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Mosbeau Placenta White All-in-One Facial Cream & Soap Review


To achieve healthy, supple, even toned skin, cleansing is not enough. You need to moisturize, tone and and protect your skin from the many elements in your environment that can affect your skins health.  But I know that using more than 5 products everyday, twice a day, can be a drag.

I’m glad Mosbeau Placenta White invented the All-in-One Set/ Beauty Pack that composed of the Mosbeau Placenta White All-in-One Facial Soap and Mosbeau Placenta White All-in-One Facial Cream. I will only have to use two products, twice a day, everyday because all my beauty needs is in All-in-One, Yay!



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  1. hello ms. vickie 🙂 for acne breakouts, the best product I may recommend is the Mosbeau Spotless White Green Tea Facial Soap. By the way I’m Dianne Agcaoili, account executive of Mosbeau International. If you have further questions, feel free to communicate and ask me at facebook: [email protected] / email: [email protected]

  2. Hi Ms. Vickie, I’m working as an Account Executive from Mosbeau Int’l.
    For acne breakouts, I suggest, you can use po ang other soap ng Mosbeau. The Greentea Facial Soap, highly recommended to remove pimples, acne, blemishes. More applicable for sensitive and problematic skin.
    For product details you can check out my Facebook Business Account.

    I hope I could help you. Thank you.

  3. Hi, I was shopping at Watson, CDO, then one lady noticed my freckles on my face, and she told me to use mosbeau soap. The price is quite expensive but i give it a try. Now im enjoying this glowing and beautiful skin-face as my friends have noticed it. My freckles become lesser for two weeks now. I hope to try the cream too soon…

  4. Hi Vickie, I think if your having breakouts you have to find first the cause of it. I suggest you consult a derma first and treat your breakouts there could be some ingredients in the soap that could get your breakouts worst. Try some anti-acne products for the meantime to clear your breakouts.

  5. Can this soap be used with girls who have acne breakouts? Please reply. Really need help. please? Thanks in advance.

  6. Been using mosbeau tabs bfre quite good also tried kb gluta n met gluta so wth their soap but it gves me breakout now im go bck to mosbeau.. Im going to try their soap hope it wrks fr me..

  7. i’ve been using the soap for 3 months now..and it’s the best soap i’ve ever tried!
    At first i was hesitant to try kasi medyo may kamahalan compared to other soaps,but i bought it eventually..
    Before i use to have this spots in my face and kahit ano ano na lang ang ginamit ko just to remove it,but walang nag work!lalo pang umitim every time nag peel ang skin ko.But when i use this soap,unti unting nag lighten ang spots ko.ang my face is so smooth!and what i love about it,di madaling ma ubos ang sabon,it last for 2 months!Reasonable pala ang price kasi you dont only get smooth and spot free skin,sulit pa ito kasi matagal syang maubos.
    For me,there’s nothing else like it! thank you Mosbeau!

  8. After reading this review last month I purchase the facial soap and it gives me smooth skin. Sometimes I used this as body soap if my skin feels dry.

  9. hi im wondering if this brand can remove stretchmarks too? does mosbeau work better than jiao ming cream?

  10. I’m using the underarm whitening cream and it really works.

    My first bottle 50g last for 3 months and I’m still on my 2nd bottle going on for 4 months. Php950 goes a long way.

  11. tnx much.. im now trying this product, so far ang ganda ng effect. sna mgtuloy tuloy. 🙂

  12. hi barbie you can use the cream on the affected areas lang i think that will work, also try using eskinol on the affected areas it will work too 🙂

  13. do you know any product n effectve s dark spots? i dont really want a fairer skin pro gusto kong kuminis.. i have insect bites that usually turn into black spots and yun ang gus2 kong mwla. help pls..tnx

  14. i havent pa..
    but i want to try their underarm whitening cream.. but its too expensinve.. cant afford to buy one.. 🙁

    with a smile,

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