L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Prodigious Rejuvenating Pre-Essence Review

When you reach my age and you will get very conscious about ageing.  All of a sudden you will get that insatiable obsession to anti-ageing products so you can maintain your youthful skin as long as you can.  When this bottle of L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Prodigious Rejuvenating Pre-Essence was sent to me last week, I was like a kid in a candy store.  I’ve heard a lot of nice review about this product and I can’t wait to see the results myself.

L'Oreal Paris Youth Code
Product Info

After 10 years of research, L’Oreal Laboratories discovered that recovery genes in youthful skin respond 5x faster to aggression like fatigue and stress than in older skin. The Ln’Oreal breakthrough Pro-Gen Technology activates a specific gene to help boost skin’s recovery power more like it did when it was younger.  With this Prodigious Rejuvenating Pre-Essence you can restore your skin’s natural Youth Code.

It promises to immediately transform the skin quality making it intensely hydrated and silky smooth, fine lines are reduced and skin looks fresher.  After a week it promises to make the skin texture refined, facial features are rested and skin looks radiant from within.  In a month, skin looks rejuvenated and visibly younger.

Product Shots:
Highly concentrated pre-essence that gets absorbed by the skin fast.


Before applying the L’Oreal Paris Youth Code the skin on the back of my hands have heavy wrinkle lines.
After applying the essence the wrinkle lines reduced and my skin brightened a bit
How to use:
After cleansing the face apply the pre-essence before applying your day and night cream or moisturizers. Pump a few amounts of your face and gently massage onto skin.

What I think about it:

  • I love how concentrated the essence is.  It gets easily absorbed by the skin.
  • As soon as you apply the essence you will immediately see the difference it promises.  It makes the skin look fresher and brighter and silky soft and smooth.
  • I also love the scent, its so relaxing, especially after a long and tiring day, using the essence right after cleansing my face  is soothing.
  • I’ve been using it for almost two weeks now and well I should agree about how refined skin is now.  See it yourself!

Price:   I’m not actually sure how much a bottle of L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Prodigious Rejuvenating Pre-Essence is since this was just a gift from L’Oreal  but this 30ml bottle is definitely worth every penny.

That’s the effect of the Youth Code, skin looks so rejuvenated and fresh. Parang in-love lang ang peg, skin is so glowing!

How about you, have you tried the L’Oreal Youth Code yet?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • Issa 03/21/2012 at 4:48 pm Reply

    wow, love the effect Miss Earth! Ganda ng skin! And I love your FOTD too! 🙂

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