FOTD: Estee Lauder 5 Step Face For A Flawless Look

Last week, Estee Lauder Philippines invited a couple of beauty bloggers last week to experience the DoubleWear Foundation and to see their newly renovated beauty counter at Rustan’s Edsa Shangri-la Mall which was unveiled the same day.

Estee Lauder Beauty Counter at Rustan's Shangrila-Mall
Estee Lauder Beauty Counter at Rustan's Shangri-la Mall
The Estee Lauder Beauty Counter in Rustan’s Shangri-la Mall was pretty huge and cozy it has its own lounge area and beauty counter more like a beauty bar to me! I love it!
Esteee Lauder Rustan's Beauty Counter Shangri-la Mall
Estee Lauder Beauty Counter Rustans Edsa Shangri-la
I was glad I attended this event as it included a makeup demo in which we learned about Estee Lauder’s signature services and makeup application techniques especially the 5 Step Face for building a flawless look We were also given the 5 Step Face Kit so we can also try out the look on our own! Yay!


The Five Step Face Foundation Flower Kit:

What you need is the Double Wear Light Foundation and a Foundation Blush.
Step 1: Place a small amount of foundtion on the back of your hand. This makes it easier to spread over you face!

Estee Lauder Foundation Flower Kit

Step 2: Divide your face into quadrants. Imagine your nose as the center of a flower, and the rest of your face as petals: forehead, cheeks and chin.
Step 3: Start applying the foundation where you see the most uneveness. For most women, this is the center of the care: the center of the flower.
Step 4: Apply foundation to other petals one area at a time. Blend outward in the direction a petal grows from the center of the flower.
Step 5: When finished blending one area, apply to the next.

Before 5 Step Face

The Five Step Face Fatique Fighter:

What you need is the Advance Night Repair Eye or Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator, Disappear Concealer and Concealer Brush
Step 1: On the back of your hand, mix Advanced Night Repair Eye with small amount of Disappear Concealer

Estee Lauder Fatique Fighter Look Disappear Concealer

Step 2: Use the mixture to apply mixture under the eyes. Gently pat and blend into the skin.
Step 3: Using the concealer brush, apply extra concealer at the inner and outer corners of the eye, blend to soften the edges.
STep 4: Brighten the entire area by patting a little additional concealer under the brow arch. From the outer corner of the eye and also on top of the cheekbones.
Step 5: If your eye area concerns center around puffiness and dark circles, repeat the same step with the Cooling Eye Illuminator.

After 5 Step Face
Our pretty model Julia!
Estee Lauder has this unique way of finding your perfect shade of foundation. They use this chart to see not just your shade but undertones as well!

I also tried the look myself and I love it!

Trying out the FIve Step Face
Trying out the 5 Step Face
My 5 Step Face Look
Already expert makeup bloggers who attended the event was still very intent watching the demo. I guess like me they also learned something new!

Julia our model for the day, ingetera beauty bloggers on the mirror watching LOL!
Liz of Estee Lauder with Shen, Angela and Nikki watching the demo intently

A demo from Liz of Estee Lauder on how to prepare the face using the Estee Lauder Serum

Liz showing us how to prep the face for makeup using the serum
Angie showing us the Toner and the Serum used by Liz
Aside from the makeup demo we also enjoyed some yummy cocktails during the event! The food was delish I tell you! They said it was from Cibbo Catering

Group picture!

Estee Lauder DoubleWear Event group pic
I hope you also learned something new from this post and use it. The 5 Step Face for building a flawless look is something I will definitely use when applying makeup now. Thanks Estee Lauder!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • Amar 12/11/2015 at 12:15 pm Reply

    I just got colour mahtced on Tuesday for some for a trial/review I’m doing. I had high hopes for it, but I’m not overly impressed so far. It’s pretty drying (and my skin isn’t dry), and it doesn’t cover the redness in my cheeks. When the girl at the counter put it on it looked fantastic, but she must have packed it on and cleverly made it look not so much, because I have not been able to replicate what she did. I do love the colour though – it’s Desert Beige, and it’s pretty much a perfect match for me. It’s rare that I can find a foundation that matches so well, so I’m even more disappointed that I’m not loving it.

  • Issa 06/25/2012 at 10:23 pm Reply

    I love Julia’s new do! bagay sa kanya… thanks for sharing the 5 steps from Estee Lauder!

  • jay arcy 06/21/2012 at 10:28 am Reply

    thanks for sharing this1!! will try this during the weekend ( cause i dont really put on make up at work)

  • Arra Morta 06/21/2012 at 4:46 am Reply

    Wow,the beauty counter was so posh!…I love the effect on your face Ms.E,you look so glowy:)

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