Thiocell Glutathione Glutathione Initial Review

I must admit, when I was a decade younger, I also had the desire to get a lighter/whiter skin. It was the peer pressure going and that colonial mentality during that time, where we tanned/morena skin were discriminated and treated unequally because of our skin color. Had these skin whitening products came  earlier, I would have embraced them all. Or had I the money, I would have gone through all those scary bleaching process. Thank God all I mentioned were still nonexistent. I love my color and I have no desire to be whiter as Snow White. Plus the fact that I love to travel and soak in the sun while in the beach. My concern these days is actually with wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. That is why I am giving this Thiocell Glutatione.

Thiocell Glutathione review
Product Info
Thiocell Glutathione promises to be the most effective in whitening and anti-aging product to date because of its unique combination of selinium, glutathione, and vitamin C. This unique combination replenishes the glutathione levels in the body and maintains it. Tiocell is in chewable Lozenges form, which ensures that the glutathione is absorbed through the oral cavity instead of the stomach, thereby ensuring faster and maximum absorption. It has a grape flavor that makes it pleasurable to dissolve in the mouth. Aside from its whitening and anti-aging benefits, Thiocell claims to be beneficial to diabetic patients with fatty liver. It does not contain alcohol or animal product, and contains no added sugar, starch, preservatives or artificial flavor.

Thiocell Glutathione review
Product Shots
Double sealed for your protection. There’s a cotton inside to prevent moistening.

Thiocell Glutathione review

The tablet is a big as a 25 cents coin.

Thiocell Glutathione review
Initial observations

  • I love the grape flavor and scent and taste, it makes it easier to keep in the mouth, and suck like candy until it fully dissolves in you mouth.
  • As for the effect (whitening and anti-aging), I have nothing yet to tell you as I just started taking it.
  • One bottle contains 30 tablets so it is good for a whole month of consumption.
  • Please come back after a month for my final verdict of Thiocell

Do I recommend it?
You can try it now if you want but I can’t say anything nice or bad yet as I haven’t tried it fully. Thiocell Glutathione is available at your favorite drugstore or beauty counter nationwide and is distributed by Brady Pharma Inc sold for Php2,400.00 per bottle.

To know more about this product and the company behind it you may visit or http// or you may like Brady Pharma page on Facebook.

How about you, have you tried Thiocell yet? How was it for you? Do tell!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Hi po I’m rea gusto ko po humanity thiocell first time po pag nakabili Nampo ako walk po bang side effects. Takot po ako Baka Lao po among tumaba.gusto Lang Kasi smoth skin ko at pumoti rin.
    Sana po mag reply kau sa fb ko

  2. Hi Abby I didn’t use it that long to be able to say it works. also I am not that much into whitening kasi. I’m sorry if I am not able to givev you the answer you need.

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