Christmas Gift Suggestion 5: Slendertone for the Face

Actually this is a gift for all seasons. Birthday or anniversary. Its one helluva gift I would like to have myself!

Its a gift suited to the beauty conscious women and men out there who wants to maintain their youth and get rid of their wrinkles without having to go through botox or face lift procedures!

I’m talking about the Slendertone for the face.

Slendertone is a face massager that exercises your facial muscles  for you and helps get rid of your wrinkles/expression lines!

Its kinda pricey compared to the other gift suggestions I posted before but its absolutely worth it and a cost effective gadget comapred to having a botox or facelift or do any anti-aging treatnents and use all anti-aging creams out there that are entirely topical and temporary only!

Slendertone for the face is Php19,900.00 and can be bought online at Primex for now.

Recommended use is everyday for 20minutes a day 5 times a week and you will see and feel the difference.

I want this!

I would trade it for a mobile gadget!

There’s a version for men and its black a slight bigger.

I tried this machine yesterday and I was sold to it. I want ine!

This will actuly make us stay gorgeous you know! Haha!

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  • Recca 03/12/2012 at 7:14 pm Reply

    It doesn’t matter the price as long as heartily given. But christmas is giving and sharing. In which does not count expensive or not.

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