Swatch Party Korean Lipstick Brands Nature Republic and Missha

Lipsticks aren’t inferior goods, economists say, but they could be small indulgences, an inexpensive treat meant to substitute for a bigger-ticket item. Or lipsticks could also be morale boosters, like Charlie Chaplin films were during the Depression. A warm shade that perfectly matches your skin tone might make you forget how far your 401(k) has tanked.   They call this the ‘The Lipstick Effect’ where women are said to spend more on beauty products during recessions a study in the US said.

I don’t know about you but I carry at least 4 different shades of lipstick when I go out.  I have pink, I have red, I have nude and I have coral. Why? Because it is so easy to change my look and my mood by just changing the color of my lips.

My sis got a couple of lipstick during her trip to Korea one from Nature Republic and the other from Missha of I’m the first to swatch away. One was tangerine or orange shade the other was velvety plum dark red wine. Both are bold colors and can only be used in a few occassion you can try to wear it everyday if you dare. Take your pick

Nature Republic Lipstick

Nature republic lipstick

Pretty cute and unique packaging, it’s made of biodegradable plastic so its fantastic! Haha!

nature republic lipstick

Shade looks red orange on my lips it looks a darker shade of coral

nature republic lipstick
Missha Signature Lipstick

signature lipstick

Packaging is exquisitely beautiful. Look at the intricate details. A for effort indeed.

signature lipstick

It’s very dark lipstick to wear a very deep red wine. It looks good on me it makes my skin look lighter.

signature lipstic swatches
If you have to pick with the two shades above which one would you choose and why?

Happy lipstick swatching!

Stay gorgeous everyone

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