism are meant constructively so they will do better next year.

Will update this post later… will watch the 100th Founding Anniversary celebration of Taiwan here at the hotel Ciao!

Have a gorgeous 2011 everyone!

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  1. @ Jingkee I know the fireworks were awesome worth the wait haha I hope they change their playlist next NY party 🙂 and a happy 2011 to all of us indeed!

  2. That’s a spectacular display of fireworks. Amazing! Boooooo Sofitel for the boring music. Still, I guess, it will be a happy new year to all of us, right? 🙂

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