Thiocell Glutathione Final Verdict

Last May 15,2013, I told you about the Thiocell Glutathione, an anti-aging and whitening lozenges that is just new in the market. I tried it for a week but unfortunately I stopped using,not because it is not effective or anything but because I lack the tolerance of having the lozenges stay in my mouth any longer.

According to the how to use the Thiocell Glutathione you have to let the lozenges stay in your mouth and suck it like candy until it dissolves completely. While the lozenges has a super sour taste I lack the tolerance anymore.   I used this for an entire week and  I did not feel any side-effect,no irritation on my skin,I felt more energized and my skin got a bit smoother and my breakouts stopped.

However I have no plans to take it anymore.  If you are interested to try it out I can give you the ones I have here.  First one to comment gets it , just leave your location on the comment below and I will contact you how I can hand this out to you personally.

For more info you may read my initial review of Thiocell Glutathione which is available in all leading drugstores nationwide (Watsons and Mercury Drug)

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. This is what my dermatologist recommended me while I’m waiting for the stock of Heliocare capsules.

    Important: ALWAYS consult the doctor first and DON’T just buy anywhere. Be safe.

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