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ANTM All Stars Top 5 Olympian Goddesses


And now the Americas Next Top Model All Stars is down to the Top 5 contenders.  This is a teaser  of the episode where the girls get to experience Greece nightlife and have some time out to enjoy the place.

In their photo shoot Nigel Barker was trying to capture the ANTM All Stars top 5 re-creating ancient Greece Olympic poses, kinda like Olympian Goddesses!

Here’s the top 5 in order of my most like photograph.

Laura (she looks like a hot archer, curves and all but she is holding the bow ready for the kill!

Allison (look at the hands and the facial expression, deep concentration from a disk thrower!)

Dominique (she looks like she’s gonna throw her hips first before the sphere but her shot is better than the bottom two bellow IMO)

Lisa (looks like a runner in flight but she looks lost)

Angelea (looks like she’s reaching to give the thingy on her hand to someone up there but not trying to throw it as the sport she is trying to re-create)

 Which of the top 5 ANTM All Stars you are rooting for?

Photos from CW Network

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  1. Allison and Dominique. I agree with Ms. Leilani that personality should count in contests like these. They are models – not only eye candy, but possible inspiration for everyone out there.

  2. I like Allison and Dominique…coz I think personality should also count…getting your head bigger than your shoulders is not good 🙁
    Lisa and Angelea have this kind of tendency 🙁

  3. I like the upper half of Laura’s photo. Kaso parang ang awkward ng position ng legs niya, but the look works anyway!

  4. I liked the pose of Laura but I dont like she positioned her legs.I thik Angelia looks best among the 5,or I rather say maganda pagkakapose nya…..Dominique looks like a barbie scarecrow…

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