Tony Moly Makeup Eraser Review

Tony Moly from Korea got their stuff in cute packages.  This Tony Moly Party Lover Makeup Eraser Simply Style looks like a marker at first glance but its not. Its a makeup eraser/ makeup corrector.


How to use:

Simply swipe on to the area with makeup you want erased/ delete/ correct/ remove!

What I think about it?

I think its good to use as makeup correcter and not as a complete makeup remover because it tends to leave marks of erased makeup. Take a look.

Its because the makeup you erased from your face gets in the felt tip:

I suggest and recommend keeping a tissue beside you while you erase and wipe off the makeup residue on the felt tip to get a cleaner look on your face.

Do I recommend Tony Moly Makeup Eraser?
Yes. Its good to use for correcting small makeup mishaps like uneven eyebrows or zig-zag liquid eyeliner application.

Have you tried this makeup eraser?  What do you think?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. tony moly has so many cool much is it?

  2. A must have in one’s makeup kit! For emergency makeup malfunctions! LOL! Love it! I saw that too at Tony Moly Trinoma branch. LIKE LIKE!

  3. Wow I like! This is good for my make-up session while in my portrait shoot….kasi I also do their make-up. 🙂

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