Make Up Factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencils Review

Lately, I am obsessed with my eyebrows.  I can’t go out without drawing my eyebrows first.  But I have to admit, painting a perfect brow is tedious and more often than not a hit or miss deal for me.  However this was before, until I discovered Make Up Factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencils!   I can draw my perfect eyebrows in less than 3 minutes no sweat!  How?  Read on and see the magic! Hahaha!

Makeup Factory Eyebrow Powder with stencils review
Product Info
Two matching shades of eyebrow powder for an individual styling of your eyebrows. By blending the two powders the color can be perfectly matched to your eyebrows. It comes with three stencils/ eyebrow shape stencils (thin, thick and natural) -enables eye brows to be styled individually, creating a professional look quickly and easily!

Product Shots
I got the chocolate brown (4) shade

Makeup Factory Eyebrow Powder with stencils
It comes with an eyebrow brush and eyebrow powder brush
Makeup Factory Eyebrow Powder Review
And although packaging said it comes with 3 stencils,I got 4 stencils! Lucky Me!
Makeup Factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencils
Stencil styles include: Nostalgic Round, Elegant Thin, Dramatic Thick and Natural!
Makeup Factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencils revuew

Makeup Factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencils
On My Eyebrows
I used the eyebrow powder free style without using the stencils first and this is how it looks like!

Makeup Factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencils Review
How to use the eyebrow powder and eyebrow stencils? First position on your brows, fill with powder, blend if necessary and viola!

Makeup factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencil review
Then I used the powder and the stencils natural template and this is the result!

Makeup Factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencils review
I also tried the stencils dramatic thick temlate on my sister

Makeup Factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencil reviewMakeup Factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencil review
What I think of it?

  • With or without the stencils, the powder alone is good to create the natural looking eyebrows you want as color payoff is well and blendable.
  • With the stencils OMG! I feel like having a professional makeup artist beside me who makes my eyebrows perfect all the time!
  • I’m surprised at how easy it is to use. Believe me I can create my own perfectly shaped eyebrows in less than 3 minutes!
  • I super love that it comes with different eyebrow templates to match your mood or the eyebrow shape of your client if you are a makeup artist!
  • The eyebrow color does not last long as you can easily wipe it off so it is better to top it with an eyebrow mascara to make the color stay longer.   Eyebrow mascara also hels give more volume and texture to your eyebrows (I’ll post a review of two eyebrow mascaras soon!)

Do I recommend the Maken Up Factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencils?
Absolutely. If you are as obsessed with having perfectly shaped eyebrows without having to go to a salon or a makeup artist to do it for you, get this. You will never have to worry about having too thick or too thin or the other eyebrow is higher or the shape doesn’t match! Use the stencil,position it right, fill and viola! Your eyebrows will be perfectly shaped all the time.

Makeup Factory Eyebrow Powder with Stencils review
Tips About Eyebrow Shape according to Make Up Factory:
The only thing that you need to know is the effects that the various shapes have. A thin, rounder, lighter shape looks softer and more feminine, while thicker, more linear and darker brows look more expressive and dramatic. The following is a good way of finding a basic line: Place a straight object, e.g. a pencil, against the nostril. If you take a line upward from there via the inner corner of the eye, this is where the brow should start; move the line above the outer edge of the pupil to find the highest point, and across the outer corner of the eye to find the end of the brow line. If you mark these three points, they can easily be joined to make an attractive shape.

Make Up Factory  Philippines can be found at Bonifacio High Street Global City Taguig, and most SM Stores nationwide, you may like their Facebook page for more updates on their products and stores.

How about you are you what do you use for your eyebrows? Or do you ever obsess about them like me?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • Badet 09/09/2013 at 2:09 am Reply

    Dream come true para sa akin na di marunong mag-drawing ng kilay!

  • Peachy @ The Wandering Peach 09/08/2013 at 7:38 pm Reply

    This product is so perfect for me na hindi marunong mag-drawing ng sariling eyebrows!

  • Tetcha Figuerres 09/08/2013 at 1:56 pm Reply

    Those eyebrow stencils work like magic! Now, the perfect arch isn’t impossible to achieve anymore. I want one of those!

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