Kate Mineral Eyeshadow CQ Review


As much as I love playing with colors on my eyes, nothing beats the neutrsls and earthly tones.


Product Info

Kanebo Cosmetics Kate Miner Eyeshadow CQ has sparky eyeshadow shade created base on the image of crystal and transparwnt shine. It haa three (3) color gradiation each of which contains crystal pearl.



Photo taken with flash


Photo taken without flash


On my eyes


What I think of it

  • I love that each shade is pearlized as it adds more drama to the eyes.
  • You canbuse onebahase each or combine to create different looks.
  • I love that it doesn’t feather and doesn’t easily rub off. Tinted enough that colors appear in one swatch/layer

Do I recommend it?

Its something makup enthusiast would love to have in their makeup kit. Its also a good shade for those who love to be daring with sparkly eyeshadow but are afraid of going too much.

How about you, whats your favorite eyeshadow shade?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Haha yeah am ysing HTC lang kasi to blog lately hahaha, thanks thanks for noticing! Will fix as soon as i get hold.of a pc /laptop longer hahaha

  2. Hello Earth! I noticed that your posts have several typo errors recently. Wala lang, just an observation. 🙂

    Anyway, I like the palette packaging!

  3. nice review! I also love neutrals! very natural and you can wear it everyday! 🙂

  4. I am more of a pink and orange tone, but I see neutral and earth colors beautiful. Although , i love my eyes with more black liner so i will be looking like a chinita, kahit hindi,

  5. The first time I saw this, I instantly loved the packaging and all that especially the colors! I love how simple they are. and may I just tel you that it looks really good on you. About your question, I don’t really wear make- up but I am kind of planning to learn about it after my work here in Southern Leyte. Thanks for sharing this to us. Your reviews are really helpful. 🙂

  6. Amazing eyeshadow! The colors would go well on just about anyone. I always use Earth tones because they are most wearable & versatile too.

  7. Oh I love how this palette looks on you, and loving all the neutrals. I’ve always leaned on neutrals but am trying to experiment on the eyes by adding on different colors, just thought I’d be more daring in my choices since blogging :). These are definitely the type to wear on days when you don’t want to be adventurous, and can prove to be a life saver. Thanks for sharing this product Earth! Hope to see you again soon! – Mar

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