FOTW: Just Another Sunday


I got some new makeup from Revlon and Kanebo Cosmetics from their Kate Mineral line this week (review to follow soon)  so I was inspired to play with them today, on a lazy Sunday.  I love the makeup of the  of the Kardashian siblings (Kloe, Kim and Kourtney) in their show, that dark eye shadow mainly of browns and bronze and blacks so I decided to make a look inspired by them and here’s what I came up with.

The Kardashians

My Version


For day time you can skip the black eyeliner and lipstick just use lipgloss and your good to go. For night time add black eyeliner (and maybe some falsies) and lipstick for more drama!


What I used




Today was also my first time using the Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set  I love how soft they are and although I’m kinda confused which brush is used for what, I used them according to my instinct haha!  I’m also surprised I haven’t posted my reviews for most of my L’Oreal and Tony Moly haul! Lotsa catching up to do!
Did you like my look that transforms easily from day to night?
Stay gorgeous everyone!
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  1. hmm… I actually like it. konting smile na lang kahawig niyo na si Kim. 🙂

  2. Wow! I am also a fan of the KArdashians most especially KIm! I luv her! I like your eyes Earth!

  3. I also love the Kardashain, I watch their show and I love their makeup as well. I think you pulled it off, you can be mistaken as one of them haha!

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