Revlon Photoready Kajal™ Intense Eye Liner + Brightener Review

I have to admit, since I learned to used liquid eyeliners, I don’t like wearing pencil eyeliners anymore. Plus I hate the fact that eyeliners tend to smear and around the eyes making one look haggard and not so gorgeous looking.  But since colored eyeliners is one of the makeup trends these days I was delighted to have the Revlon Photoready Kajal™ Intense Eye Liner + Brightener, in fact I have worn them in some events already.

Product Info
The Revlon Photoready Kajal™ Intense Eye Liner + Brightener is a dual ended eye pencil that allows you to create  multiple on-trend looks with just one pen.  The dark end’s rich color gives you an intense, bold look. The light end brightens and opens up the eyes. Use both ends together for an on-trend, smoldering look. Available in 4 exotic colors with complementary highlighting shades.

Tips on how to use by Revlon:
• Apply light end to inner rim of lower lash line to brighten eyes.
• Then, apply dark end to upper lash line for rich, intense color.
• For added drama, apply kajal to lower lash line, connecting to upper lash line at outer corner of the eye.
• To complete the look, use your finger to gently blend the line at outer corners.

Product Shots
Colored end

Revlon Photoready Kajal™ Intense Eye Liner + Brightener Review

Brighterner end



Making a canvass of my arms swatching some new color eyeliners! #SamsungGalaxyMega #everydayadventures @animetric @samsungmobileph #tryingsomethingnew
What I think of it?

  • I have been using this colored eyeliner particularly the teal colored one on regular days without events when I’m in a rush.  It instantly gives a pop to my look instantly without having to spend so much time compared to using an eyeshadow.   Just draw and go! 
  • I love that it does not smear or fall off an it is definitely long lasting.  You would need a good eye makeup remover to erase it so you don’t need to worry about looking like a zombie after wearing it.

Do I recomment the Revlon Photoready Kajal Intense Eye Line + Brighter?

Definitely.   You an create so many looks with this pen especially nowadays when colorful eyes is in.  Here’s an inspiration you can try when using these eyeliner, I have yet to perfect the look and show you how I did it soon.

Colored Eyeliner Look
How about you have you tried this eyeliner before?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • Juvy 08/02/2013 at 11:46 pm Reply

    The one I got from the BDJBox is so hard, it broke easily. Too bad!

    • Earthlingorgeous 08/03/2013 at 10:19 am Reply

      awww 🙁 baka nasobrahan ang expose sa sun? Revlon kasi direct na nagbigay nito eh.

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