How To Clean Your Worn-Off Dusty Leather Bag

I will show you  two ways you  can clean your bags to make them look spanking brand new.  One way is the professional/expensive way using branded products that are specifically made for bag care.  Or, by using products you can easily find at the grocery.

Here are some of the products you can use to clean your worn-off dusty leather bags:
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L-R: Apollo Petroleum Jelly (Php42.00), SC Johnson Glo Metal Polish (Php123.75), Apple Garde Bag Care products (patent and patina cleaner, Suede and Nubuck cleaner, Leather care and cleaner).  You can get the Apple Garde products from Purse Prime!

I was suppose to bring this Guess handbag at that private bag spa I attended recently but I was too embarrassed to bring it along with me because of the its pathetic worn-off should be thrown in the garbage state when I took it out of the storage.

I’ve had this Guess handbag for more than two years now but was kept in a storage for a couple of months. Little did I know that it got to this sorry state already, along with a couple more of my Celine picked up so many dust than I can imagine despite being being kept inside a dust bag.

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I used the Petroleum Jelly on the left side and used the Apple Garde Leather Cleaner on the right just to show you the different effect it will do to your leather handbag.

The part cleaned with the Apollo petroleum jelly  looks much shinier than the one cleaned with the apple garde.  If you like your leather shiny like this then use petroleum jelly, if you like it a little matte then use apple garde.

IMG_0197Copy of IMG_0205
To clean the metal part of your handbag like buckles, designs and zipper I use the Glo Metal Polish by SC Johnson.
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Look how it makes the metal shinny and bright I can actually make a mirror out of it!

Copy of IMG_0216
Tada! It looks like brand new again!

CAUTION: Never use water to clean or wipe off dust and dirt from your leather handbag or even shoes as real leather will either get very dry and eventually flake and crack.  Better to keep a petroleum jelly handy.

CLEANING TIP: If you don’t like the shine the PJ gives you handbag just let it set for awhile and then wipe it again.  What I like about PJ is its a cleaner and conditioner in one as it makes the leather soft as well.


  • Apply petroleum jelly on the zipper of your handbag so they don’t get tight.
  • Put a dehumidifier (silica gel)  inside your handbag before storage so it will not gather mildew (that ugly white stuff)
  • Put bag fillers in your handbag if you are gonna store to keep them in their nice form.  You can put crumpled newspapers or mini-pillows inside or clothes you don’t wear often.
  • Never hang handbags for storage as they stretch out the handles
  • Don’t fill your bags too much when you use them even if you think they are never full!

How about you what do you use to clean your handbag?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • Divine Caraecle 09/29/2011 at 11:20 pm Reply

    @Theresa, hindi ba nakakasira ng bag lalo kung lalabhan palagi? I used to wash my bags pero ang sabi huwag daw dalasan pero babaho naman yun eh.

  • Divine Caraecle 09/29/2011 at 11:19 pm Reply

    Ang galing, hindi ko ito alam ah? Puwede pala yun? Thanks for sharing this sis!

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