Travel Expo 2012

I went to the Travek Expo 2012 today at SMX Convention Center at MOA to see if I could get some nice travel deals at great discoubts and to look for travel ideas. There’s not much you can do really in there unless you went first day and get the best deals iut of deals.being offered. There is just too many people wanting to travel domestic or international.

Travel expo 2012
What I did was just get all the leaflets and flyers and brochures with deals and.prices of travle tours and packages details on ut. That’s the best thing you can do and just sit down at home later and compare notes. Besides, I don’t have patience to wait and get bumped at by people passing by shouting waving or whatever trying to do their business. Also most of the offers are land arrangements only. Meaning you still have to book and find a flight that will match the travel package dates you got. It is also a nice venue to find birthday gifts for dads that includes an adventure trip or plan a trip to the Grand Prix destinations!
Travel ex 2012 TravelEx with Eric
Overall Travel Expo 2012 was success in.a way as there wee hubdreds of participants and I bet visitors reached a million!. Bumped into Eric of Byahilo and Brian of and The Boys Night Out DJs. Thanks to the ideas. I know now where to go for my 2012 travels.

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  1. Issa

    aaaaayyy, i have nothing planned pa for this year!

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