5 Things To Love About The Adore Fragrances For Her

How I look for a certain day depends entirely on my mood.  If I feel fun and flirty I’d wear something more girly and a bit revealing.  If I’m feeling lazy I’d wear something very simple and carefree.   However, with the new Adore Fragrances , my look will depend on which variant I put on after taking a shower.

Adore Fragrances has six different variants .  Two body spray variants you can spray all over your body right after bath (Charmed and Wicked)


  • Charmed smells like a soft lily scent. A bit sweet but not too much. Very charming indeed
  • Wicked remind me of a red rose . A mild floral scent that has and alluring and naughty vibe.

Four cologne variants you can spray on wherever you are any time of the day (Chic, Flirt,Kiss and Innocent)


  • Chic is a very fresh scent, just like someone who just got out of the shower.
  • Flirt is a fun and flirty floral scent good to pair with the Wicket Body Spray to enhance the flirty vibe.
  • Kiss is a fruity scent kinda reminds me of a green apple.
  • Innocent is a very mild lavender scent.

5 Things I love about the Adore Fragrances

  1. I love that it has 6 different variants that I can wear everyday except on a Sunday where I can go out with my natural scent! Haha!
  2. I love that the scents are not that very overpowering or too strong
  3. The scent of Body Spray when sprayed all-over the body after bath will last for hours! Amazing
  4. You can combine using the Body Spray and the the cologne at the same time and the scents won’t clash.
  5. In fact by combining the cologne and body spray (not mixing them in the bottle ok! but spray one over the other!) you can come up with your signature and original scent!

Adore Fragrances is available at your favorite personal care store nationwide and has a for him counterpart the Aqua Fresco Fragrances For Him!

Aqua Fresco Fragrances Cologne

Aqua Fresco Fragrances Body Spray
Have you tried this new fragrances? What is your favorite variant?

Btw, Adore Fragrances and Aqua Fresco Fragrances is included on the prizes for the 5th Blogversary Dream Makeover Giveaway! If you want to win this and more join now! Contest ends February 15, 2013!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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