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I fell from our stairs yesterday and I fell really hard. As soon as I did and got my composure back (whatevers’s left of it) I took two pain reliever pills immediately. It worked,numbed the pain a bit but it still hurts. In fact it hurts much worst this morning I don’t think I can walk it! I’ll be drowning 3 painrelievers today my butt hurts too, I literally and figuratively hurt everywhere now.

I’ll take a step back from blogging and events but will still do product reviews of products sent to me. If you need to contact me email me at earthlingorgeous (@) hotmail.com or twitter @earhlngorgeous (no i) or if its urgent text me.

However, if there is any among my gorgeous readers who wishes to blog for me as guest blogger or correspondent, post interest here. I would like someone who can blog about makeup,fashion, travel,trends and events in the most casu and fun way, I like pictures, lots and lots of them. If you can show me some writing/blogging samples I would appreciate it.

This is not a paid gig but entails a lot of perks and meeting my contacts and attending awesome events. If I love your work I will be giving you a generous surprise.

Are you ready to be a gorgeous blogger? Please fill up the form:

Coverage will include variety of events from fashion show, beauty product launch, campaign launching, store visits, concerts,movies, food tasting and restaurant visits, store visit etc.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

About Earth Rullan

I am a storyteller. Influencer. Trendsetter. Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogger. An advocate of autism awareness, women's and children's rights. A former Journalist. I am not an expert I am experienced. I do what I love no regrets. If you need anything email me at : earthlingorgeous (@) gmail.com



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29 comments on “Who Wants To Be An Earthlingorgeous Blogger?

  1. Melandria

    I do hope everything is fine with you now. As much as I wanted to be your guest blogger, i feel that I still lack the talent and knowledge. Take care though :)

  2. veta

    how are you right now? hope everything about is doing well right now though it happened days ago.

    take care always.

  3. corrine

    this would be a great exposure for the guest blogger and also to learn from veteran blogger like you earth. hope can cover some of your events or reviews.I need to get myself occupied one way or the other.

  4. Mina

    waaa.. nakakalungkot naman at nandito ako sa Visayas area. But I really want to be a guest blogger. Sana meron pang ibang pagkakataon (pero hindi sa paraang maaaksidente ka hehe) God Bless to all the guest bloggers that will be chosen! Break a leg! (don’t take it literally) LOL. Get well soonest Earth! 😀

  5. Jeniffer Gangan

    Are you okay now? I do hope so. Praying for your fast and complete recovery. Hope you get an awesome guest blogger!

  6. Mar

    So sad to hear about what happened to you dear. Hope you’ll be feeling better as the days go by. All the best on your recovery! – Mar

  7. Anjsh

    Ouch. Get well soon and you should visit the doctor. Don’t take too much pain reliever it can cause ulcers. Take care!

  8. Gene

    Ouch! That must have hurt a lot considering that the painkillers didn’t help ease the pain. Hope you fell better soon. Or better yet, have it checked with your doctor.

  9. Issa

    so sad to hear this. hope you’re okay… oh, wish I could help you but I am not very good at writing… hope you find the blogger you’re looking for :)

  10. Maria Alyssa

    Hi Earth! I’m new in blogging but I have a lot of free time, have basic photography and writing skills, and I like to be your guest blogger/ correspondent. What do I need to do to qualify?

    BTW, get well soon! :)

  11. Mina

    Hi Earth! So sad to hear about what happened to you. Anyway, I love the idea of being a guest blogger here. That’s like one of my dreams. But I don’t think I have the guts because, I don’t wear make-up, I love fashion but I haven’t got the time to really apply it on my daily living because I am a Community Organizer and simple life is what I live. But I have my own blog too at isolovemina.wordpress.com (but I think it’s too personal and got nothing to do with make-ups and fashion)

    God Bless and get well soon!

  12. corrine

    oh i forgot i want to volunteer as your part-time blogger. I can go anywhere and anytime. I can accompany you. I want to learn. Just starting my blogging experience. check mine http://www.singlemomsupermom.tk. it not much but gots lots of ideas and drafts yet.hehehe.

    1. earthlingorgeous

      Hi corine and maricar can you send me links to your Facebook account? Thanks! @ Ria i’ll message you ASAP!

    2. earthlingorgeous

      Hi corine and maricar can you send me links to your Facebook page? Thanks

  13. Agnes Dc

    get weel soon Ms. Earth. have it check soon!

  14. Maricar Rillera

    I would love to be a guest blogger! :) You can take a look at my blog. I am an experienced article writer and blogger. Article writing is my part time job. :)

  15. Alex Dizon

    Aw… This means I wouldn’t see you much anymore. Hope you get well soon friendship! ^_^

  16. corrine

    Rest Ice compress and elevate.don’t ever massage the area lalo lang sasakit.

  17. corrine

    just remember pala avoid taking too much pain reliever no good. If you can tolerate the pain better or sleep on it na lang. that’s what I always say to my taekwondo students.

  18. corrine

    Get well soon Earth. Don’t move to much. Remember the R.i.c.e. treatment it works. Believe me gone to much worst than that. Well if you need help I am more willing to give my support as I can.

    1. earthlingorgeous

      Corine! What is the rice treatment?

  19. Ria

    uh oh, get well soon Earth.

    I wanna be an Earthlingorgeous blogger too (well depending on the schedule of events. Hope I’m qualified :)


    Gosh, that’s sad news. I wish that you could find a guest blogger ASAP. Get well soon, Ms. Earth!

  21. earthlingorgeous

    Hey ruthie! Ur so qualified! Contact u soon, pleaae reply with your cp number don’t worry i won’t publish it all comments are moderated! Thanks!

  22. wena

    ouch! nagpa- X ray ka na ba? hope you find a guest blogger, soon… apply sana ako kaya lang, you know naman ng once in a blue moon ako available sa events hehe, baka di rin ako maka-cope sa dami ng events and write-ups

  23. Ruthilicious

    Would love to Earth! Hope my sched can accommodate the events! :(

    Take care dear. You might need to go to the doctor.. (?)

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