My Cowboys and Aliens Movie Review

Its not as outstanding as I thought it would be.  It started off very slow, I think 1/3th of the film dragging only 2/rd of the movie was thrilling.  I laud the effort though, I feel there was something missing in the film.

I also didn’t love Harrison Ford ( as Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde) in that movie he kinda lost his intelligent demeanor and partly lost his Indiana Jones touch (but that’s my opinion). Daniel Craig (as Jake) fit the role well so does Olivia Wilde (as Ella Swenson and secret!).

Costume was good but not that outstanding but makeup was great.  Effects was good as well.

I also foresee a Cowboys and Aliens Part 2 because of how they ended the movie.  I hope they improve the script next time and add more breathtaking elements elements, there were good stuff in the movie but it lacked the wow effect.

This movie also reminded me of the movie Taken however this one was more of a sci-fi movie than a horror suspense thriller movie.

The similarity was the plot where the abducted civilians look like they need to be taken in some inpatient rehab treatment centers. JOKE!

Olivia’s floral ensemble and boots works for me!

Indiana Jones meets James Bond? Nah they are so much different in this movie!

Ya think flying things can be outrun by horses?

I want that weapon!

The movie poster is promising the movie needs more improvement in the script. Actors were good but they can only deliver according to what is asked of them.

Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for inviting me to the block screening of Cowboys and Aliens at Gateway Mall Cinema 3 sponsored by Pizza Hut Philippines.

Have you seen the movie yet?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I watched this movie it was pretty c@@L….

  2. When I saw their trailer, I really thought it was promising. I mean, it’s Steven Spielberg production, it has to be promising. I hope to see it really soon!

  3. I’m excited to watch this because of James Bond Oh I mean Daniel Craig. 🙂

  4. I still might watch this one if only for Daniel Craig. I love him!

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