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I got a lot of inquiry with regards to the best eyebrow makeup available in the market they can use.  I understand the concern as the eyebrow makes or breaks a look.  If you wear your eyebrow too thick you look like someone who doesn’t know what threading, plucking or shaving means.  If you wear your eyebrow too think, you will look 10 years older than your actual age.  If you wear the wrong colored eyebrow makeup, it will also ruin your look.     In my opinion, the best eyebrow makeup looks natural and not too painted.    Here are some of the eyebrow makeup I recommend.  I also list options from the most expensive to the most affordable product you can find in the market.


Eyebrow Pens Recommended by Earthlingorgeous


  • Mac Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil Php650.00
  • K-Palette 24h Real Lasting 2-Way Eyebrow Liner (Honey Brown) Php1,050.00



  • BYS Brow Eye Pencil Blonde Php250.00
  • Nature Republic Pretty Tree Wood Eyebrow 02 Deep Brown Php120.00

Aside from eyebrow pens there are eyebrow powder makeup you can use to make your brows look perfect. But if you are not that skilled enough you may put too much powder and it will look uneven as well. It takes a lot of practice to get used to eyebrow powder. So I recommend pens better than powder. They are hand and easy to use. Easy to carry too!


The Difference between eyebrow pencils and eye liner:  Eye brow pens are hard and you won’t be able to draw on the back of your hands when you swatch.  Eye liner are soft and you can swatch it at the back of your hands.  The mistake people make is use eyeliner as eyebrow liner which is a no no!  Eye liners is for lining close to the eyes lashes or at the waterline area.

How about you, have you tried any of this eyebrow pens before? What do you think?

Stay gorgeous everyone

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  1. I love looking at women with black eyeliner. It has a beautiful effect. I wore it a couple of times, but someone applied it for me.

  2. I don’t actually use eyebrow pens ’cause I found most pencils too dark for my liking. I’m currently using NYX’s eyebrow powder in Taupe/Ash and it’s just the perfect thing for me 🙂 It fills my sparse area without making my brows look too drawn on.

  3. hi Jane! yes you will love K-Palette I’ve been using K-Palette for months now 🙂

  4. great tips for me! i am hving a hard time what pencil shud i use! coz u cant barely see my eyebrow kulang nlng monalissa aq hehe shud try the Kpalette!

  5. Currently, I am using the one from K-Palette and I’m glad I got it! It’s very easy to use and looks very natural. It’s worth every penny 🙂

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