I’ll be slowing down on the blog updates for now until I don’t know when as my PC died on me. All my photos and files for my blogs are in there. Stupid Microsoft is asking me to activate my windows but I can’t do so without hooking up my net or calling their customer service rep to activate itfor me but the number they gave me to call is defunct. Tried looking online via my mobile device for solution it said I need to pay $16.50 to be able to talk to their customer rep, WTF is that.

So be it as it may, I’m slowing down uuntil I’m calm again.

I’ll be announcing the September winner as soon as I get my PC rollibg again. I’ll be posting my octoberfest blog contest as soon as possible.

I’ll be posting blog updates from time to time using my other devices but that would mean not much photos.

That said,I apologize for all the delays crappy net , crappy pc makes a crappy blog lol! So I’ll step away for awhile.

If you want to hear from me from time to time you can follow me on Twitter @earthlngorgeous I’ll be microblogging more often.

Thanks everyone! But I do hope you still visit once a day give my blog some love.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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6 comments on “Announcement

  1. veta

    same with my PC… i can’t open all my files.
    even the speakers ayaw tumunog. one solution, pina-reformat ko nalang.

  2. Issa

    i can totally relate! i have crappy internet right now…. :(

  3. Jeny

    They say, a clean house is a sign of a broken computer. LOL.Hope it is already fix as i am writing this comment.Good luck!

  4. Mina

    That is soooo sad. Hope your PC gets fixed as soon as possible. Good thing I followed you on twitter and liked your FB account so I won’t be missing out on a lot. But I am really looking forward to hearing from you soon. Love your blogs kaya! <3

  5. theresa

    aaawww! that’s too bad! same thing when our PC was broken.. hirap ng walang back up tlga! u can ask for your technician to back up the files for you if ever possible pa.. tsk tsk.. so sad! anyway, i’m following you on twitter nman eh :)

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