Christmas Gift Suggestion #3: HP PictureBooks

Admit it or not most of you reading this right now have stored their photos in your hard drive, flash drive or CD/DVD.  While some of you will admit to lost a collection of photos because of a PC crash or accidentally hit delete.  Good bye photos, good bye to beautiful memories captured on film!

But wait, you don’t have to accept this fact, you can actually do something to save all your photos longer than a lifetime.  How?  with HP Picture Books.

Hard cover
Soft cover

Yesterday was the grand launch of Picture Books and I was so delighted to see that the photo books are now available in the country and its very much affordable.  In fact it’s a great gift for your loved ones this Christmas.

Why you and your loved one will love PictureBooks?

  • Its a great feeling to see all your favorite photos from your travel or any favorite occasion with family and friends in an accessible photo book you don’t have to turn on the PC or go online just to see them
  • The cheapest picturebook is just Php450 and contains 30 pages!
  • I love the fact that they all come standard with up to 30 pages, and free shipping within the Philippines.They will ship it to you 7 days upon ordering. They accept all major credit cards and Gcash too!
  • You can download the free software and use it to create and order your own layout and prints!
  • It can link up to your favorite online photo storage and sharing tools like Facebook and Twitter and order your prints through it!

Paper quality is amazing look!

Here’s the pricing for picture book sizes

Photos at the HP PictureBook grand launch at Fully Booked High Street BGC


They are all loving their picture books! I’m excited to have mine printed soon!

It’s not just good as Christmas gift you can also use it for your yearbook and portfolio!  They also accept calendar, calling card, poster and other printing requirement.  For more information email [email protected] or visit   They also accept franchising if you are interested to venture to a photo book business!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. cute cya ako din mahilig magtago ng pics but i sued regular albums dont know about this just now looks cool

  2. It’s nice to know that all of you guys appreciated all of our works. If you have any suggestions regarding the PictureBooks, we are very pleased to hear them for the improvement of our product. Thank you very much! Enjoy!

  3. i always love picture books. Actually, i already have 3 from art’s cow. It’s nice, water resistant and truly worth cherishing.

    I’ll check this out!

  4. looks great.
    actually wala akong na-save na photos sa cd eh. kaya super sisi ako ng masira yung harddisk ng PC ko..nawala lahat ng photos ko naka save.
    anyways, itong featured picture book ay kakaiba at maganda.

  5. Wow, this is sooo cool! I want to have one. Hopefully before Christmas so I can keep all the memories with my loved ones. Thanks Earth for another helpful post! 🙂

  6. I have tried these and I love it! I have my son’s first birthday album at picturebooks! 🙂 now, I have to get the other birthdays printed too! hihihi….

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