Digital Print Fashion Exhibit

I’m sure most of you have seen if not worn the latest staple in fashion design that was brought about by the digital age – digital print fashion pieces! You see them in dresses, leggings, shirts, skirts and almost any possible textile or fabric you can print on!

Digital Print Fashion Exhibit
Alexander McQueen digital print masterpiece
Phoenix Art Museum is having an exhibit that started this week and will last until July 14 to showcases over 40 works by contemporary and top international designers  including Mary Katrantzou, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Rucci and Issey Miyake among others who have incorporated digitally print textiles in their design.

Digital Print Fashion Exhibit
Advances in digital textile printing have brought about the widespread use in fashion design of a new range of prints in bold, eye-catching patterns and colors.  Over the past two decades, technological advances in graphics software, photography and ink-jet printing have expanded the range of possible image sources, the potential for image manipulation, and the rapid production of intricate patterns in limitless colors. These digital tools also aid fashion designers in engineering the custom placement of a print on a garment as so the notion of the repeat in a print design that was once dictated by the limitations of production methods may now be based on aesthetic choices. “

Digital Print Fashion ExhibitDigital Print Fashion Exhibit
The idea of the exhibit came to Dennita Sewell, the museum’s curator of fashion, while she was reading a The Wall Street Journal article, “Are You Wearing a Watercolor?” in May of 2010. Dennita said, “The story highlighted the technology and the many collaborations between artist and designers that the medium was facilitating.” The tension of technology had found its way into the brands outside of Twitter, specifically the designer’s inspiration boards. She went on, “The new generation of designers that are entering the field have grown up using digital media all of their lives. It seems natural that they would use these tools in their design.”

Digital Print Fashion ExhibitDigital Print Fashion Exhibit

Dennita doesn’t see the software and ink-fostered designs phasing out soon, as she told us. “The technology is still being developed and designers are still at the fore of realizing its potential. Digital printing will continue to impact the look and economics of fashion and is poised to become the primary method of printing for the 21st century.”

Digital Print Fashion ExhibitDigital Print Fashion Exhibit
Digital Print Fashion ExhibitDigital Print Fashion ExhibitDigital Print Fashion ExhibitDigital Print Fashion ExhibitDigital Print Fashion Exhibit
Lovely aren’t they?

For more information on the show and how to visit the museum check out the exhibition’s page here and the museum’s website here.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Images by Je Suis Juste Moi

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  • jettedivine 07/20/2013 at 9:37 am Reply

    I love this! looove prints! looove alexander mcqueen!

  • Sab 03/12/2013 at 2:01 pm Reply

    Oh! I love it. I love the print styles and colors of spring. The textures in the clothing looks real. 🙂 I hope I can wear one of those styles.

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