Madonna or Lady Gaga Perfume?

Next year, Madonna and Lady Gaga will have another show off, this time with the launch of their signature perfume.  Madonna is set to launch her Truth or Dare perfume line and will be sold in this slim white bottle the scent is yet to be heard of though.


Meanwhile Lady Gaga will launch her signature perfume Monster which will be intriguingly bear a mix scent of “blood and semen“?  Uhoh!  I am now curious about the packaging!


So, with the tidbits of info I told you, which among the Madonna Truth or Dare or Lady Gaga Monster perfume will you buy?

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  1. Nicavia Chua

    I’m so curious how Lady G’s Blood & semen would smell… Sounds intriguing hehehe Even though I’m curious about it, I might choose Madonna’s Truth or Dare 😛

  2. blood and semen????? why would someone want to wear that scent on them? kay madonna na lang ako. hehehee, ganda pa ng bote

  3. charmaigne grace gepana

    oh! i’ll try the two! two thumbs up for them!

  4. pwede wala? 🙂 pero o cge na nga…kay madonna sa akin… ayoko mag amoy monster hehhe


    I will go for Madonna’s Truth or Dare perfume! Blood and semen mixed, I don’t think it’s going to smell nice. 🙂

  6. leilani sonza

    nalerkey ako…semen and blood?! edi parang rust na clorox?!!teehee…ayaw nun…madonna nalang…ehehhehe

  7. Issa

    I would go for Madonna, hihihi….

  8. Arra Morta

    I’l chose Madonna Truth or dare,seems a sophisticated scent…But for sure Lady gaga’s perfume bottle was more eye catching and intriguing..and Im sure it was dedicated to care-free and high-spirited gals out there just like Lady Gaga herself!

  9. Joana

    I always go for classic Madonna. 🙂 Pero, just wondering if blood and semen smells so good when together? haha! Got me curious and want to try that upcoming perfume. 😛

  10. i would choose Madonna’s Truth or Dare perfume..i”m sure hers have more sweet and classic scent. . . . 🙂

  11. hehheh….I’m curios also of Lady Gaga’s packaging…..

  12. Jenny So

    I would choose Madonna Truth or Dare in a heartbeat. Ayoko nga mangamoy dugo at semen. 🙂

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